Dewalt Motion-Activated Magnetic LED Lights

Dewalt Motion Sensing Cabinet or Racking Lights in Use

I was price-checking a Dewalt cordless LED worklight when I happened cross this motion-activated magnetic LED light kit.

The kit comes with 3 light strips, an AC adapter, a motion sensor, and the wiring to connect everything together.

While this looks specifically designed for Dewalt’s licensed shelving rack products, I don’t see any reasons why the lighting kit cannot be adapted for use with other steel storage products.

Dewalt Motion Sensing Magnetic Rack Light

The Dewalt light strips each have two magnetic mounting points, and there doesn’t look to be any other means of attaching them.

If you wish to attach them to other types of work surfaces, you could consider attaching steel backing strips or plates first.

Dewalt Motion Sensing Cabinet or Racking Lights Kit Parts

The motion sensing block looks to be needed for power distribution. From the images, the lights are daisy-chained together in any order.

The lights feature 15 LED emitters per strip (45 total), with each strip delivering 500 lumens of illumination. They have aluminum and ABS plastic housings, and polycarbonate lenses. The output color temperature is said to be 6000K to 6500K.

According to the spec sheet, you can expand the setup with an additional 3 light strips (sold separately), for 6 total. I could not find any pricing or availability information for any add-on kits.

The kit also comes with hook and loop strips for cord management. The jumper cables, for connecting the lights to each other and the sensor box, are each 3 feet long.

Upon activation, there is an automatic shutoff where the lights will turn off after 5 minutes if no motion is detected.

Price: $100

This looks like a convenient turnkey solution, but there are plenty of ways the same $100 can be spent on DIY lighting solutions. Please share some ideas!

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