Tips for a Picture-Perfect Pantry


Everyone knows that a kitchen is the heart of a home, but did you know that the heart of a kitchen is its pantry. A well-organized one can make your kitchen feel clean like a dream, but an unorganized one can make your kitchen a nightmare. And it’s all too easy for a pantry to become unsightly and out of control when left to its own devices. So, if you are ready to turn your cluttered kitchen pantry into a storage paradise, then read on because we have the best pantry tips for you. With just a few of our tricks up your sleeve, we can help you make your pantry into a picture-perfect dream and give you a couple of faucet recommendations along the way.


Good in Glass

If you’re no fan of plastic, consider giving glass containers a chance. Large glass jars and containers are a wonderful way of organizing and maintaining your pantry when you can leave any loose and small items into a jar. Empty your packages into jars with proper labels to make finding your items a breeze. Make jars for your baking items or dry goods to create a designer organization.

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This faucet boasts a bold, sleek design with its cylindrical styling. As an excellent tool to quickly, easily, and stylishly fill pots, eliminate strain on your joints. Pot-fillers are useful gadgets placed directly above the stove, providing easily accessible water. The foldable swing arms of this pot filler allow for an extendable reach of up to 20′ of length and provide long-lasting function due to their sturdy brass construction.

Rustic View

If you want to be eco-friendly and reduce as much waste as possible, then consider upcycling any wooden boxes you may have or find. Wooden boxes are an excellent way to store your spices, condiments, and any other loose items you may have lying around. Label them with press-on labels to create a rustic, country chic vibe in your kitchen. With proper labels, you’ll always know just where everything goes.

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Whether you are striving for a Victorian-inspired kitchen or a vibrant 1950s-themed space, the unique bridge design is a highly favored option amongst those doing period-style kitchens. Because of its added architectural elements and detailing, the oil rubbed bronze finish will pop against your surrounding kitchen decor.

Pantry Door Space

If your pantry happens to be on the smaller side, then make use of the door to really maximize space. Invest in pocket organizers or door racks to hang on the door to create more space for yourself. If you happen to have any items that are hard to store, then a pocket organizer or door rack is your best solution.

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For a streamlined look and precise water temperature control function, two-handle single-hole kitchen faucets are a practical, yet fashionable design. Additionally, the polished chrome finish is guaranteed to embellish your home’s modern ensemble for years to come as it adds a glistening elegance.

Wallpaper Galore

If your pantry has been looking a little dull and drab lately, consider giving it a refreshing new flair with a little wallpaper. Line the walls of your pantry with your choice of wallpaper to jazz up space. With a pretty background to give the space new life, your pantry is sure to look picture perfect.

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