What to do with clothes that are worn but not dirty

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Wardrobe storage can be a tricky situation. If you’ve got an abundance of clothes, it can make your closet feel like it’s bursting at the seams. One good way to keep the chaos under control is to regularly weed through what you’re not wearing and resell or donate items. Another solution is to devise a plan for where — and how — to store everything.

Sure, where to put clean and dirty clothes might seem obvious, but what do you do with those in-between items, like the jeans you’ve worn that aren’t dirty yet? If you’re not ready to wash them and don’t want to toss them in with your unworn clothes, having a pre-determined spot to place them can help with clutter. Otherwise, that shirt is going to end up tossed on the bed, nearby chair or floor, which isn’t going to help you keep your space nice and tidy.


But with a little forethought, you can create a system for keeping those pre-worn — but not dirty — sweaters, bras, shirts and pajamas in a designated spot that won’t add disorder to your space. Here are five great finds you can nab on Amazon.

Granny Says 3-Shelf hanging Closet Organizer ($10)


This 3-shelf collapsible hanging unit is a great spot to store gently used t-shirts and leggings as an organized way of keeping them in one spot so they don’t mix in with other items. (Otherwise you might loose track of how worn something is.) Consisting of polyester, set up for this unit couldn’t be simpler. You simply hang it on your closet rod, and the small strip in the front of each shelf helps to keep the items contained. It’s rated as Amazon’s #1 Best Seller in Hanging Shelves and is discounted to $9.99, that’s 17% off!

Goodpick Round Wicker Storage Basket ($23)


Another simple solution is to pick up a large jute basket as a place to hold bras, pajamas, sweatshirts and loungewear — essentially anything you aren’t worried about getting wrinkled. This basket by Goodpick measures 15.8 by 12.6 inches and is constructed from pure jute. With more than 3,990 global ratings, it garners a high average rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars. Reviewers found it to be lightweight, durable and to be a good value for the money. Several people mentioned it arrived folded but sat up nicely once moved into place. It’s currently on sale for $22.94, which is a 36% discount.

Skoloo Accordion Wall Hanger ($32)


Hooks make life easier — plain and simple. Have a sweater you aren’t ready to launder? Pop it on a hook. That baseball cap? Hook. Jeans? Blouses? T-shirts? Yep, you guessed it. Made of solid wood, this 20-peg accordion wall hanger will expand and contract to meet your needs. It can stretch up to 78 inches wide and comes highly rated at 4.5 out of 5 stars.

PhylishaLV found it to be a “strong and consistent rack.” She noted how nice it was to adjust the length and said, “Product also gives a horizontal/vertical option for however you want to position the install. Did mine vertical and is very sturdy with the use of 3 of their hanging hooks.”

The Skoloo Accordion Wall Hanger is on sale for 10% off for only $32.39.

Lysas 20-Pack Round S-Shaped Hooks ($8)


If you’d rather not drill a hole in your wall to mount something, here’s an easy solution. Pick up this 20-pack of silver S-shaped hooks from Lysas for $8.09 and hang them on your closet rod. Each hook’s big end fits a max of 1.53 inches and measures 3.3 inches in length. These little metal helpers can hold over 30 lbs.

Reviewer J.robbbb says they are one of her best Amazon purchases for far despite searching for years. She said, “Whoever created this small hook is a genius.”

Relodecor 6-foot Wall Leaning Blanket Ladder ($50)


Repurpose a blanket ladder into a wardrobe ladder and let it be part of your bedroom decor. This 6-foot leaning wall ladder is made of laminated wood, so you won’t need to worry about your clothing getting snagged. For $49.99, it’s a great way to store your bulkier items, like thick cardigans, shackets, wool scarves, etc. You could also drape your throw blankets on open rungs. With more than 3,660 global ratings, this wall ladder averages 4.2 out of 5 stars. People found it to be easy to assemble and sturdy.

Do you struggle with keeping your wardrobe organized and contained? We hope one of these items brings more peace to your daily routine.

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