How to Dry Mint Leaves

This easy guide with pictures shows how to dry mint leaves in the microwave and by air drying. These methods take little energy and are quick to do. Dried mint can be added to tea or to flavor meat and vegetable dishes.

Drying mint ensures you have a ready supply over the cooler months. It is an easy herb to grow however mint should always be grown in pots as it can be invasive. Cutting the mint for drying will help to keep the plant healthy and bushy.

When is the best time to cut mint for drying?

The best time to cut mint for drying is in the late spring through to the fall or autumn. Flowering mint can be used however the flowers will need to be discarded so you may like to wait until after it has finished flowering.

Mint leaves ready to cut for drying.

How do you make dried mint tea?

Make mint tea with dried mint leaves by placing 1 teaspoon of dried mint in a tea leaf strainer then leave to steep in a cup of hot water for 1 to 3 minutes depending on how intense you would like the tea. Remove the strainer then add a teaspoon of honey if desired.

Drying Mint Leaves

Mint leaves dried in the microwave will retain a brighter green color than air dried mint however air-dried mint takes no energy which will save money. There is no difference in the taste.

Microwave dried mint and air dried mint showing the color difference.
The mint dried in the microwave on the left is a brighter green.

Tools and Materials Needed

  • Sharp Scissors
  • Drying Racks or Towel
  • Ceramic Plate
  • Airtight Storage Container
  • Label These erasable food labels saves money as they dont need to be constantly replaced and are top rated on Amazon. (Paid link)


Time needed:15 minutes.

How to dry mint leaves in the microwave and by air drying.

  1. Harvest the Mint Leaves

    First cut the stems with scissors or pruners above a node. New leaves will form from the nodes along the stems. Leave new stems then remove leggy stems to improve the look of the plant.

    Cutting the mint stems above a node.

  2. Wash

    Wash the stems in a sink with an inch or less of water to save on water use. Agitate the leaves to remove any dirt then leave to try on a towel.

    Washing mint leaves in a sink  before drying.

  3. Air Drying Mint

    When air drying mint it is best not to hang in bunches as they may not dry evenly. Simply leave the mint on a towel in a single layer then place in a room with good air circulation and out of direct sunlight.
    The mint leaves can also be placed on drying racks in a place away from direct sunlight.

    Air drying mint leaves on drying racks.

  4. Removing Dried Leaves

    It is easiest to remove the leaves from the stems after they have dried. Simply run your finger down the stems to dislodge the dried mint leaves into a bowl.

    Removing dried mint leaves from their stems into a bowl.

  5. Prepare the Mint Leaves to Dry in a Microwave

    To dry mint leaves in a microwave simply remove the dry washed mint leaves from their stems then place in a single layer on a ceramic plate.

    Mint leaves in a single layer on a ceramic plate ready for the microwave.

  6. Microwave the Leaves

    Microwave on high for 2 minutes. Check to see if the leaves break easily. If not then heat in 10 second bursts checking the leaves each time. Leave to completely cool.
    Note: If the mint leaves are not dry before placing in the microwave they may steam instead of drying.

    Mint leaves dried in the microwave.

  7. Label and Store

    Place the dried mint leaves in an airtight recycled glass jar or container. Label with the contents and todays date. Store dried mint in a cool, dry place for up to 2 years.

    The dried mint leaves stored in an airtight container with a label.


Mint can also be oven dried by placing washed leaves in a single layer on an oven tray. Bake at 212F (100C) for 1 hour. Check the mint then bake for longer if needed.

Drying racks are a good investment if you enjoy preserving food from your garden. This 4 layer eco mesh herb drying rack is collapsable for easy storage and is great for drying mint. (Paid link)

For more information on drying herbs see these guides to drying Oregano, Sage or Thyme. You might also like these guides to Food Preservation or Homesteading.

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