If You Live in One of These 15-Minute Cities, It’s Time to Upgrade Your Bike Storage

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The “15-minute city” started as a dream for urbanist Carlos Moreno back in 2016—now it is steadily gaining traction for renters and homeowners across the U.S. The idea is centered around the concept of neighborhoods where residents can access all their daily needs—grocery stores, health care, schools, parks, and jobs—within a 15-minute walk or bike ride. According to a recent report by ebikes.org, online searches for the term have increased 6,773 percent over the past year. On top of that, people are willing to pay 30 percent more in rent or mortgages to live in one of these urban oases—and these destinations aren’t limited to metropolises like New York City and San Francisco. Some of the most searched places that fit the bill include Cleveland; Dallas; Portland, Oregon; and Charlotte, North Carolina. If you live in a 15-minute city or plan to make a move to one soon, here are three sleek bike storage ideas to help grease the wheels.

If You Want to Keep It Horizontal

This made-to-order rack is crafted from molded plywood that you can customize with four stain options. Two padded notches come wrapped in your choice of leather or Pendleton wool to keep your frame looking fresh. 

If You Need to Go Vertical

For an upright mount, one sleek strip of solid hardwood to suspend wheels can be easily installed thanks to this self-leveling system that features hidden hardware. Reviewers say this piece feels more like an art installation than a storage solution. 

If You’ve Got a Garage 

For a family full of cycling enthusiasts, this four-pack of swiveling hooks is a smart setup for storing bikes alongside vehicles. This space-efficient arrangement folds flat to the wall, making room for all the wheels in your parking space. 

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