Missing Baseball Season? These 10 Baseball Gifts are a Home Run for Any Fan

Just because the 2020 Major League Baseball season is on hold due to the coronavirus, that doesn’t mean there aren’t other ways to celebrate one of America’s greatest sports and most beloved pastimes. American baseball has a storied history, with fans that have a deep and abiding loyalty to both the game itself and their favorite team. That’s why the best baseball gifts and gear will appease even the most bummed out of fans.

Sure, not having the 2020 season going on right now isn’t ideal. We miss sports, too. But to help you make the best of a horrible situation, we’ve rounded up ten gifts that are, well, a home run for any fan. Whether it’s this year’s edition of the best baseball videogame, hats to show team loyalty or even a blueprint of your favorite stadium, there’s an option for every fan. You’ll find those options and others, in our list of the best gifts for baseball fans below.


1. MLB The Show 20 Videogame

Ask any hardcore baseball fan and they’ll be quick to tell you that, bar none, the best baseball videogame is MLB The Show. A Playstation 4 exclusive, this year’s edition continues to improve on near perfection; the actual on-ball gameplay continues to be unparalleled and the game introduces Minor League teams this year as well. Considering the season has been delayed due to the coronavirus, MLB The Show 20 is the closest we’ll most likely get to actually having baseball this year.

MLB The Show 20 Videogame

Buy: MLB The Show 20 Videogame


2. MLB Ballpark Traveler’s Map

Just because baseball isn’t on right now doesn’t mean you can anticipate and look forward to a day when ballparks open once again. This map from Uncommon Goods is a literal, visual representation of each team’s park in the U.S. But any traveler’s map worth its salt will include markers to help you determine where you’ve been and where you’re headed; no concerns there, as stickers for all teams across both the National and the American League are included. While this map might seem like it’s taunting you during the canceled season, it’s still one of the best baseball gifts for true fans.

MLB Ballpark Traveler's Map


3. New Era 59FIFTY Baseball Hat

Getting a baseball hat seems like a simple gift, but springing for one that’s the exact cut and style as the pros wear is always a great gift. Plus, it’ll give the recipient a chance to appropriately rep their favorite team accordingly. While this particular version is the 59FIFTY for my—ahem—World Series-winning Washington Nationals, there’s an option for every team in the MLB.

New Era 59FIFTY Baseball Hat


4. Game Used Baseball Bat Bottle Openers

Want to experience the same feeling of a bat cracking every time you crack open a cold one? Look no further than these game-used baseball bat bottle openers from Ward Wallau. Hand-assembled in the US, each opener is nestled inside a gift box that includes a bit of information on when and where the bat was used, a special hologram number, and other information. The opener itself is distinctive and definitely adds a bit more character and specialness to just having a standard beer.

Game Used Baseball Bat Bottle Openers


5. Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game

You might know this Michael Lewis bestseller from the movie of the same name starring some unknown actor called Brad Pitt, but the book goes deeper and longer into the Oakland Athletics’ pursuit of trying to piece together the best baseball team. Lewis’ book is a captivating read for fans of sports, baseball, and even business (!) and is never short of boring. Even if you’ve seen the movie, there’s something new to be found in this beloved book.

best baseball gifts - moneyball

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6. The Original Ballqube Grandstand Baseball Display Case

Need a safe and secure storage option for a special baseball (signed or otherwise)? Look no further than this case from The Original Ballqube. The ‘Grandstand’ is a perfect, high-quality fit to not only show off a prized possession but also protect it from getting any scuffs on it. Plus, the case itself includes a UV-protective coating to ensure not even light rays can damage it. This pack of four will give you a few options too.

The Original Ballqube Grandstand Baseball Display Case

Buy: The Original Ballqube Grandstand Baseball Display Case $13.89


7. Baseball Bat Wine Rack

Sourced from Cooperstown, the baseball bat that serves as the spin for this baseball bat wine rack will have a special significance for fans of the sport (the much-beloved Baseball Hall of Fame resides in Cooperstown). The overall striking (pun intended) design is both a fun and practical way of displaying a few key bottles from your wine collection while also showing how much of an MLB fan you are.

Baseball Bat Wine Rack


8. MLB Team Replica Player Jersey

A jersey is always one of the best gifts for baseball fans. If you want to go a step further in showing your fandom, getting a team replica jersey shows off just how much you love your team and their players. This specific jersey is for Aaron Judge, but the MLB shop offers tons of jerseys from players on your favorite squad. 2020 also marks the first time Nike will be making jerseys for the MLB, marking the start of a new era.

MLB Team Replica Player Jersey


9. Baseball Stadium Blueprints

Baseball parks are often an art form all unto themselves. The iconic Green Monster, the hallowed grounds of Yankee Stadium, and on it goes — these places are sacred and special places. Pay tribute and proudly display your favorite with these stadium blueprint art prints. With details about the specs of each stadium, as well as important milestones, this is a great gift to display on your walls.

best baseball gifts - Baseball Stadium Blueprints


10. Baseball Park Map Pint Glasses

Half the fun of going to a baseball game is sitting down at the park and settling in for a long game with a nice beer or two. You can recreate and enhance that feeling from the comfort of your couch with these Baseball Park Map Glasses. The set of two glasses features an aerial view of your favorite team’s park (in a colorway that matches the team’s colors) and also features the team logo at the bottom of the glass.

best baseball gifts - Baseball Park Map Pint Glasses


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