Best Wine Fridge in 2020 - Our Top 6 Coolers to Store Your Wine

Best Wine Fridge in 2020 - Our Top 6 Coolers to Store Your Wine

Getting the best wine fridge for your kitchen or bar is a task that requires careful consideration. Wine cooler units may sound simple, but these appliances fall among some of the most essential household appliances, especially for wine lovers.

Wines are technically living grapes and require the best storage conditions to retain their freshness and taste. This means a good undercounter wine cooler should offer optimum protection against the four enemies of wine unsteady temperature, fluctuating humidity, high UV light, and continuous vibration.

Bearing that in mind. In this article, weve looked at some of the best undercounter wine cooler brands in the market, comparing their different models against each other, and selected these top six products.
Read on to explore our list of best undercounter wine coolers in 2020, lets get to it!

Besides performance, which includes temperature, light, humidity, and vibration. Weve also considered the design, price, reliability, and other unique features of these products before adding them to our 6 top picks.

Best Wine Refrigerator Picks for 2020

1) Best Overall: Sub Zero Wine Refrigerator, UW-24/S

Width: 23 7/8" | Height: 34" | Depth: 24" | Finish: Glass Door, Stainless Steel or Custom Panel Ready | Zones: Dual | Bottle Capacity: 46 | Options: Built-In, Free-Standing, Left Hinge, Right Hinge, Tubular Handle, Pro Handle.

Sub Zero Wine Refrigerator UW24STHRH

Product Overview:
First on our list is the Sub-Zero UW-24/S wine refrigerator. While many wine cooler manufacturers are finding it hard to address all the inherent problems of wine storage, Sub-Zero efficiently came up with this beast of a product to solve all these problems.

The UW-24/S has a 24-inch width, which affords you space to store as much as 46 bottles of wine. These can be placed within any of the two temperature zones within the unit. The unit has a UV-resistant glass door that protects wine against destructive UV light, and each shelf designed with a glide out rack to repel vibration.

The UW-24/S is a premium product that features unrivaled craftsmanship, excellent performance, and high durability. To offer you the luxury of choice, this product also comes in several design options.

Which are; the built-in option, the free-standing option, the left-hinge or the right-hinge options, and the Pro or Tubular Handle choices. So, youre sure to find a design that best suits your needs.

Why We Like It
Several factors make the Sub-Zero wine refrigerator unique. These include:

  1. Top-notch performance (temperature/humidity/vibration control)
  2. The upscale, tinted UV-resistant glass door
  3. Panel-ready door/Integrated/Flush Installation
  4. Home Security Integration
  5. Reliability built to last as long as 20 years.
  6. Industry-best warranty offer 2 years (product, parts, and labor), 5 years (product parts and labor), and 12 years (limited parts).

Key Features and Benefits:
The Sub-Zero wine refrigerator comes with a lot of benefits. Some of these we already listed in the section above. Other key features of the wine refrigerator unit include:

24" undercounter width
46 bottle capacity
Dual temperature zone
UV-resistant glass door
Door soft-close door feature with magnetic seals
Roller-glide shelves (2 uppers and 3 lower)
Temperature alarm.

2) Best Budget: Budget Single Zone, Marvel ML15WSG0RS

Width: 14 7/8"| Height: 33 3/4" | Depth: 25 7/32" | Finish: Glass | Zones: Single | Bottle Capacity: 24 | Options: Built-In, Left Hinge, Right Hinge.

Marvel Wine Fridge ML15WSG0RS

Product Overview:
The 15-inch Marvel wine cooler is a perfect fit for a home bar or small kitchen. While it has one temperature zone, it can hold up to 23 bottles of wine in its six rows (4 bottles in 5 rows and 3 bottles in the last row).

The wine cooler has natural maple shelf fronts that can be stained to match cabinetry. The interior of the wine unit has a sophisticated midnight black finish with white incandescent lighting. It has a vibration neutralization system that protects against agitation and keeps the wine from getting denatured. The Marvel ML15WSG0RS also is one of the best and affordable wine cooler products on the market.

Why We Like It:
The 15" Marvel ML15WSG0RS may not match the Sub-Zero wine refrigerator in terms of performance, but it has some factors in its favor.

  1. UV-resistant Glass door
  2. Vibration Neutralization System
  3. Microsentry Temperature Monitor for temperature control
  4. Ultra-quiet operation.

Key Features and Benefits:
Besides the temperature control, vibration neutralization system, and the protection against UV light, the Marvel ML15WSG0RS has other interesting features and benefits. These include:

Close door assist system
Single temperature zone
23 bottle capacity
Five heavy-gauge wire racks
Stainless-steel framed glass door
Stainable maple shelf fronts to match cabinetry
Digital touch controls
Temperature alarm
1-year product parts/labor and 5-year sealed system parts warranty.

3) Best Budget Dual Zone Wine Fridge, XO XOU24WDZGSR

Width: 23 7/8" | Height: 34 1/8" | Depth: 23 1/4" | Finish: Stainless Steel | Zones: Dual | Bottle Capacity: 52 | Options: Built-In, Free-standing, Left Hinge, Right Hinge, Panel Ready.

