I Love My Overland-Built GX, but the 2024 Lexus GX Overtrail Has Me Excited

2024 Lexus GX Overtrail

The current-generation Lexus GX (known as the GX460) has been on the U.S. market since 2009 and changed very little over that time frame. I own a 2013 GX460, and besides some interior refinements and a bigger grille, the 2023 GX460 is pretty much the same vehicle. But the 2024 Lexus GX is an all-new vehicle. It’s bigger with more power, fewer cylinders, and a new focus on rugged off-road capability.

The Lexus GX has always been, since its introduction on the U.S. market in 2002, a V8-powered luxury version of the more utilitarian and off-road-focused Toyota Prado sold around the globe. For 2024, the GX gets a full rethink, now built on the same GA-F chassis platform that underpins the latest LX600, Sequoia, Land Cruiser 300, Tundra, and Tacoma. That does mean it is still a rugged body-on-frame SUV under the shiny Lexus paint, thus sharing the pros and cons of that setup.

“For more than two decades, the GX has bridged the gap between legendary off-road capability and luxurious everyday driving,” said Dejuan Ross, group VP and GM of Toyota’s Lexus division.

“The GX is a critical piece of the Next Chapter for Lexus, and with new powertrains, an impressive host of premium features, and the all-new Overtrail grade, the 2024 GX has something for everyone.”


2024 Lexus GX Specs

Powertrain: 349 hp, 479 lb.-ft. from 3.4L twin-turbo V6 backed by a 10-speed Direct Shift Automatic Transmission

Dimensions: 83.22″ W x 197.04″ L x 76″ H, 112.2″ wheelbase

Approach/Breakover/Departure Angles: 26/23-24/21-23

Towing Capacity: Up to 8,000 lbs.

Fuel Economy: 17 mpg combined (manufacturer estimated)

Wheels/Tires: 18″-22″/30.3″-32.6″

Trims: Premium, Premium+, Luxury, Luxury+, Overtrail, Overtrail+

Exterior Colors: Eminent White Pearl, Nebula Gray Pearl, Atomic Silver, Incognito, Caviar, Nori Green Pearl, Nightfall Mica and on Overltrail trims; Silver/Black Roof, Incognito/Black Roof, Nori Green Pearl/Black Roof, and Earth/Black Roof

Interiors: Semi-Aniline Leather or NuLuxe in Black, Dapple Gray, or Saddle Tan with black- or brown-grained trim / Overtrail gets Black NuLuxe or Chateau NuLuxe with Olive Ulrasude accents and black ornamentation


2024 GX Styling & Growth

With that new chassis comes a 3.7-inch-wider, 2.75-inch-longer SUV with a 2.36-inch-longer wheelbase. Combined with larger tire options, this setup provides better clearances to avoid off-road obstacles as well as potholes on the road to the mall. The front overhang has also been decreased by 0.78 inches, which should improve obstacle avoidance.

For reference, the 2024 GX is almost one foot shorter, about the same height, and an inch or two narrower than the 2023 Sequia. Compared to its big brother, the 2023 LX 600, the new GX is about 5 inches narrower, 3 inches shorter, and a few inches taller.

The 2024 GX is much more blocky, square, and upright shape than the tall, skinny, and elegantly smooth design of the outgoing generation GX. A wider track width, big fender flares, and a more upright windshield exaggerate those new, boxy, muscular proportions.


A big change for GX fans is the loss of the swing-out rear door and the debut of a standard powered lift gate. It even has a kick sensor under the vehicle for hands-free convenience. The pop-out window in the rear door is retained from the current GX.

More Power but No V8

The V8 that Lexus is known for — and a reason many GX owners bought one over a 4Runner — is gone. In its place is a twin-turbo V6, essentially the same motor found across the rest of the new Toyota and Lexus 4×4 portfolio. In the new GX, it is a 3.4L engine putting out 349 horsepower and 479 pound-feet of torque.

The 4.6L V8 in the current-generation GX only puts out 301 horsepower and 329 pound-feet of torque. As that vehicle is my daily driver, and my vehicle is built up with heavy off-road and overland equipment, I can affirm that it’s underpowered. Hopefully, the new twin-turbo V6 will offer more off-road and highway grunt, but I doubt it will sound as good.

A hybrid powertrain has also been announced. But there are no details on the type of hybrid system or when we might see it. It’s likely that it will be a similar mild-hybrid system to that found in the new Tundra, the iForce Max powertrain. We hope, though, that it will be a proper plug-in hybrid EV (PHEV) system more similar to the Grand Cherokee 4xe.

2024 Lexus GX Interior Refinement

2024 Lexus GX Premium interior; (photo/Lexus)

As with all Lexus vehicles, the inside of the 2024 GX will be a great place to spend a lot of time. It will carry over a lot of the interior styling themes recently put into the Lexus RX line, which includes a lower, more horizontally oriented dash that provides better visibility.

