Cold Storage Beer Pairing Deals 18 - 24 September 2020

 Cold Storage Beer Pairing Deals 
Offers valid from 18 - 24 September 2020

 Spice up your meals at home by pairing 
your meats with assortment of beers!
French lamb rack pair well with Hitachino nest IPA
Cod steak - pan-fried cod steak pairs well with Hitachino nest red rice ale

Frozen pacific saury - Grilled pacific saury pairs well with lion brewery island lager
 Boneless lamb leg - Pairs well with lion brewery pale ale
Mini lamb roast - pairs well with stockade brew IPA
Saba fillet with teriyaki - grilled saba fillet pairs well with stockade brew refresh ale
Unagi - grilled unagi pairs well with stockade brew refresh ale

Carlsberg canned beer, Stockade brew IPA canned beer
Hitachino nest IPA bottled beer, 
Lion brewery IPA bottled beer pale ale/ island lager

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