Since you probably have some extra time on your hands right now, it might be nice to take on a few home improvement projects that you’ve been postponing and even try some new ideas as well

A garage makeover would be a great distraction and a very useful project as well. Perhaps you could build some new garage cabinets or come up with a better storage solution for your tools. There are plenty of different tool racks and organizers to choose from.
StoreYourBoard Max Tool Storage Rack

This is a type of wall-mounted organizer, a tool rack that’s small, simple and practical. It’s also very durable and made of steel. You can store up to 200 lbs on it and it can hold a variety of different items such as garden tools, rakes, shovels, ladders as well as hammers, sport equipments and more. To install it use the six included attachments: 4 large ones and 2 small ones.
Solid Steel StoreYourBoard Max Tool Storage Rack
Built from steel to hold up to 200 lbs of gear!
View Deal Power Tool Organizer and Charging Station

Consider this organizer for all your power tools and any related equipment. It’s a compact storage module which you can install on any wall, in your garage or somewhere else. It’s sturdy and durable and it’s made of wood. There are two storage shelves on the top section five different little modules at the bottom designed specifically to hold power tools. With this design it’s easy to find the item you need and everything is organized and easily accessible. Add more modules if needed.
Multi-purpose Power Tool Organizer and Charging Station
The tool storage is sturdy enough to put your power tools conveniently and makes your tools look neat.
View Deal Rubbermaid 30 Tool Corner Tool Rack

If there’s not a lot of space in your garage then use whatever little area you have at your disposal. For example, take advantage of the corners. This right here is a corner storage module which you can use to store garden tools, rakes, shovels, mops and anything with a long handle. It can hold up to 30 tools and it’s made of plastic which makes it lightweight, easy to move around and also sturdy and durable. You can assemble it without any tools. The overall dimensions of this organizer are 19.4″ D x 32″ W x 20″ H. 
corner use Rubbermaid 30 Tool Corner Tool Rack
Longer handle tool storage organizes 30 tools.
View Deal Pegboard Organizer Wall Control

Pegboards are super practical and can be used to store and to organize all sorts of different items, including tools. This one is made of metal which makes it extra strong and extra sturdy. You can use it with conventional 1/4” pegs and also customize it with a variety of different accessories such as shelves, storage boxes and more. Additionally, this pegboard is also magnetic.
Amazon's Choice Pegboard Organizer Wall Control
Pegboard accepts conventional 1/4in pegboard pegs and accessories
View Deal Rubbermaid Deluxe Tool Tower

This tool rack is designed to hold up to 40 different tools. It’s ideal for mops, brooms, shovels, rakes, various garden tools and other items with long handles. It features a solid base with a grid pattern on it which prevents the tools from sliding off and getting intertwined. There are also 4 casters installed on the bottom of the base which allow you to easily move this tool tower wherever it’s needed. You don’t need any tools to assemble it.
Grid pattern Rubbermaid Deluxe Tool Tower
Easy to assemble with no tools needed
View Deal Tool Storage Rack-8 Piece Garage Organizer

Using the space on the walls in your garage is smart and practical. One of the tool organizers you can install on a wall is this flexible and versatile system. It’s a universal tool rack made of heavy-duty steel and with a simple design. It includes 2 powder-coated rails and 6 assorted hooks with rubber coating to protect the items stores from scratches and damage. You can use to store a variety of items including power tools, garden tools, sport gear, outdoor equipment and more.
Amazon's Choice Tool Storage Rack, 8 Piece Garage Organizer
Simply Mount Rack to Wall Studs Via Included Anchors & Fasteners
View Deal Plastic Bins Organizer

Since you have a bunch of tools that need storage, you’re probably also in need of some sort of organizing system for all the little bits such as screws, nails, tape and everything else you might have lying around. This set of wall-mounted storage. It has all of these adjustable and removable bins of different colors and sizes that make easy to organize different types of items. There’s 9 small red bins, 9 small yellow ones and 12 large blue ones. The small ones hold 12 cubic inches and the large ones hold 76 cubic inches and they’re attached to slat wall display boards.
best overall Plastic Bins Organizer
Adjustable and Removable Bins Are Color Coded for Easy Organization of Parts and Tools
View Deal 3 Shelf Steel Wire Deck Industrial Storage Rack

Being able to adjust and reorganize your storage system is great and very practical, especially in an area like the garage which can easily get cluttered. This right here is a versatile and adaptable storage rack. It features three industrial metal wire shelves with a capacity of 1,500 lb each for a total of 4,500 lb which is impressive on its own. On top of that the shelves are adjustable in 2.35” increments which allows you to easily customize your storage system and even combine multiple racks together either vertically or horizontally. The shelves are super strong and sturdy and feature 5 support straps each which prevent them from twisting or spreading under heavy loads.
hard steel 3 Shelf Steel Wire Deck Industrial Storage Rack
The 3 industrial metal wire decks can each support 1,500 lb. for a total 4,500 lb. capacity
View Deal Overhead Garage Storage Rack

It’s quite possible that there’s no more space on the floor or the walls of your garage for any more storage. In that case, there’s one more surface you can turn your attention to: the ceiling. This overhead garage storage rack allows you to store a bunch of items up here where they won’t be in the way, leaving you more space for other things on the floor and the walls or simply allowing you to have the entire floor area just for your car. You can install the rack yourself using the instructions provided in the box. It measures 96”L x 48”W x 22.4”H. It’s strong and sturdy and it keeps all the items off the floor and protects them in case of flooding.
space saving Overhead Garage Storage Rack
This system is great for storing off-season items or anything that you don't need to access on a regular basis.
View Deal Vanitek 4 Heavy-Duty 12″ Magnetic Tool Holder Racks

Magnetic storage racks are really really practical and can take a variety of different forms. These for example are magnetic tool bars which you can use to storage and organize various types of tools such as screwdrivers, hammers, scissors and so on. They’re simple, space-efficient and very versatile and you can have as many you want and install them anywhere you want to. This is also a very practical storage system for all the tools that use most often because it keeps them visible and within reach so you can always find whatever you need. the set includes 4 bars that are 12” long, 1” wide and 1/2” tall and weigh 1 lb each.
Mounting Screws Included Vanitek 4 Heavy-Duty 12" Magnetic Tool Holder Racks
They're made of solid steel and has a black glossy finish.
View Deal Rolling Garden Tools Rack

Keep all your gardening tools in one place so you always know where to find them. This is a storage rack specifically designed just for that. It’s made of metal and it’s strong and sturdy and has a bunch of slots for all the long handled tools like racks, shovels, brooms and so on. There are also smaller slots that you can insert smaller tools into. Furthermore, the base has casters allowing this entire rack to be moved wherever needed, letting you take your entire collection of tools and accessories with you in one go when you’re working on a project.
on casters Rolling Garden Tools Rack
The garden device shelf with wheels makes it hassle-free for you to take this rack anywhere.
View Deal Shovel Holder Wall Mount – 10 Pack

In case you prefer to customize your storage rack a bit more and have all the tools arranged how you want it where you want it, consider this alternative: a set of individual tool holders that you can install yourself as you see fit, in any combination you prefer. It’s suitable for both indoor and outdoor use in case you want to have a few tools kept outside. You can use these for shovels, rakes, mops and various other types of tools.
Amazon's Choice Shovel Holder Wall Mount - 10 Pack
Each individual tool holder has spring grip holders and can hold op to 25 lbs.
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