9 Best Pieces of Core Exercise Equipment of 2023

Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast or a beginner looking to kickstart your core training, incorporating core exercise equipment into your workouts can enhance your stability, balance, and overall functional fitness. The best core exercise equipment will offer many options to help you effectively target and strengthen your abdominal muscles, obliques, and lower back. Adding some of the top-rated and most versatile options of the best core exercise equipment to your workout routine will give you the tools you need to take your core training to the next level.

Doing core exercises is essential for a variety of reasons. You don’t need to want a six-pack or be an elite athlete to prioritize core work. Your core is a crucial part of your body that helps stabilize you and make you strong for things like running, carrying children, moving large items, and doing things like hikes. Still, an aesthetically pleasing core is a goal for many people, and these ab rollers, sliders, benches, and more can help you look great and build strength. We shopped around and found some of the best core exercise equipment to help you strengthen your core in a variety of ways.

Best Core Exercise Equipment

Best Core Exercise Equipment Overall 

If you’re tired of laying on the ground doing crunches and want to switch up your routine, Living.Fit’s NuoFlex Training System might be just the thing. Its unique design, effectiveness, and versatility make it our best overall pick. 

Living.Fit NouFlex Training System

This fit board challenges your balance and stability, which is key to creating a strong core. Basically a sturdy platform with multiple anchor points, this system provides nearly endless options for workouts. This variety will activate your core muscles while performing various exercises, and you won’t have to worry about boredom. In addition, the resistance bands offer adjustable resistance levels to tailor your workout intensity to your fitness level and work muscles beyond your core. 

Living.Fit NuoFlex Training System
Living.Fit NuoFlex Training System
Living.Fit NuoFlex Training System

The NuoFlex Training System is a sturdy platform with multiple anchor points that provides nearly endless options for resistance band workouts. 

Because the NouFlex Training System is so versatile, it is also an excellent option for beginners and more experienced users. The combination of balance, stability, and resistance training makes the NouFlex Training System the best overall choice for comprehensive core workouts that target multiple muscle groups. 


  • Dimensions: 59 inches × 29 inches × 2.5 inches
  • Included Resistance Bands: Pairs of 20-, 25-, and 30-pound bands
  • Video Tutorial: Yes
  • Price: $295


  • The option to stand up while doing ab work is a welcome change of pace. 
  • This system works the core and targets multiple muscle groups simultaneously. 
  • The adjustable resistance bands provide varying intensity levels, making this product great for individuals of all fitness levels.


  • Individuals who prefer a more straightforward or traditional approach to core training may not find the NouFlex Training System their ideal choice. 
  • The NouFlex Training System is pricey; there are more cost-effective alternatives.

If you are searching for core exercise equipment that allows you to add variety to your routine, can adapt as you adapt, and targets multiple muscle groups, then the Living.Fit NouFlex Training System is a perfect fit for you. It can adjust to various fitness levels and keeps your core workouts exciting. 

Best Ab Roller 

If you have any experience in a gym, you likely know what an ab roller is. Ab rollers are well known for helping to improve overall core strength and possibly the physical appearance of your abs as well. This ab roller from Rogue provides you with all you need for an effective core workout and does not require much time or space. 

Rogue Ab Wheel

Rogue Fitness is a reputable brand well known for producing top-notch fitness equipment, and they knocked it out of the park with their Rogue Ab Wheel. This core exercise equipment is super durable and can hang with you for years for core workouts. In addition, the 3-inch-wide wheel offers more stability than other ab rollers, making it usable for various fitness levels. It also has a very ergonomic design, super comfy grips, and a smooth rollout. 

Rogue Ab Wheel
Rogue Ab Wheel
Rogue Ab Wheel

The Rogue Ab Wheel is compact, lightweight and portable, and has a nickel-plated steel shaft and  rubber tire tread that provides solid stability and grip. 

The Rogue Ab Wheel is versatile and suitable for users of various fitness levels (as long as they have the upper body strength to support their body weight). Beginners can start by performing kneeling rollouts, gradually progressing to standing rollouts as their core strength and stability improve. Advanced users can challenge themselves further by incorporating variations, such as single-arm rollouts or incorporating the ab wheel into more complex exercises.


