Roasted cumin powder, bhuna jeera powder


Roasted cumin powder, also known as bhuna jeera powder has a lot of cullinary uses as well as it has medicinal uses with it’s amazing properties.

I have a range of spice powders in my fridge always. Since most of my everyday cooking is south Indian, I wont be using these everyday yet I need once in a while. The climatic condition and my storage at times never let these powder stay fresh, so I dedicate a rack in my fridge for these masala powders. I have shared a click of it in my Instagram stories a few years back.

One such powder which is very handy for me is this roasted cumin seeds powder/ bhuna jeera as it is commonly known among the north part of India.


What are the cullinary uses of roasted cumins seeds powder/ Bhuna jeera?

Add a sprinkle to north Indian gravies towards the end for excellent flavour.
Sprinkle a little in the vatha kuzhambu before switching off.
Add in Bajji batter/ pakora batter.
Include in Aloo paratha stuffing.

Health Benefit of bhuna jeera/ roasted cumin powder for which I use it:

I use mainly for digestion. Add a little to buttermilk or salted lassi to aid digestion.

Time needed: 20 minutes.

How to make roasted Cumin seeds powder:

  1. Measure Cumin seeds

    Take 1/2 cup cumin seeds.cumin seeds

  2. Start roasting

    Heat a pan and start dry roasting the cumin seeds.roast

  3. Keep stirring

    Keep stirring to avoid burning of cumin seeds.stir

  4. Starts popping

    Roast until the cumin seeds turns fragrant, here and there pops.colour

  5. Cool down

    Spread in a plate for cooling

  6. Place in mixer

    Place the cooled roasted cumin seeds in a dry mixer.mixie

  7. Powder

    Powder it finely. Wipe the sides once in between as there could be some in the side walls without getting ground.powdered

  8. Cool down

    There could be some heat developed while grinding, so cool down before storing.texture

  9. Quantity

    You will get little more than the seeds in quantity.quantity

Store in an airtight container and use it as needed.

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