DIY Projects For Men: How To Make Your Own Man-Cave

Every man needs his own space. A special part of your humble abode designated and designed only for men. I am a father and being a dad can be stressful sometimes. But sometimes, it’s a good idea to take a break from it all and just hide away even if it’s just for a few hours. Good thing there is what we call a “man-cave”. Our shelter and getaway within our home. Read on and find out how to make your own man-cave. This is one of the DIY projects that men will really benefit from. 

I consider my garage as my own man-cave, packed with my tools and kits for the various DIY projects for men that I carry out every now and then. But each man would have different needs. Some would pack their caves with furniture and a mini-bar. Others would just place a couch and a TV and a mini fridge. So how would you go about with planning your own man-cave?

DIY Projects For Men: How To Make Your Own Man-Cave

A Man’s Special Hideaway Inside The House

If you’re going to ask me, having a man-cave is a must. It’s one of those DIY projects for men that need to be carried out. Don’t get me wrong — I love being a dad to my kids and nothing can surpass that feeling, but sometimes you just need to have a time and place for yourself. A place where you can relax, unwind and watch a UFC fight or a ball game, or where you and your buddies can play cards, smoke cigars, or just to talk. So on that note, here are some tips on how to make your own man-cave.

1. Plan And Draw

These man-caves can be considered as a major home-improvement project because it needs thorough planning. First, you have to choose an appropriate part of the house where you want to establish your man-cave. It can be the basement, the attic or the garage. Decide on the theme that you want for your man-cave.  If you’re a basketball enthusiast, then you can design it like a mini-basketball court. Have a rough layout of your plan and gather all the materials and equipment that you’ll need. Imagine this: you’re Bruce Wayne and you’re building your bat cave. You can play with your imagination as you come up with your own design. Sounds fun, doesn’t it?

2.  Transform The Chosen Space

After choosing the space for your man-cave, and possibly some negotiations with your wife, it’s time to get to work. Paint the walls and add some woodwork to fit your chosen theme. Accessorize your room by adding posters or jerseys of your favorite sports figure, or your own trophies. A man-cave is a reflection of you, so it needs to feel like your guests are in your head.

3. Install Your Entertainment And Furniture

Every man wants a good entertainment system installed in his man-cave and that is the truth. A 50-55″ flat screen TV hooked to a state-of-the-art sound system while sitting on a lazy boy recliner and watching your favorite action flick sounds so relaxing, right? Just don’t forget to sound-proof the whole room so you won’t bother anybody as you turn the volume of those speakers up. You can also add some video gaming gadgets and a poker table for you and your buddies. A personal refrigerator with different kinds of beverages is a staple for any man-cave. If you love wine, then you can always come up with a wine rack to add a dash of class to your cave.

Watch This Video From Sean Rice For More Ideas On How To Build Your Own Man-Cave :

Some wives may not believe it, but having a man-cave can make their husbands feel rejuvenated. He will feel great after spending some quality time inside his own personal space. So what are you waiting for? Get to building that man-cave, call the boys, and pop open a cold bottle!

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