  • Wheel Width: 3 inches
  • Wheel Diameter: 8 inches
  • Handle Material: NBP rubber
  • Price: $75


  • The wheel offers an alternative to hip-hinging movements like crunches and situps.
  • Beginners who want to strengthen their core will like that this offers varying degrees of difficulty. 
  • It’s compact enough to keep in the car or throw in your carry-on. 


  • An ab wheel can put pressure on the lower back, so individuals with a history of lower back issues may want to avoid buying an ab wheel. 
  • It requires enough arm strength to hold up one’s own body weight.

The Rogue Ab Wheel is by far one of the best ab rollers on the market. The wide wheel is more stable than others on the market, and the comfortable grips mean the only pain you should feel is the burn in your core.  

Best Decline Bench 

When thinking about core exercise equipment, a decline bench may not be the first piece of equipment that comes to mind. However, using a bench like this to do your sit-ups is an excellent option and a great way to change up your boring core on the floor work. The Force USA FID is our choice for the best decline bench for its multiple angle options and wheels for easy mobility.


If you are investing in a workout bench, you are probably looking for something with multiple uses. The Force USA FID bench has a sturdy build and enough variety to allow you to hit your core at various angles. This bench’s back can be positioned at seven different angles, plus the set can be adjusted to three different angles, so you can easily change what part of your abs you’re working. 

Force USA Commercial FID Bench
Force USA Commercial FID Bench
Force USA Commercial FID Bench

The Force USA Commercial FID Bench has a weight rating of 1,300 pounds, and features seven back pad adjustments to go along with three seat adjustments. This FID bench can be adjusted to the incline and decline position, adding variety to your workouts.

One of the best parts about this decline bench is that it has wheels and a handle at the base. This means that you can easily maneuver it around your home gym and get it out of your way if needed or move it near other equipment that you need to utilize. Plus, when you want to use it for other workouts, it can hold up to 1,300 pounds, so you should be able to bench to your heart’s delight.


  • Capacity: 1,300 pounds
  • Backrest Angle Options: 7 
  • Seat Angle Options: 3
  • Price: $449.99


  • Various angle options allow beginners to increase the intensity of their core workouts slowly.  
  • Having a bench provides an alternative to floor-based ab workouts. 
  • This bench can be used for various movements, not just ab workouts.


  • This product may be overkill if you only want to use it for ab workouts. 
  • This bench may be too pricey for athletes who don’t care about using it for anything other than core work. 

Having a decline bench is a great way to work your core. It is especially great when the bench can be utilized in multiple positions. When it comes to decline benches, this one really fits the bill. It is incredibly durable and versatile and can hold up to 1,300 pounds. If people with various goals all utilize the same home gym, then this would be the perfect addition.  

Best Sliders 

If you have not used sliders in your core workouts, be prepared to enter a new world of core work. Sliders are designed to be placed under your hands and feet during a plant so that you can perform movements with constant tension on your core. These ones from Living.Fit slide smoothly, can pack easily into a bag, and add some variety to mundane core workouts. 

Living.Fit Exercise Sliders

These seven-inch sliders are made to slide smoothly across various surfaces, so you can utilize them on your living room floor, at your local gym, or even in the park. You can easily utilize these sliders by placing them under your feet or hands. You can perform many core workouts with exercise sliders, and honestly, the possibilities are endless, be as creative or straightforward as your heart desires. 

Living.Fit Exercise Sliders
Living.Fit Exercise Sliders
Living.Fit Exercise Sliders

These seven-inch sliders are made to slide smoothly across various surfaces, so you can utilize them on your living room floor, at your local gym, or even in the park to perform a nearly endless amount of core workouts.

These sliders offer a great way to get in a bodyweight workout on the go, allowing you to switch out your boring crunches with something more challenging and exciting. While these sliders are excellent for working your core, they can also help strengthen and tone your full body when used in various ways, including your arms and legs, with movements like lunges, bridges, and planks. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced athlete, these sliders can help you build strength and flexibility.


  • Amount: Sold in pairs
  • Diameter: 7 inches
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Price: $9.99


  • You can use these anywhere with a hard surface. 
  • These sliders are extremely cost-effective. 
  • Experienced and beginner athletes can enjoy being creative with their slider workouts. 


