Woodworking Tools Holiday 2022 Gift Guide

2022 Woodworking Gift Guide Hero

Here are some tool gift ideas for woodworkers of all experiences levels.

I tend to find gift guides particularly difficult types of content to work on. Should the gift ideas focus on tools to give, or to get? Rather than stress over that, I pulled the ideas from my own interests, as well as a couple of new releases.

Please chime in with your own woodworking tool gift ideas if something comes to mind!

Skil Combination Bench Sander

Skil Combination Belt Sander

Skil recently launched a new line of benchtop tools, and so far this new combination belt and disc sander is at the top of my list.

It features a 4.5A motor, adjustable angle belt sander, and 6″ disc sander with bevel adjustment. The sander has a 2.5″ vacuum port for dust collection.

Rikon Combination Belt and Disc Sander

Rikon Combination Belt and Disc Sander

This Rikon sander offers a 1″ x 30″ sanding belt and 5″ disc sander.

Kreg 520 PRO Pocket Hole Drilling Jig

Kreg 520 Pro Pocket Hole Jig

While not the least expensive way to get into pocket hole joinery, the Kreg 520 is a versatile bring-to-your-work jig. Pocket hole joinery is an easy way to get into wood joinery with minimal tools.

Kreg 720 Pocket Hole Drilling Jig Kit Contents

Kreg 720Pro Pocket Hole Jig

The 720 is more of a benchtop jig and can save time and effort when drilling pocket holes into many workpieces for more involved projects.

Kreg KPHJ320-22 Pocket Hole Jig with Micro Clamp

Kreg 320 Jig + Micro Clamp Set

The most basic – but still very useful – Kreg pocket hole jig is also on sale right now, for $35. This bundle on Amazon (3rd party seller, ships from Amazon) gives you the 320 jig, plus a Kreg micro clamp for the same $35 price.

SawStop Compact Table Saw CTS-120A60

SawStop CTS Compact Table Saw

The SawStop compact table saw is their smallest, lightest, and most affordable table saw, and it’s engineered with the same flesh-detection and active injury mitigation technology found in their larger saws.

I have been working with a test sample, and so far it seems to be every bit as capable and precise as other portable jobsite table saws I’ve tested.

Despite this being SawStop’s first table saw in this class, the design seems well thought-out and engineered.

Note: The price is $899 + $75 shipping at most retailers.

Metabo HPT 18V Cordless Pin Nailer Kit

Metabo HPT Cordless Pin Nailer

Pin nailers are versatile for helping to align and clamp small glue-ups, or for trim purposes.

This Metabo HPT cordless 23 gauge pin nailer saves you the hassle – and maybe expense – of running an air compressor with a pneumatic nailer.

It can drive 23 gauge nails 5/8″ to 1-3/8″ in length.

Dewalt Xtreme SubCompact Cordless Screwdriver Kit DCF601F2

Dewalt Xtreme 12V Max Cordless Screwdriver Kit

This cordless screwdriver is my favorite for driving in smaller screws. It has a 1/4″ hex chuck and adjustable clutch.

While a tool like this won’t do much more than what you can already do with a cordless drill or impact driver, it might improve your workflow or provide more consistent results.

At the least, it’s a fantastic size, delivering ample power in a compact and light package.

Halder Simplex Rubber Mallet

Halder Rubber Mallet

Sometimes wood joinery requires some tapping to go together, or heavy strikes to break apart.

This Halder mallet is a larger and heavier size (50mm face size, cast iron head), with soft blue and medium-hard grey faces. You can buy Halder mallets in different sizes and with different interchangeable faces.

Happy Holidays, here’s a… hammer? Hey, something that’s useful is better than something that’s not, right?

Read More: Halder Simplex Mallets are My New Favorites

Rockler Silicone Project Mat XL on Workbench

Rockler XL Silicone Project Mat

This huge Rockler silicone project mat measures 30″ long x 23″ deep. You can interlock multiple mats together to cover a larger workbench or work surface.

It has a grippy non-stick surface, and can roll up for easy storage when it’s not needed.

Rockler has many useful silicone gluing accessories as well.

The links below give you free shipping on $49+ orders. If you don’t see it in your cart or at checkout, use code AFV58.

Metabo HPT 1-Gallon Quiet Air Compressor EC28M

Metabo HPT 1-Gallon Quiet Air Compressor

I love using cordless nailers, but air nailers continue to provide an excellent experience, especially in a more controlled workshop setting.

This Metabo HPT air compressor is compact and quiet, with a 59dB noise rating. It’s best for use with smaller nailers, and can also be used for airbrushing and other such tasks.

If its 1 gallon capacity is too puny for you, consider Metabo HPT’s “The Tank” compressor, which can hold 6 gallons of air at 200 PSI. The Tank’s noise level is rated at 37dB.

Lee Valley Veritas DX60 Block Plane

Veritas DX60 Block Plane

I have found Lee Valley’s Veritas hand planes to be ready for use right out of the box, which is increasingly untrue for many other brands’ tools.

Veritas planes are a treat to use, albeit a bit pricey. This block plane seems like a great introduction to their lineup and the world of tools that don’t have to be labored over.

I’d go for the PM-V11 blade style. You can opt for A2 or O1 steel to save some money ($16).

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