Tesla Cybertruck bed frame crushes myth of pickup’s alleged inability to do 'real work’

There is no doubt that over the years, pickup trucks — once built exclusively for heavy-duty work and utility — have pretty much become massive luxury vehicles that feature posh interiors and a smooth ride. Even the Ford F-150, America’s number one pickup, has spawned off variants like the Platinum and Limited trims that are more optimized for comfort than rugged, no-nonsense work.

This is one of the reasons why the Tesla Cybertruck attracted some dismissal and ire among pickup truck purists when it was unveiled. Tesla is known as a premium vehicle manufacturer, and its electric cars, while at times lacking the usual luxury finishes of their Audi and Mercedes-Benz counterparts, are still considered by some as “luxury” vehicles. Teslas are known and expected to be quick, tech-focused, and fun to drive. But as actual work vehicles? Not so much.
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The Tesla Cybertruck is unlike any other pickup truck available in the market today. With an XY design that echoes the 80’s science fiction movies and a theme that is centered on the company’s mastery of in-vehicle tech, the Cybertruck is every bit a Tesla as its stablemates: the Model S, Model X, Model 3, and Model Y. Thus, despite the truck’s tough looks and impressive specs, the all-electric pickup truck received some criticism for allegedly being a vehicle that simply cannot be used for any “real work.”

This reaction was so notable that it did not take long before it became evident that the Cybertruck may end up having a “Cowboy Problem,” which refers to longtime pickup truck veterans possibly avoiding the vehicle due to its lack of utility and real-world use. But inasmuch as this may be the case, the fact remains that the Cybertruck is designed to have as much utility as the best pickups on the market. This means that Tesla designed the vehicle to be used for a variety of functions, from family trips to serious construction work.
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A teaser for this was stealthily hinted at by Tesla during the pickup’s unveiling event, which was eventful on its own right with its meme-worthy moments. During a point in the Cybertruck’s presentation, Elon Musk quickly went over a slide that featured the vehicle with various attachments. One featured the Tesla ATV, another featured an overlanding kit that included a stove, and another featured a large trailer. Most interestingly, another image featured the Cybertruck in a construction site with what appeared to be a bed rack or a ladder rack.

Elon Musk has already stated that the Cybertruck will have several attachments that will make it into an ideal vehicle for a variety of purposes. The Tesla CEO, for one, mentioned that the Cybertruck would have a fold-out solar attachment that would allow the truck to recharge about 30 to 40 miles worth of range per day when parked outdoors. With this in mind, the addition of a custom ladder rack for the Cybertruck is definitely possible. A bed or ladder rack, after all, is an extremely valuable tool for the Cybertruck that would allow owners to transport large items to construction sites.
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Transporting large items safely requires vehicle owners to make sure that their cargo is secured properly. When transporting items like ladders, some pickup drivers drive with their tailgate down and their cargo secured with bungee cords, ropes, or tie-downs. This is pretty risky, as the items may fall off during transit. Using a ladder rack reduces the chances of these events happening, while ensuring that cargo space is maximized. This will be incredibly valuable for Cybertruck operators, as the all-electric pickup is capable of carrying 3500 lbs. worth of payload.

What is rather interesting with the Cybertruck’s ladder rack is that it seems to follow the vehicle’s angular, XY theme. A look at Tesla’s teaser image of the Cybertruck’s bed or ladder rack shows a simple design, suggesting that the production of the item will probably not cost much. This could result in the Cybertruck’s ladder or bed rack being priced competitively versus other popular racks in the market. This would likely make the Cybertruck even more successful among contractors, as they would be able to maximize the massive vehicle’s generous storage and cargo capacity, while enjoying its low operating costs and its impressive specs.
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