Looking for a quick and easy scrap-busting project that is actually useful? Then you need to make these adorable Fabric Coasters! If you love easy quilting projects, you will really enjoy whipping out these DIY coasters with this easy fabric coaster...

DIY Coasters

I’ve been cleaning and organizing my craft room for what seems like months now.  Actually, it has been months. You should have seen what it has looked since our move. It was bad, lol. Somehow my craft room was turned into the “dumping ground” for the entire house.  

Good news is I’ve made a ton of progress.  There are no moving boxes in my room (I will admit to a couple in the closet…) and I’ve done quite a bit of decluttering/destashing and rehoming unused items. 

My next goal is to hang some shelves and a pegboard system from Ikea and work on organizing the 2 closets I still have stuff in.

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