Is a Rolling Kitchen Island Right for You?

Is a Rolling Kitchen Island Right for You?

Rolling Kitchen Island

When designing your kitchen, it is important to spend time considering each of the elements you are including so that you achieve the best end results possible. Not only do you want a visually appealing kitchen, but you also need to make sure that it is designed in a way that meets all your practical needs. One item that you may wish to include in your design is a rolling kitchen island, but is a rolling kitchen island right for you?

What is a Rolling Kitchen Island?

A rolling kitchen island, also known as a portable kitchen island, is a kitchen island on casters. This means that instead of having a fixed kitchen island that remains in the same position, you can move the island to different positions as you use them. However, they serve all the practical purposes of most fixed kitchen islands.

What Are the Advantages of a Rolling Kitchen Island?

According to Freshome, there are many advantages of choosing to add a rolling kitchen island to your kitchen. Some of these include:

  • Workspace- Adding a rolling kitchen island is a great way of creating more workspace in your kitchen for food preparation or serving up meals. This can help the process of making meals run smoothly.
  • Storage- Another reason to consider having a rolling kitchen island is that it will give you additional storage space. This is important if you have limited storage in your fixed kitchen units and you have lots of utensils and gadgets to store. The storage options available vary from one kitchen island to the next and can include any combination of cupboards, drawers, shelving, and hooks. Some even include a wine rack.
  • Multifunctional- You can use your rolling kitchen island in many ways, although this often depends on the style and type of kitchen island you choose. Not only can you use them for food preparation and storage, but you can also use a rolling kitchen island for casual dining and enjoying a relaxing drink.
  • Portable- The main benefit of opting for a rolling kitchen island over a fixed kitchen island is that they are portable. This means that you have the option to position the island in the center of the kitchen or push it against the wall. You may need to move the island around so that you can use it in different ways.
  • Styles and sizes- Cymax says that rolling kitchen islands are available in a vast array of styles, designs, sizes, and colors. This means that you can easily find the perfect style to complement the style of your existing kitchen and a size that is suitable for the size and shape of your kitchen.
  • Aesthetic appeal- Sometimes, people want to add a rolling kitchen island purely for the aesthetic quality it adds to the kitchen.
  • Zoning- If your home has aspects of open-plan living, then adding a rolling kitchen island is a great way of zoning the two areas by creating some separation. Although the island acts as a divider to create definition between the spaces, the open-plan design remains intact. If you decide you no longer want to zone the spaces, you can simply move the island to a different position.
  • Price- A rolling kitchen island costs significantly less than a fixed kitchen island. Similarly, it is a cheaper way of adding extra storage and workspace than having extra cupboards or worksurfaces added to your fitted kitchen. Therefore, they are a good option for those with a limited budget.

When is a Rolling Kitchen Island Not Suitable?

Although a rolling kitchen island is a fantastic addition to most kitchens, they are not suitable for every kitchen. Some circumstances when these are not the best option include:

  • Narrow galley kitchens- Unfortunately, if you have a really narrow galley kitchen, it is unlikely that you will have enough space to add a rolling kitchen island.
  • Tiny kitchenettes- Likewise, a tiny kitchenette will not usually have enough room to accommodate a rolling kitchen island. However, if your kitchenette is open to your living area, adding a small kitchen island is a good way of dividing the space and can offer a dining solution.
  • Not for permanent fixtures- With a large fixed kitchen island, you have the option of utilizing the island for a sink or hob. This is not something that you can do with a rolling kitchen island. If you intend to use the kitchen island for any permanent fixtures, you will need to choose a fixed kitchen island.
  • A cluttered look- Houzz notes that one of the downsides of a portable kitchen island is that they can sometimes make your kitchen seem cluttered. This is especially the case if you have opted for one that is too large for the space available, you keep things on the surface, or you have positioned it badly.
  • Poor traffic flow- Another negative is that they can impact negatively on traffic flow. They create an obstacle in the kitchen that people need to navigate rather than simply walking across the kitchen. This is problematic if you live in a busy household with people in and out of the kitchen all the time.

The Final Verdict Is a Rolling Kitchen Island Right for You?

How you choose to design your kitchen and what you include in this room is both a reflection of your personality and a representation of your lifestyle and needs. It is important that everything in this room contributes both the visual appeal of the kitchen and to meeting your needs in terms of practicality and functionality. If you are considering adding a rolling kitchen island, it is essential to carefully weigh up the pros and cons before coming to your decision. The main benefits are the addition of work surface and space, although there are many other benefits. However, they are not suitable for all shapes and sizes of kitchens, so it is vital that you analyze the downsides so that you can decide whether you truly need a rolling kitchen island in your kitchen.

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