The tech in the current GX is extremely outdated, so it’s good to see the new GX getting all the latest techno-wizardry. It gets a standard 12.3-inch digital driver display and a 14-inch infotainment touchscreen. You also still do get a good number of physical controls for the audio system, HVAC, and off-road controls, which I appreciate.

Of course, wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are standard as well. The new GX will also have on offer up to six charging points, 12 cupholders, 21 speakers, a Cool Box, and a head-up display (HUD). In the rear cargo area, it gets a 120V AC inverter as well as two smaller storage spaces under the cargo floor.

2024 Lexus GX Overtrail interior; (photo/Lexus)

Because this is a Lexus, heated and ventilated front seats are standard. Heated second-row seating is also available. The second row can be configured from the factory as two captain’s chairs or a 60:40 slip-folding bench. This is a three-row SUV, and the third row can be specced with power or manual operation.

Lexus also says it has implemented ergonomic measures to reduce passenger fatigue and improve posture. This has been done through “seat cushion, seatback bolster, and headrest improvements. The front seat hip point to heel height has been extended 1.18 inches.” These improvements are much appreciated, as my busted back is not a fan of the current GX seats. So much so that I replaced them with Scheel-mann touring seats, which is a massive upgrade.

2024 Lexus GX Premium; (photo/Lexus)

On- & Off-Road Driving

This ladder-frame SUV is set up underneath just like all its chassis mates — like the LX 600 — with double-wishbone front suspension and a multilink rear. The 2024 GX will also be available with Adaptive Variable Suspension. It comes standard with electronic power steering (EPS) and a Torsen limited-slip center differential. The Overtrail gets a rear e-locker.

As with the current GX, the 2024 model offers standard full-time 4WD and selectable low-range. The new twin-turbo V6 engine feeds this system through a 10-speed direct shift automatic transmission.

GXOR to Overtrail

2024 Lexus GX Overtrail; (photo/Lexus)

Making every vehicle off-road capable is a super hot trend right now. Luckily for Lexus, the GX has real off-road chops baked into its DNA. This has been proven time and time again with the ever-growing GXOR community of Lexus off-road enthusiasts. My personal vehicle is an off-road and overland build on a 2013 GX460 because it’s a great foundation for a true adventure vehicle.

Lexus first showed us that it was interested in the off-road and overland spaces with the 2019 GXOR Concept build. Since then, it has been going to events like Overland Expo to show that it supports the community that has grown around these luxury off-road machines. For 2024, Lexus is actually going to offer its first real off-road-oriented vehicle package: the 2024 GX Overtrail.

Outside, the 2024 GX Overtrail gets bi-tone paint — Atomic Silver, Incognito, Nori Green, and Earth — combined with a blacked-out roof and overfenders. Inside, the Overtrail GX gets Olive Utrasuede accents. The Overtrail+ trim level will have standard exclusive seats that are said to offer “optimal off-road comfort” and have available driver and passenger massage and a driver power cushion extender.


The big news on the 2024 Lexus GX Overtrail is the standard 33-inch all-terrain tires wrapped on 18-inch wheels. Add in the standard aluminum skid plate and a rear e-locker, and you have a formidable off-road SUV.

Also on offer on the GX Overtrail are Multi-Terrain Select, Crawl Control, Downhill Assist Control, a 3D Multi-Terrain Monitor system, and an Electronic-Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System (E-KDSS).

2024 Lexus GX Availablity & Pricing


As with the current Lexus GX, the 2024 model will be manufactured in Japan. The automaker hasn’t announced any exact pricing or availability yet. But Lexus has said the 2024 GX “is expected to go on sale in early 2024.” Current 2023 GX pricing starts at around $58,000 and quickly climbs to around $70,000. We have little doubt this new GX will cost more, as it’s loaded with a ton more features.

Old or New Lexus GX?

The Exploring Elements GX460 is GJ Motors Editor Bryon Dorr’s personal adventuremobile; (photo/Bryon Dorr)

My GX is now a decade old and has over 100,000 miles on it. It has lived most of its life as a kid-transporter and big-city commuter car. I of course changed its trajectory in life and built it up for serious off-road adventures. I use it as a tool for photography and outdoor adventures like whitewater kayaking, mountain biking, and skiing.

It took a lot to get it sorted with 34-inch tires, comfortable front seats, off-road armor, and a proper roof rack to carry all my bulky outdoor adventure gear. It still suffers in terms of poor, outdated technology inside and an underpowered, premium-fuel-gulping V8 under the hood.

The 2024 Lexus GX seems to be a great package to start a new overland or off-road adventure build. The seats should be way better, it already has 33s fitted, fuel economy is much improved, power is up, and it already has a much better approach angle and skid plate. To top it off, it has all the latest technologies in terms of comfort, safety, and luxury.

I think the GXOR off-road community will only grow with this new offering, as it looks to be a truly off-road-capable machine while still offering Lexus refinement and — hopefully — reliability. I’m a bit worried about the potential price tag of this new GX, but time will tell.

I’m especially excited to get behind the wheel and see what it’s all about. Stay tuned!

(Photo/Aaron Wirth)

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