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I really like the 12 gallon storage totes from Costco. These are smaller versions of the more common 27 gallon black with yellow lid totes. I have plenty of the larger ones also, but I tend to overload them. I really hate stacking things. It never fails, but when I stack something, I always want to get at what is on the bottom of the stack. I wanted something that was easy to build, didn't use a lot of material, and would not have a lot of surface area. This is what I came up with.

I started with some 1" x 3/16" angle iron cut into 11 3/4" lengths, and a piece of 14ga 1"x2" tubing cut to 16 7/8". I rounded one end of the angle iron for safety.

Using a jig I built, I tack welded these pieces together to form one 'arm'.

Here are enough arms for 1 rack all welded up.

I then took 2 5' pieces of 14ga 1" square tubing, and starting from the top, welded the arms onto the 5' uprights with 16 7/8" spacing (top to top).

For legs, I took some 1 1/4" x 3/16" angle cut about 12" long, beveled the outside of the square tubing, and welded the legs on.

Here it is primed and ready for final painting.

And finally, here it is all installed and loaded up with tubs. I've finished 2 of these already, and the third is ready for painting. I am quite pleased with how well they came out and how functional they are. It allows me to get more use from my limited space, and still maintain easy access to everything.

I'd be interested in any questions or comments.

Lee #Fabrication&Techniques

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