XO Wine Fridge XOU24WDZGSR

Product Overview:
The XO XOU24WDZGSR is top on the list of our best Dual zone wine coolers in the market. The wine cellar has a 52-bottle capacity, which is more than what competition offers. It has a zero-hinge clearance that prevents the door from protruding into the cabinet opening when the door is open.

To guarantee satisfaction, the XOU24WDZGSR has a 100% Love it or Leave it Guarantee for the first 90 days. If you are not satisfied with your wine cellar, XO will sell the unit and refund your money. Besides the guarantee, XO also offers a 2-year product and parts warranty on the unit.

Why We Like It:
The XO XOU24WDZGSR has several unique features that make it one of the best wine coolers on the market. Here are some of the reasons we love this product.

  1. 52-bottle capacity
  2. UV-blocking Low-E Glass door
  3. Ninety days Love it or leave it 100% Guarantee.
  4. Zero hinge clearance. The door allows unobstructed access and will not protrude into the cabinet area when it's open.

Key Features and Benefits:
Besides the slightly-superior storage capacity the wine cellar offers a love it or leave it guarantee, the XOU24WDZGSR has some other key features that set it apart from other dual zone wine coolers. These include:

Compressor cooling system
Digital touch control
Tri-color LED lighting
5 Telescoping racks (2 upper and 3 lower)
Secure door lock
Two years parts/labor and five years compressor warranty.

4) Best Handleless Design, Miele KWT 6322 UG

Width: 23 5/8" | Height: 32 3/8" | Depth: 22 3/4" | Finish: Stainless Steel | Zones: Dual | Bottle Capacity: 34 | Options: Built-In, Right Hinge.

Miele Wine Fridge KWT6322UG

Product Overview:
Miele is known for premium products with an extra touch of luxury, and the KWT 6322 UG does not fall short of this. The 24" wine storage appliance is a conditioning unit built to keep wines at stable temperatures and display them elegantly. It's excellent temperature control system, protection against vibration, and UV protection ensure the wine is in perfect condition.

Besides the excellent performance and brilliant finish, the KWT 6322 UG, at 36dB, boasts an almost noiseless operation. This makes it one of the quietest wine coolers on the market. The conditioning unit is also designed to be integrated into an appliance network, via the Miele mobile app, for remote control.

The Miele KWT 6322 UG is built for classy wine connoisseurs and for luxury. Its 34-bottle capacity may not be so great, but Miele also offers a special linking (kit for side-by-side combination two units) and convenience.

Why We Like It:
The Miele KWT 6322 UG has one of the best exterior design finishes on the market. But, besides that, the KWT 6322 UG wine conditioning unit also has:

  1. Outstanding performance
  2. Ultra-quiet operation
  3. MobileControl Miele mobile app integration
  4. Excellent fit and finish

Key Features and Benefits:
Here are some other key features of the Miele KWT 6322 UG that make it incredible:

Push-open automatic door opening feature
SoftClose door closing feature
Two temperature zones
Digital touch control
FlexiFrame - You can remove individual slats to make room for larger bottles
Noteboard inventory system - Every rack features a magnetic strip to label your bottles
DynaCool ventilator system for uniform cold air circulation
Adjustable wooden rollers to accommodate different bottle sizes

5) Best Outdoor Wine Fridge, Lynx LM15WINER

Width: 14 7/8" | Height: 34 3/4" | Depth: 23 3/4" | Finish: Stainless Steel | Zones: Dual| Bottle Capacity: 24 | Options: Built-In, Free-standing, Left Hinge, Right Hinge.

Lynx Outdoor Wine Fridge LM15WINER

Product Overview:
The Lynx LM15WINER is a 15" wine cellar designed for outdoor use and one of the best in the industry. The unit has six full-extension and smooth-gliding racks, which can hold as much as 24 wine bottles.

The LM15WINER has a brilliant stainless-steel finish, which looks good anywhere it's placed at, thanks to the fine craftsmanship characteristic of Lynx products. Besides the optimal performance, the wine cellar is designed to guard against vibration, enabling the wine to reach full maturation. The LM15WINER is the perfect wine storage unit for your outdoor parties.

Why We Like It:
Here are some features we consider spectacular about the Lynx LM15WINER:

  1. Quiet Operation
  2. Protection against vibration
  3. Perfect for outdoor use

Key Features and Benefits:
Some other key features of the Lynx LM15WINER wine cellar include:
Heavy-gauge wine racks (6)
smooth-gliding/full-extension shelf system
Cool blue LED interior lighting
2.7 cu. Ft. capacity.

6.) Best Wine and Bev Combination, Marvel MP24WBG4RS

Width: 23 7/8" | Height: 34" | Depth: 23 23/32" | Finish: Glass | Zones: Dual | Bottle Capacity: 16 | Options: Built-In, Glass Door, Panel Ready, Left Hinge, Right Hinge.

