Coyote Grill 2020 Review: Affordable Built-In BBQ

Coyote Grill 2020 Review: Affordable Built-In BBQ

It’s no secret that the highlight of every outdoor kitchen space is the grill. Coyote grill designs not only oofer different cooking methods (from gas to charcoal grilling) but also takes into consideration the unique preferences of outdoor cooks everywhere. With a wide variety of grill types and sizes, a combination of innovative accessories like power burners, side burners, precision smokers, and more, Coyote grills aren't just crafted with premium features and versatility; they're also relatively affordable.

Coyote grills come mainly under two series - C and the S series. Although the series have overlapping size the feature set is upgraded on the S-series grills. Below we will talk about the important factors to consider when making a bbq grill purchase and compare different Coyote grill models.

What Are the Important Features of a Grill?

When choosing a grill, it's essential to look for features that'd give you the best cooking experience. So what exactly should make your list?

Quality of Steel

The main body of the grill consists of a variety of materials, but stainless steel stands above the rest. However, not all stainless steel possesses the same quality. The most expensive steel grade, Type 304, contains 18% chromium, which gives it a corrosion-resistant property. On the other hand, the cheapest steel grade, Type 430, contains 17% chromium. That's why the Type 304 Stainless Steel used in Coyote Grills is the most durable steel type and can maintain a shiny appearance over a long period.

Having said this, we are perplexed to see customer reviews that complain about rust in their Coyote grills. When we traced some of these reviews we noticed that some were referring to installations in ocean front locations. We know that salt water is an enemy of metals and not everyone has the budget to afford a Kalamazoo grill. However, it would be appropriate for Coyote publish more information on customer issues and how they are addressing it. (otherwise it is very difficult for our review site to test the quality of the steel)

If you are worried about quality of the steel and do not want to bet the family farm on a new gas grill Lynx grills in professional series offer a very credible solution on the market.

Coyote Grill 2020 Review: Affordable Built-In BBQ

Burner Power

Burners are the core of every grill. A good grill burner should have the ability to sear food quickly when set at a high temperature.


In most cases, grill grates are more important than the burner power. They are particularly efficient at increasing the surface temperature of the grill and reducing flare-ups. Functional grill grates need to retain heat and distribute evenly, much like an excellent pan in the kitchen.

Ceramic Briquettes

If you need to reduce fuel consumption in your grill, then ceramic briquettes are precisely what you need. They help with even distribution of heat for more consistent results. In addition, ceramic briquettes caramelize juices that drip on them to create a smokey flavor for your food.

Coyote Grill 2020 Review: Affordable Built-In BBQ

Wind protection

Cooking with gas grills in the open can be particularly tricky due to disturbances from the wind. A grill should have a windscreen to protect it from such. Coyote Grill has a patented wind guard designed to endure the elements.

Choice of fuel

You can choose either a Liquefied Petroleum (LP) grill or a Natural Gas (NG) grill. However, your choice will depend on the size of the grill, where you place it and if you have a natural gas line running to your outdoor space. Our sales staff is more than happy to review these requirements with you.


Grills with extra features or accessories like a Rotisserie kit and Smoker offers more convenience and functionalities while cooking.
Now that we've touched on the most critical points to look out for in a grill, let's review the Coyote Grill series.

Coyote Grill 2020 Review: Affordable Built-In BBQ

Coyote Grill Series

Coyote Grills offer two series – the C-series and S-series – with different grill models. Both series are different in certain features and functionalities. However, they have the following in common:

  • Interior Hood Lights
  • Cast stainless infrared burner
  • Double-walled Stainless Steel Hood
  • Premium 304 Stainless Steel construction
  • Heat Control Grids for even distribution
  • Continuous weld on grill box with seamless polished edging
  • Nickel Alloy Knobs
  • Temperature Gauge and Removable Drip Tray
  • Individual Electric Ignition

Coyote Grill 2020 Review: Affordable Built-In BBQ

Difference Between Coyote C and S Series Grills

The Coyote S-Series grills have additional features and accessories that are absent in the C-series, such as:

  • Infrared Rear Burners
  • Backlit Knobs
  • Smoker Box
  • Rotisserie Kit
  • RapidSear Burner
  • Ceramic Briquette Tray

Coyote Grill 2020 Review: Affordable Built-In BBQ

Here's a comparison chart that outlines the differences between the gas grill models in Coyote C and S-series:

Features C-Series S-Series
Sizes 28, 34, 36, 42-inches 30, 36, 42-inches
Cooking Area 479, 616, 640, 990 497, 640, 990
Burner BTU 40K, 60K, 80K, 100K 55K, 75K, 95K
Cast Stainless Infinity Burners 2, 3, 4, 5 3, 4, 5
Infrared Rear Burners No Yes
Rapid Sear Infrared No Yes
LED Backlit Knobs No Yes
Rotisserie Kit No Yes
Smoker Box No Yes
Ceramic Briquette No Yes
Internal Lights Yes Yes
Model C1C28NG, C2C34NG, C2C36NG, C2C42NG C2SL30NG, C2SL36NG, C2SL42NG

Coyote Grill: C-Series Review

Coyote C1C28NG

This series is worth considering if you're looking for quality 304 Stainless Steel Gas Grill for a remarkable price. Coyote C1C28NG C-28 Gas Grill is the most popular model in the series. It comes fully assembled and packed with great features, such as soft-close doors and a pull-out tank shelf.

