The Best Controller Chargers for your Nintendo Switch controllers

The only way to charge your Joy-Cons when you first unbox a Nintendo Switch is to connect them to the console. This works great most of the time, but what if you have multiple sets of Joy-Cons and need to get ready for a multiplayer showdown in your living room? Don't get caught without a fully charged controller. Here's a list of the best Nintendo Switch controller chargers for your Switch controllers.

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Hori Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Charger

Staff Pick

This Hori officially licensed Joy-Con charger will match your Switch Dock perfectly, which is great for anyone prominently displaying the Switch on their entertainment center. It can charge up to four Joy-Cons at once.

$30 at Amazon

Display and charge

Centeni Charging Station

The cylindrical station charges four Joy-Cons at once. Your Joy-Cons will look great on this station, especially if you own multiple colors.

$20 at Amazon

A traditional look

Orbeet Charging Station

Instead of the standard rail slot like you see everywhere else, Orbeet has a dock that looks like a traditional controller dock. The Joy-Cons still charge using that inner rail, but only the bottom part is connected. It's a clever bit of design to give this a unique look. Use the USB to charge other devices as well.

$11 at Amazon

Power stars not included

Mario Charging Station

Who doesn't love a themed charging station? The Mario-themed charger works for the Joy-Cons as well as a Pro Controller, and unlike other chargers with this design, you get some classic Mario stylings to compliment your controllers.

Starting at $75 at Amazon


Nyko Charge Block Pro

Nyko is basically the gold standard in third-party accessories for consoles, and it's not hard to see why. The price is almost always the cheapest, and the hardware tends to last a while. The Nyko Charge Block Pro supports the Pro Controller and Joy-Cons separately and can be attached to charge as one unit.

$20 at Amazon

Dock and charge your system, too!

FastSnail Charging Dock

The FastSnail controller charger is extremely convenient. It can charge up to four Joy-Cons and a Pro Controller, and can even use the stand to dock and charge your Nintendo Switch while it is in tabletop mode.

$15 at Amazon

Monitor your power level

OIVO 5-in-1 Switch Remote Controller Charger

The OIVO 5-in-1 charger allows you to charge four Joy-Cons and one Pro Controller. There's also a cool LED screen that monitors the charge levels of the controllers. When your controller is fully charged, the LED will turn green.

$15 at Amazon

Make the most of your dock

FYOUNG Charging Dock Base Station

This accessory turns the Nintendo Switch's dock into a charging station for controllers. Keep up to four Joy-Con controllers together and fully charged along the dock.

$14 at Amazon

Keep everything together

HEATFUN Controller Charger and Storage Rack

This is for the gamer who has many controllers. This storage rack can store eight Nintendo Switch cases while charging two Pro Controllers and two Joy-Cons. You can also store two more Pro Controllers, another set of Joy-Cons, the Nintendo Dock, and even has a space for Poke-Ball Plus.

$35 at Amazon

Pro Controllers only

YOOWA Pro Controller Charger

If you only use a Pro Controller when playing on your Switch, you can skip all the bells and whistles of other chargers and just get the basics. This will charge two Pro Controllers with no issue.

$18 at Amazon

Charge it all at once

FunDirect 6 in 1 Charging Station for Nintendo Switch

Another charging station for multiple Nintendo Switch controllers, this charging station can charge up to four Joy-Cons and two Pro Controllers. Just make sure you're using an official Nintendo Switch Pro Controller.

$17 at Amazon

An alternative dock

Echzove Charging Dock for Nintendo Switch

Dock your Switch dock in this nifty charging station with additional room for two Nintendo Switch Pro Controllers, Two Joy-Cons, and the ability to charge your Nintendo Switch and play in Tabletop mode.

$27 at Amazon

Super charged

The chargers on this list are perfect accessories for anyone who wants to keep their controllers charged and ready to use. If you own only Joy-Cons, you can't go wrong with Hori's officially licensed Joy-Con Charger. It neatly fits four Joy-Con controllers and it's an official piece of hardware, so you can expect quality. It's very affordable as well.

If you use a Pro Controller, you will need to broaden your horizons. The OIVO 5-in-1 Switch Remote Controller Charger is an excellent buy if you own multiple Joy-Cons and one Pro Controller. If you own more than one Pro Controller, than the YOOWA Pro Controller is the way to go. And if you have a lot of accessories, the HEATFUN Controller Charger and Storage Rack is perfect for storing and charging all your accessories in one place.

Nintendo Switch and related accessories always go on sale during Black Friday. This year, we expect to see some really great sales. Check out our Black Friday Nintendo Switch Deals for more information.

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