How to Buy the Right Water Dispenser

Features to Consider Before Buying The Right Water Dispenser

Do not get a meltdown trying to find the right water cooler? We know that making the best choice is considering the pros’ cons, extensive line of options, and different types that leave you feeling confused and frustrated. So when the time comes to how to buy the right water dispenser check out this guide here.

First Consider Your Water Quality and Purification You Need

Before you select the best water dispenser, look at your water quality and decide if you want a free-standing unit or a plumbed-in one. You want quality water purified out of the tap, and this is where the free-standing water cooler is one of your best options.

How to Buy the Right Water Dispenser

While the plumbed-in water purification system has a filter, the purification output level falls short when it comes to purifying water. Once you determine which one you need, then you can select the model that works best for you.

Do You Have Access to Plumbing?

When you consider selecting a plumbed-in design, the companies provide you with installation and tools to hook the system up. However, the crucial question is to ask you whether they have access to plumb-in the machine.

How many people will use the water dispenser?

Here it all comes down to whether you plan to use it in the home or an office. For larger workplaces, the plumbed-in unit may work better than a free-standing model. So if this is the case that you do need a plumbed-in model in a small business, you can find some solutions available.

The model selection!

Now we can take it a step further and ask you if you need a water cooler or a water dispenser. Yes, both dispense water, but there is a difference between the two. You get two types available. One does not cool the water and needs no power to work. Then you have the electric water dispenser that cools the water.

Both of these models have a water bottle available in two, four, or five-gallon filled with distilled, spring, or treated water. Alternatively, you can fill the water dispenser yourself. To add to the different model types, you can also buy the water dispenser as a free-standing or countertop design.

You can place the free-standing model in the corner of the office or home while the countertop model works well if you have limited space and looks great on the kitchen countertop or a table.

So, for this reason, you need to decide where you plan to place the unit before buying one. Whether you buy a countertop or free-standing water dispenser, you need to have a power outlet on hand.

Furthermore, the countertop model may come with a smaller compressor and not as cold as the free-standing units.

Do you want cold or hot/cold?

How to Buy the Right Water Dispenser

Here the temperature in brands differs from one to another. You can opt-in buying a water dispenser with only a cold water tap, or you can buy one offering you both hot and cold water.

Furthermore, selecting one with a larger compressor offers you a colder drinking temperature. However, if the water cooler has a small storage area at the bottom, it may not provide you with cold water, and the same applies to the countertop models.

What makes the water dispenser with a hot and cold tap so great is that it provides you with fresh drinking water and warm water to make coffee. Moreover, if you do opt-in buying one of these models, make sure it has added safety measures in place to prevent young children from getting hurt.

Water Dispensers Features to Consider

No matter what water dispenser you choose, it will have one or two taps. If you have decided on a hot and cold water model, you can turn the hot water off to save energy, and it all depends on your needs. Choosing the best water dispenser has a stainless steel tank to eliminate the plastic tang.

Furthermore, you will have safety locks in place on the taps, and for filling up tall glasses or a travel mug, it should provide you with this function comfortably. There must be a drip tray, and the nozzle of the tap should fit into most bottles as well. However, there are other factors, as well.

Ease of Use

Who will be using the water dispenser and where will it be placed, making it easy for everyone to use. Once you determine these factors, it makes it easier to choose the right design. Here it all comes down if you want a free-standing model or need a plumbed-in design that will remain standing in one place.

Where do you plan to use the water dispenser?

If you have a workshop using a free-standing model may not be the right one to choose. These models you need to handle with care compared to the plumbed-in units. Furthermore, you need to closely monitor the water bottle storage as well as one dirty cap means you need to flush the water cooler.

Do you plan using a water dispenser service or need one with water filtration!

Here it comes down to preference if you prefer a company replacing the water bottle with a refilled one or not. However, to save you money opting for a filtration dispenser may be the right choice in the end. The unit has a unique water bottle with a filtration system placed on the machine. You can buy these models with different filtrations available.

How to Buy the Right Water Dispenser

Porcelain or Steel Water Dispenser

You can find porcelain models available, but compared to the steel unit, they can break easily. The water cooler has a vitrified porcelain crock. They are not electric and provide you with no operating costs while having a single tap and dispense water at room temperature. You can use the water dispenser with the same water bottles found in the steel one and available in both styles. When you buy the free-standing model, you receive it with a wooden rack.

Porcelain or Steel Water Dispenser

Which brand should you choose? Here we recommend reading reviews from consumers who have bought the water dispenser to see which one is good. As each trademark offers you similar design, the feedback of shoppers plays a vital role in selecting the right one.

How Does a Plumed-in Water Dispenser Work?

The point of use water cooler you fit your existing infrastructure in the home or office and filter your water when dispensed. Furthermore, it depends on the type of unit you choose, as well.

The machine can deliver both hot and cold water with ambient sparkling water. So how does this machine provide you with filter water?

Depending on the brand you buy, it has an internal water filter that turns water into purified water that is ready to drink. Each brand offers you different filtration systems to help reduce odor and chlorine present in most water coming from the tap. These filters remove Trihalomethanes and other bacteria in the water.

Furthermore, the filter helps remove arsenic, lead, copper, fluoride, and more. Once you decide the type of water to dispense, the screen takes care of the rest. However, as the unit has an in-plumbing design, it can take a bit longer compared to one using bottled water.

These days you can even find one with sparkling purified water directly from the tap. Once the water goes through the filtration system and internal filter cartridge, it carbonates with another carbonating casing.

You can find different technology available in water dispensers and varies from one model to another. With the information described, you would be able to determine which water cooler works best for your needs. The important thing is to decide how much people will be using the unit during the day.

Then determine the setting where you need to use the machine as this determines if a free-standing or plumbed-in unit will work better for your needs. We hope you find a suitable model with the tips provides as you will make the best investment ever for your home or office.

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