Marvel Wine and Beverage Center MP24WBG4RS

Product Overview:
The Professional 24" MP24WBG4RS is the second Marvel product to make it to our list. Just like the ML15WSG0RS, the wine and beverage center combination feature an efficient Vibration Neutralization system to guard against agitation.
The MP24WBG4RS has an argon-filled UV-resistant tinted glass for protection against light. The glass stops UV light from passing through which helps the wine reach full maturation.

The MP24WBG4RS has the Dynamic Cooling Technology, which delivers the industry's best temperature stability and a rapid cool down (frost-free) operation. The unit has two independent temperature zones which allows you to maintain different levels of coldness within the unit.

Besides the incredible system performance, the unit has a sturdy full-length handle along with stainless steel shelf fronts and a stainless-steel framed door giving it a professional-style look.

Why We Like It:
The MP24WBG4RS is one of a kind and stands tall amongst other beverage centers in the industry. Some of its key features that we like include:

  1. Vacation mode to conserve energy when not in use
  2. Zero clearance installation
  3. UV-resistant dual-pane tinted glass
  4. Industry-best temperature stability system
  5. Efficient Vibration Neutralization System
  6. Quiet operation

Key Features and Benefits:
Here are some other features of the Marvel MP24WBG4RS:
Midnight black interior
Tri-color lighting
Can hold up to 16 bottles and 64 cans
Two independently-controlled temperature zones
Close Door Assist System with soft-close feature
Two-stage theater lighting
Door lock feature
3-year parts/labor and 5-year sealed parts warranty.

Buyers Guide: Things to Consider When Buying a Wine Fridge

Before you buy a wine fridge for your kitchen, bar, or living room, there are important factors you should consider, these factors include:

Temperature Stability

A lot of undercounter products on the market have cabinet temperatures, which can fluctuate by up to 15 degrees. This is not a good condition for storing wine bottles and can denature the wine. Wine can still be considered living grapes and should be kept in stable conditions. Ensure your wine fridge can handle ambient temperature changes and still maintain the set temperature.

Capacity and Storage Flexibility

How many wine bottles do you plan to have in your wine refrigerator at a time? Can your kitchen space accommodate a fridge that is larger than 24"? You need to answer these and similar questions before buying a wine fridge. If you are a wine collector, you need wine fridge units that provide you with more than enough space. Go for wine coolers with more than a 40-bottle capacity.

Protection Against Light (UV)

Sunlight (UV) can degrade your wine and make them age prematurely. A good wine refrigerator is supposed to keep out UV lights to prevent this from happening efficiently. Most wine coolers are able to do this, thanks to UV-resistant glass doors. If you intend to keep your wine bottles for a long period, avoid wine coolers without efficient protection against UV.

Vibration Elimination

Frequent agitation and vibration can prevent your wine from reaching full maturation. While your wine cooler may seem to be perfectly still, the compressor can introduce subtle vibration, which will affect the wine. Good wine coolers usually have insulated stands for the compressors, which eliminates the vibrations. Some are also equipped with a Vibration Neutralization system (which may consist of brushless motors and shock absorbers) covering the entire unit.

Good Rack Angle for Proper Bottle Orientation

When the cork used in covering the mouth of the wine bottle dries out, air seeps into the wine bottle, causing degradation. Proper bottle orientation ensures the cork doesn't dry out. Good wine fridges have racks that keep the bottom of the bottles tilted at a slightly upward angle. Horizontal storage also keeps the cork moist too.

Design Flexibility

The wine cooler's fit and finish is another important factor many tend to overlook. But your eye will keep twitching whenever you see that gap that enables your unit door to open freely. This can be avoided if you go for a wine fridge with zero-clearance hinges or articulating hinges.

These special hinges make zero-gap installation possible. The unit is installed without any gap allowance for easy door opening. Articulating hinges enable the door to push a little forward, out of the cabinet, before turning.

If you want a seamless kitchen design, also go for wine coolers that allow flush installation. Most of the wine coolers on our list have panel-ready and custom panel models. The panel ready finish enables you to install a custom panel over the unit to match your kitchen cabinetry.


Undercounter wine fridges are some of the most delicate and important household appliances. For the best results, you need a wine cooler that has efficient temperature stability, vibration elimination, and UV protection systems. Our best six undercounter wine coolers are equipped to handle the four enemies of light effectively. Go for the best wine cooler option that meets your needs, and dont forget to look out for the important factors contained in our buyers guide.


What is the difference between a wine cooler, wine refrigerator, and wine cellar?
Wine coolers operate at higher (but cool) temperatures than wine refrigerators. This means the wine refrigerator keeps your wine bottles at a much colder temperature than the wine cooler. The wine cellar is designed to store your wine bottles for longer periods.

Why are brands like EdgeStar, Avanti, and Danby with good price points not included in the list?
Yes, brands like EdgeStar and Danby have low price points, which make them affordable. But to achieve this, some of these models had to compromise in terms of quality and performance. Our list only featured models that met our expectations on durability, noise levels, and vibration control. We will do an article on value wine refrigerators to evaluate these brands.

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