How to find unique interior decor pieces from the Etsy Design Awards

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Have you heard about the Etsy Design Awards? If not, I would urge you to check it out today. The list of finalists has been announced and the winners will be chosen in September. It’s a great way to discover new sellers, and here’s what I found when I browsed the shortlisted businesses in the ‘Inventive Decor’ category…

image from Unruly Print Etsy Shop

As a frugal gal, when I shop for gifts and homewares I’m not content with buying new items from high street stores. I’m much more concerned with buying something unique, something handmade and something that helps another creative business to thrive. Which is precisely why I prefer to shop on Etsy.

So when I heard about the Etsy Design Awards I was excited to see which creative folk have made the shortlist and see if any of my favourite Etsy shops are up there with the best-of-the-best. The shops that I’ve found below are based all around the world, from Canada and the US to France and Germany (and even from Poland with free delivery to the UK!) so there’s something for everyone, wherever you are.

Macrame by Candice Luter

I checked out the ‘Inventive Decor’ category for inspiration. I mean, what more do you want that for your home to have ‘inventive decor’ right? I love to fill my spaces with unique art, homewares and furniture made by artisans and designers from around the world. Some of my favourite new discoveries are below…
This monstera leaf pegboard by Littleanana in France caught my eye immediately. I need some kind of noticeboard for my home office and I love the scandi style of plywood.

But the fact that the pegboard has been created in the shape of a cheeseplant leaf makes it all the more appealing. I previously got a monstera leaf print from Unruly Print on Etsy and I’m growing a cheeseplant in my living room so it’s the PERFECT pegboard for me!
As a cat mumma, one of the things I love searching Etsy for is pet paraphernalia. This cool cat cube caught my eye in the ‘Earth-Friendly’ category and I’m really pleased for this UK-based company to have been shortlisted for their pet bed.

I mean, just how much would Cookie love to slink away into this pet house for a snooze? It’s made from felt with 60% recycled content and is available in a variety of different colours so it won’t just be a home for your pet, it’ll be a cool addition to your interior too.
The furniture by this Etsy business is just incredible. Even though it’s waaay out of my humble budget, it doesn’t stop me from drooling over the gorgeous minimalist designs.

Every piece is inspirational and it’s no wonder that MoWdwrk have been shortlisted in the Inventive Decor category. I love this record player stand with vinyl record storage. It’s perfectly mid-century in style but is made-to-order from solid oak.
This pastel calendar wall planner by WiLaNo goes to show that homewares don’t have to be expensive to be chic – or to make the shortlist of the Etsy Design Awards for that matter!

It’s VERY cool and is on sale at 30% off, so it’s only £10.96 at the moment (with a little extra for delivery from Germany). I love the pastel colours and it would look fab in my home office. Just one thing – I probably wouldn’t want to ruin it by writing on it, haha!
I’ve bought quite a piece macrame pieces over the past year. I’ve got plant hangers and wall pieces, but just haven’t got round to installing them in my office yet. That said, I still can’t help getting excited when I see more macrame pieces and I just want to add them to my collection.

This ‘Ebb and Flow’ macrame wall hanging is just stunning. It’s a piece of artwork in itself and, because it’s handmade, you can request any custom colour you like. That way, it’ll tie into your existing decor perfectly and become a feature of the room.
I couldn’t really write about homewares without featuring a planter, could I? As a huge houseplant fan, I’m always on the look-out for unique pots for my plant babies so I was really excited to discover this brutalist-style stone planter from the shortlisted Collage Crafting shop.

It’s just the right size for succulents, cool cacti and spiky air plants. AND it’s available in grey or pink – the two colours of my home office! The price is in-line with other planters I see at garden centres, but at least this one is handmade and you’re helping a creative business when you buy through Etsy.
This Etsy shop is based in the US but I wish it was more local as I love the homewares products they sell. This bamboo dinner plate by Tramake has made the ‘Earth-Friendly’ shortlist in the Etsy Design Awards. That’s because it’s shatterproof, briodegradable and dishwasher safe AND it looks stunning too.

I love the colour combination and ultra-trendy terazzo design. If you’re in the US, you can snap up these plates for just £8.54 but the delivery to the UK is just too much for me to be able to invest, sadly. I’ll just have to admire them from afar!
And finally, here’s one for all you parents. These adorable soft cotton blocks with a different sensory fabric on each side are just £7 each and can be personalised with your baby’s name. And if you don’t have kids yourself, these cute cubes would make a great gift for newborns.

This Etsy seller is based in the UK so delivery is free, plus you’re supporting a crafter to grow their business. The cubes are made to order so keep in mind that it might take 3 weeks for them to be delivered, but they’re best for babies of 6+ months as they’ll be able to grasp the cubes by then.

What do you think of my favourite shops and items from the Etsy Design Awards? Have a look at the shortlist and let me know your favourites in the comments below

image from MoWdwrk

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