The cooking grids of the Coyote C-28 are made of stainless steel for maximum durability. With Coyote's Signature Cooking Grates upgrade, you can enjoy more versatility in your cooking. Beneath the cooking grates are stainless steel Frame Tamers, which work well for preventing flare-ups when cooking meat with juices. Coyote offers ceramic briquettes – useful for even heat distribution and reducing fuel consumption – as an optional accessory.

Coyote Grill 2020 Review: Affordable Built-In BBQ

The C-28 has Cast Stainless Steel Infinity Burners, although other models in the series lack them. The infinity burners each have a cooking power of 20,000 BTU. For ease of nighttime grilling, the Coyote C-28 includes two internal halogen lamps. Other exciting features include a temperature gauge, a removable warming rack for extra grill space, and a slide-out drip pan for easy cleaning.

Coyote C2C34NG

If you want flexibility while cooking with charcoal, Coyote offers a charcoal basket accessory. The Coyote stainless steel drop-in girdle is perfect for cooking breakfast on the grill. Besides the C-26, the C-series has other powerful models, such as the Coyote C-34 and C-34 Gas Grills. Both models are larger than the C-28 but maintain the same features and functionalities.

Coyote Grill 2020 Review: Affordable Built-In BBQ

Important Things to Note
The Coyote C-Series comes with a lifetime warranty for the Stainless Steel body and burners. However, it has a limited warranty of 5 years on the cooking grids and two years warranty on the flame tamers.

Coyote Grill: S-Series Review

Coyote C2SL36NG

As the top line of Coyote Grills, the S-Series combines all the powers and functions of an ultra-powerful grill, with a beautiful and durable satin finish. It features a premium 304 Stainless Steel construction with high anti-corrosion properties. Also, there's a continuous weld on the grill box with seamless polished edges.

The Coyote S-Series has 304 Stainless Steel cooking grids for enhanced durability. A Coyote's Signature Cooking Grates upgrade will afford you more versatility in your grilling. This feature will give you the freedom to cook fish, vegetables, and other food at the same time. Underneath the grids are ceramic briquettes, which are perfect for reducing flare-ups and even distribution of heat around the cooking area.

The S-Series offers models in the series, including the S-36 and S-42, with Cast Stainless Steel Infinity Burners. The infinity burners in the S-36 and S-42 combine to give a maximum of 90,000 and 110,000 BTUs of cooking power, respectively. Additional features of the series include nickel alloy knobs, interior hood lights for nighttime cooking, temperature gauge, and individual electric ignition.

Coyote C2SL42NG

Alongside the standard features found in the C-Series, the S-Series has a RapidSear Burner, which provides extra high heat for searing. It also comes with a Rotisserie Kit with a rear infrared burner, allowing you to slow roast food. There are also backlit Knobs on both models of the series.

Essential Things to Note:
Just like the C-Series, the burners and Stainless Steel exterior have a lifetime warranty, but other parts of the grill come with a limited warranty.

Coyote Asado Smoker and Grill


Coyote offers a specialty Kamado-style charcoal Asado grill/smoker. It's an extremely versatile grill that can be used for grilling and smoking, as well as for baking pizzas, bread, pies, and cookies with ease.

Asado Smoker comes with the Coyote Signature Smoking Grate that allows for versatile cooking. It has a heat-resistant ceramic construction and a cooking surface area of 254 square inches. An adjustable venting helps maintain precise cooking temperature.

Coyote's Asado Smoker allows you to choose from the smoke, grill, and sear options.

Coyote Grill 2020 Review: Affordable Built-In BBQ

Coyote Centaur Hybrid grill

The Coyote Centaur Hybrid grill gives you the option of experiencing the ultra-powered performance of a Coyote gas grill or the flavor-filled taste of smoking on a charcoal grill.

The Charcoal Grill features of the Hybrid Grill include an adjustable fuel tray, over 600 square inches of grilling surface, adjustable dampers for airflow, and the ability to use charcoal or wood chips as fuel.

For the Gas Grill features, there are two high-performance Coyote iBurners, over 600 square inches of cooking space, and up to 40,000 BTUs of cooking power.

Coyote Grill 2020 Review: Affordable Built-In BBQ

Coyote Grills Companion Products

For maximum cooking experience, Coyote offers an array of complementary products with durable and elegant designs. Some of the products include:

  • Dual Side Burner
  • Warming Drawer
  • Outdoor Refrigerator
  • Power Burner
  • Heavy Duty Girdle
  • Drop-In Cooler
  • Combination Storage Units


Coyote grills have a solid build and are great for preparing all kinds of meals, whether barbecued, seared, smoked, braised, or baked. However, there are reported issues with the grills that place them below some other options in the market. Cold spots are common, and the back end of the grill surface gets hotter than other parts. Also, we’ve heard of a couple of problems with rust – and this is surprising because Coyote grills are made with the Type 304 Stainless Steel with rust-resistant properties. However, the company is addressing these issues, so we feel the Coyote Gas Grills remains an excellent choice for exceptional cooking and performance.

Overall, Coyote grills fill a void in the market left by Weber grills as Weber does not have a built-in grill solution.

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