Whiskey Bike, Margarita Hydration, ‘Trail Magic’ Kit, and More Emerging Gear

Swiftwick Vision Adventure Socks


Want to rep your favorite outdoor place? Swiftwick’s Vision Adventure ($22/pair) socks are emblazoned with images of six of our nation’s iconic outdoor recreation hubs. Asheville, Jackson Hole, Lake Tahoe, Sedona, and more are each depicted in colorful graphics. The socks are made from “high-performance fibers” and aim to keep the wearer’s feet dry, cool, and blister-free.

Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are on the horizon, and good socks are a common gift for a reason: They’re bound to be used.

Gnarly Nutrition Salted Margarita & Lemonade Hydration Mix


Gnarly Nutrition’s Hydrate formula offers benefits for the thirsty and sweaty. Now, the brand launches two limited-edition flavors of the stuff: Salted Margarita and Lemonade ($30/pouch).

As the name suggests, the Salted Margarita flavor offers extra sodium — 500mg per serving. Excessive perspiration can be detrimental to athletic performance, as sodium is essential for optimal muscle function. Both flavors also contain magnesium, chloride, potassium, sugar, and B vitamins in every serving.

Saucony Freedom Crossport


High intensity interval training (HIIT) involves quick blasts of full-body maximum effort. Common HIIT movements like jump squats, burpees, and mountain climbers are designed to raise the participant’s heart rate to more than 80% of maximum. Saucony’s new Freedom Crossport trainers ($150) offer the nimble agility required for an effective HIIT session.

Due to their niche purpose, the Crossport has different features than a standard running shoe. Its thin outsole keeps wearers low to the ground, and its wide platform is ideal for lateral gym workouts. It’s available in men’s and women’s sizes.

Hudson Whiskey x Priority Bicycles Commuter Bike


National Bike Month kicks off this week, and Priority Bicycles marks the occasion by collaborating with Hudson Whiskey on a new commuter bike. This limited-edition steed is simple, sporty, and affordable at $750. With a custom seven-speed drivetrain and Chromoly frame, this no-frills bike will stand up to the elements and reliably transport you from point A to B.

Instead of a traditional chain, a carbon drive belt pairs with a sealed internally geared hub — the mark of a true all-season bike. A percentage of all proceeds will benefit Transportation Alternatives, a nonprofit working to reclaim New York City’s streets from cars.

HOKA x Cotopaxi Trail Magic Collab

Launching today with a bold color palette signature to both brands, the HOKA x Cotopaxi collaboration includes limited editions of the HOKA Anacapa Breeze Low ($165) and the Cotopaxi Kapai 3L Hip Pack Del Día ($45). The collab is part of a give-back partnership both brands have with True Colors United, an organization committed to helping end homelessness among LBGTQ+ youth.

The Kapai 3L Hip Pack is made with 100% repurposed materials, meaning no two are the same. The limited-edition goods are available at HOKA, Cotopaxi, and REI.

GU Lemonade Energy Chews


Two types of lemonade-flavored performance fuel in one week? Like Gnarly Nutrition’s hydration powder above, GU’s new electrolyte-filled gummy morsels are salty and citrusy.

Recently reformulated to deliver optimal energy and nutrition, GU’s chews ($30 for 12 pouches) pack a great deal of value into a single bite. Two types of carbohydrates “maximize absorption and diminish stomach distress,” while a blend of branched-chain amino acids “reduce mental fatigue and jump-start recovery.”

I’ve snacked on GU chews during multipitch climbs and bike rides, and the brand’s flavors are consistently pleasant and easy to swallow.

Peak Design Car Vent Mount


Most drivers have little faith in the functionality of phone vent mounts. Most vent mounts wear out quickly or simply fail to work at all. An ineffective phone mount is annoying at best and possibly dangerous at worst. Rummaging for your loose phone while driving is ill-advised.

According to one GearJunkie editor, this mount ($100) from Peak Design grips a phone like an eagle’s claws on a trout. Even washboard dirt roads can’t shake an iPhone from its clutches. It attaches to a variety of vent types and won’t block or disturb airflow. The swivel arm and ball joint allow for endless screen angle and orientation adjustment.

This mount isn’t cheap, but unlike most of its peers, it actually works.

Trango Cumulus Crashpad


Hold onto your beanies and brushes, because Trango just dropped a brand-new crash pad.

Most crash pad-makers stick to the same designs for many years on end. Fresh styles don’t come around very often. Trango’s Cumulus ($189) enters the market with all of the key characteristics of an effective and protective modern pad. It’s a big day for pebble wrestlers everywhere.

Thanks to a 45-degree angled fold line and a 4-inch three-layer foam core, the Cumulus should prove to be free of soft spots. With 91 inches of length and 67 inches of width, this is a medium-sized pad that will help fill in funky landings. Crash pads live a rough life, but the Cumulus has reinforced corners, metal hardware, and a ripstop landing surface to enhance long-term durability.

Thule Epos Bike Rack


Thule has been building bike racks and vehicle storage systems for decades. The brand’s latest innovation is the Epos, a high-tech hitch-mounted bike rack that enables easy transport for all types of bikes — including electric.

Unfortunately, e-bike ownership often entails heavy lifting. To ease the strain of loading and unloading your beloved electric behemoth, the Epos offers a lightweight accessory ramp. As for tire width, the tray can hold any standard road, gravel, or cross-country tires up to 3.2 inches. For transporting fat bikes, Thule sells an accessory strap that bumps the compatibility range up to 5 inches.

Two- and three-bike versions of the Epos are available. Integrated lights are also available in case the Epos obstructs your vehicle’s existing rear and brake lights. The Epos bike rack is available in select countries online as of April 2023.

Ursa Major Force Field Sunscreen & Moisturizer


Ask a dermatologist for tips on maintaining healthy skin, and they’ll likely recommend daily application of SPF moisturizer. Wearing a daily SPF goes a long way in preventing skin damage — especially on the face.

Ursa Major’s new Force Field SPF 30 is a mineral-based moisturizer ($58) that provides protection from “UVA, UVB, and blue light.” According to the brand, this product blends smoothly into the skin without any discernable tint. Key ingredients include zinc oxide, elfdoc flower, and lingonberry stem cells.

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