Garage Organization - DIY - Cantilever Shelves

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Well, hello to another edition of this garage makeover!
It seems like I spent an entire month cleaning the area you see in the above picture. Yep. It was though, but I finally got to work on a set of cantilever shelves or a wall lumber storage rack, right there on that wall.

The two biggest troubles I had in my garage/workshop were, first, I didn't have a set space/station for my big tools and second, there was no set space either, for storing long pieces of lumber. And let me tell you, there were small and big pieces of wood scattered all around... Beneath the working table, all along the left and right walls and even on the shelves and corners of the garage!🤦‍♀️

You can check my previous post right HERE, where I had plenty of shameful pictures of that mess.
This next picture looked
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