Lightweight Hardshell Truck Camper: AT Overland Aterra Topper

AT Overland Aterra Topper ATP 6.5

If you have a full-size truck with a 6.5-foot bed and want a camper without the hassles of a pop-top or the weight and cost of a slide-in, then the AT Overland Aterra Topper (ATP 6.5) is for you. This unique new hardshell truck topper camper bridges the gap between a pop-top camper topper and a hard-sided slide-in truck camper.

It is also the lightweight follow-up to the AT Overland Aterra XL, a full-featured truck camper that requires a flatbed and HD truck. The Aterra Topper requires neither, and it comes with considerably less weight and cost.

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AT Overland ATP 6.5

At 510 pounds, the Aterra Topper is relatively lightweight, but more importantly is extremely strong. It is made of the same honeycomb composite panels bonded with aluminum extrusions and covered in a high-polyurea content coating as the Aterra XL. It also finished with the same single-stage automotive paint, but only in white for the ATP 6.5 — vehicle color matching is not yet available.

What sets this camper apart from the crowd is that it’s a hardshell topper with a cab-over. Most truck toppers with a cab-over sleeping area are of the pop-up style. This gives you the security, durability, and convenience of a hardshell camper, without the added weight and built-in features associated with a slide-in truck camper.

In the cab-over of the Aterra Topper is a king-size bed (74” wide x 80” long) with a 3-inch thick upholstery foam mattress. The mattress and mattress platform are of a split design. This allows the bed system to be converted into a sofa when placed on the lower bed rails. Comfy seating in a camper is key!

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If a bunk bed is desired for additional occupants, a second split mattress panel is an optional add-on as well. This adds a lower 74” x 30″ sleeping area to the upper standard king bed in the cab-over.

Aterra Topper Features

(Photo/AT Overland)

Four Tern Overland windows, two on the walls and two on the angled roof areas, offer lots of light and ventilation in the camper. These double-pane windows also offer great insulating properties, while also including blackout roller blinds and bug screens.

Also standard inside the ATP 6.5 are two flip-up tables, a nice versatile solution as a table, kitchen counter, or standup desk. The quick stow features allow them to easily get out of the way when you need more space to move around or haul gear.

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Interior dimmable LED lighting and power outlets (both USB and 12VDC) come standard. A 185W roof-mounted solar panel does as well. This all ties into a removable rear corner MOLLE panel. It acts as a wire chase with lots of electrical upfitting options. Just tie in your favorite DC power pack/battery generator system.

(Photo/AT Overland)

Getting in and out of the Aterra Topper is super easy as well. No tiny door on this camper! There is a rear liftgate that opens a full 90 degrees.

Not only is it tall enough to allow motorcycles and ATVs to be loaded into the truck bed, but it also provides some shade and weather protection behind the truck. The liftgate is lockable from both inside and outside. This offers you the security you want when camping and when hauling toys.

To round out the standard features on the Aterra Topper, you get mechanical camper jack mounts. These jack mounts make installation and removal of the camper from your truck super simple. They are also compatible with the industry standard Rieco-Titan jacks.

(Photo/AT Overland)

AT Overland Aterra Topper: Availability & Pricing

The first two production ATP 6.5 are what you see here. Production is already underway, and the order books will likely fill out fast. This is especially true with the topper debut this week at Overland Expo West.

Base pricing starts at $20,500. It will be no doubt easy to elevate that price if you start to add optional features. Things like cabinets, a bunk bed, heating, more electrical, and an awning are nice to have, but they also rack up the price tag quickly.

(Photo/AT Overland)

AT Overland ATP 6.5 Specs

  • Base price: $20,500 (as equipped here)
  • Exterior dimensions: 76” W x 130” L x 62” H (height measured from top of truck bed rail)
  • Weight: 510 lbs.
  • Interior headroom: 81” (including average truck bed depth of 20”)
  • Windows: 2 Tern Double-Pane Windows — 18” x 24” in walls and 2 12” x 27.5” in angled roof, both with solar blinds and bug screens 
  • Liftgate: 43” H x 59” W — locking, insulated, and vertically opening
  • Mattress: King-size split system 74” W x 80” L x 3” H (one 74” x 50” mattress and one 74” x 30” mattress) 
  • Electrical package: 185W solar panel, dimmable interior white LED strip lighting, 4 12VDC power ports, and 4 double USB power points (4.8A)
  • Additional standard features: MOLLE panels in rear interior corners (6” x 40”), 2 wall-mounted folding tables (16” x 26”), mechanical camper jack mounts
  • Available options: Truma Forced Air VarioHeat (propane), additional 185W solar panel, solar controller options for owner-supplied battery systems, front cab slider window, National Luna Power Pack (AGM or LiFo batteries), AT Overland awning brackets (suitable for most brands), Fiamma F45 hard case awning, Eezi-Awn awnings: Bat, Manta & Dragonfly models, Rhino Rack Batwing awning, interior truck bed mounted cabinetry, dimmable variable color LED strip lighting, bunk bed mattress, and mattress panel
ATP 6.5 on a RAM Megacab truck, shown with optional awning and awning brackets; (photo/AT Overland)

Yet to Come for the Aterra Topper

The ATP 6.5 is just the first in a series of Aterra Toppers. In the works are Aterra Toppers for 5.5-foot, 6.75-foot, and 8-foot full-size trucks, as well as 5-foot and 6-foot mid-size trucks.

Also to be released are new accessories to help outfit this camper with living systems and secure storage. Things like a modular wall-mounted cabinet system utilizing STEP22 full and half Stingray Bags and a mounting system for the Dometic GO 11L water jugs are in development.

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