Our Team Loves This Cool Kitchen Gadget for Easy Meal Prepping!

hands holding a plastic bag with green stand up baggy rack

Life doesn’t have to be so difficult. 

Innovative kitchen gadgets can change everything when you’re cooking and prepping food in the kitchen. Thanks to our collective input at Hip2Save, we’re always sharing some of our favorite, unique, and totally frugal finds – this handy baggy rack from Amazon is no exception!

Here’s the gadget we’re all obsessing over:

putting taco meat in bag with baggy rack holding it up

Meal prepping all your favorite recipes can become quite an overwhelming task, but when it’s all sitting pretty in the freezer, it’s more than worth it when all is said and done! 😍 After a few of us on the team discovered this genius gadget, preparing a week’s worth of dinners, freezing delicious soups, or stashing away some of my favorite desserts just got a whole lot easier! 🙌

“These are so handy to have in the kitchen to hold freezer bags – it’s like having an extra set of hands! I mainly use them during food prep to make freezer meals and anything where I’m filling a bag to save food.” – Lina at Hip2Save

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ziploc bag with beef stew inside on counter with spices

This baggy rack holder may seem like a pretty simple gadget, but they really perfected it will all the fine details, not to mention it comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Here are our favorite things about it:

  • Non-slip rubber bottom – Doesn’t move when you’re pouring food into your bags.
  • Bag clips – Keeps all of your bags in place when filling.
  • Compact storage – Folds easily when you’re done using it.
  • Adjustable – Easily accommodates larger or smaller bags depending on your needs.
  • Drying rack – If you love to repurpose your bags, you can also use this gadget as a convenient drying rack!

woman prepping food in kitchen with plastic bag in green baggy rack

“I use these baggy racks any time I make a big batch of something and want to bag it in smaller portions for the freezer. They hold up to spaghetti sauce, soup, cookie dough, freshly picked berries – you name it!

They hold the bags open nice and wide, making it so easy to neatly fill them without making a mess. The adjustable arms for different bag sizes are absolutely genius, making these a really versatile little kitchen gadget.” – Jenna at Hip2Save

Still on the fence? Here’s what another reviewer said about these baggy racks:

three plastic bags in green baggy rack stands with food inside

“I do a lot of freezer meals so dinners are ready when my husband and I get home from work. These holders do exactly what I want them to – hold the bag open so I can dump food in. The bag to the far left is my jambalaya and you can see that it’s nearly full of chicken, sausage, and liquids. It stays where it’s supposed to and doesn’t slip a single bit.

It is height adjustable, too, which would be really handy for smaller items and especially for pouring or scooping things into. Plus, it folds flat (minus the round base) which makes for very easy drawer storage.” – Kathy

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