Garage Under Construction. Help me deck it out! (PICS)

I'm in the middle of a massive remodel to our house which includes a new detached garage with apartment. We're currently done with plumbing and electrical rough-in. Waiting on inspections then it's on to spray foam insulation.

If you were at this stage, what would you add or plan on doing/adding? What would you run through the walls while it's all open?

My plan is to park cars under the carport and save the garage to be used as a gym 90% of the time, and a workshop the other 10% of the time.

Current thoughts/plans in no particular order:

Workshop related ---------------------------------------------

-Workbench on the back wall. Steel frame with HF boxes like Steevos build
Probably two HF toolboxes and the rest of the under bench space for metal drawers or cabinets. Any recs for drawers? I have some old horizontal filing cabinets but they're somewhat flimsy.

-Rolling steel rectangular workbench that I could slide in that workbench U. Could pull it out to expand work area when in tinker mode.

-Either open shelves or cabinets above the workbench... not sure what I would use that space for yet. In the plans below youll see a wide window above the workbench. Window lady failed to order that one so I just deleted it. :rolleyes2 Less light but more wall space.

-Steel/wood material storage?? Any ideas on where/how to store this stuff? Was considering building a tall, shallow shed on the back exterior of the garage where I could store steel tubing and boards vertically. Perhaps the answer is to get rid of that stuff and only purchase materials when a project arises. I just tend to buy more than I need and/or leave projects unfinished so the stuff accumulates.

-Waterproof baseboards for hosing off the floor. 2x6 pressure treated caulked to floor with drywall above. (Or maybe composite decking boards)

-Air compressor line. Mostly will just be for airing up tires and whatnot. Considering putting my compact compressor in the closet maybe under the stairs, run a line through the wall to a reel mounted to the ceiling on right side of garage.

-Closet , Under Stair Area.
I think I'm going to try to utilize this for gear: motorcycle, hunting, scuba, ...
Not sure how this would be organized yet.
Considering leaving the ceiling unfinished. That would give me an extra 2ft to use between trusses.
If you've seen some well utilized garage closet space on the site, post a link!

Gym related ---------------------------------------------------

-Horse stall mats throughout

-Gym equipment
-Rogue folding wall squat rack
-Steel shelf for dumbells,sandbags,kettlebells,whatever
-Bumper plate storage racks on wall

Here are some shots of the plans. I'll post some pictures of the current state later.







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