  • Constant planking tension may be too intense for someone who struggles with core stability and needs to ease into core workouts.  
  • Athletes who don’t want to work out on the ground should look elsewhere. 

Having exercise equipment that takes up very little space and can go with you anywhere is a great way to stay motivated to do your workouts. Using something like these exercise sliders allows you to get your core strength in wherever you are, leaving little room for excuses. 

Best Weight Plates

While many people would not immediately put weight plates into the exercise equipment category, they absolutely have a place there. Adding weight plates to core exercises increases the resistance and demands placed on the core muscles, and these plates from Again Faster are among the best.  

Again Faster Evo Bumper Plates

This weight plate brand offers various colors and weights for all exercise needs. Many users enjoy the visual appeal of these plates, but they are also very durable, so they won’t get wrecked if they are tossed around the gym. The outer rubber coating makes them easy to handle during plate sit-ups. They also have a durometer rating of 90 for a dead bounce, so when you drop them after a hard set, they’ll bounce rather than crash to the floor. 

Again Faster Evolution Bumper Plates
Again Faster Evolution Bumper Plates
Again Faster Evolution Bumper Plates

The Evolution Bumper Plates from Again Faster are high-quality plates made from virgin rubber and stainless steel inserts. These affordable bumpers have a high dead bounce rating making them great for everything from Olympic lifts to rows and deadlifts.

For beginners, these plates go from 10 pounds to 45 pounds each and come in a set weighing 1,000 pounds total. While you likely do not need 1,000 pounds to work your core alone, having a variety of weights is perfect for a home gym (and big goals). Remember, working your core does not always mean doing sit-ups. Doing big movements like deadlift and squats also help to strengthen the core and improve stability and posture, so you can pile on the plates and work that core.  


  • Weight Available: Sold in pairs of 10, 15, 25, 35, and 45 pounds
  • Sets Available: Sold in sets from 160 to 1,000 pounds
  • Material: Virgin Rubber
  • Price: Starting at $79 for a pair of 10-pound plates


  • These plates’ durable build maintains their visual appeal and functionality over time. 
  • The thin profile is perfect for adding resistance to core workouts without taking up much space.
  • There is a large variety of weights and sets available.


  • These plates are more expensive than other types of equipment that can serve the same purpose. 
  • Plates may be more challenging for beginners to incorporate into core workouts. 

The Again Faster Evo Bumper Plates are a great addition to any home gym and are our favorite bumper plate option. While you can easily use one plate at a time for your typical core work, doing barbell movements using these plates can also be a great way to strengthen your rear chain and core. 

Best Dumbbells 

Dumbbells can be utilized during core workouts in the same way that weight plates can, but the presence of handles on dumbbells can make core work a bit easier. These dumbbells from Living.Fit are our favorite for their wide range of weights and ergonomic grips.

Living.Fit Hex Dumbbells

Using dumbbells for core work is an easy and effective way to add resistance and make even more gains than you would by using only your body weight. These hex dumbbells from Living.Fit have comfortable and slip-resistant handles, and the hexagonal heads prevent them from rolling away when you take a break between sets.

Living.Fit Hex Dumbbells
Living.Fit Hex Dumbbells
Living.Fit Hex Dumbbells

These hex dumbbells from Living.Fit have comfortable and slip-resistant handles, and the hexagonal heads prevent them from rolling away when you take a break between sets.

The most basic set of these dumbbells ranges in weight from a set of 5 pounds to a set of 25 pounds. If you want to do some heavier lifting, there are other set options such as a 5- to 50-pound set, a 5- to 75-pound set, and a 5- to 100-pound set. This makes these dumbbells usable by various people in a household and for multiple exercises. If you want to purchase a set of dumbbells and are worried about storage, they even offer an option that includes a dumbbell rack. 


  • Sets Available: Sold in sets from 5 to 25 pounds up to 80 to 100 pounds
  • Head Material: Rubber
  • Handles: Textured with ergonomic taper
  • Price: Starting at $299.99 for a 5- to 25-pound set


  • These dumbbells come with comfortable ergonomic and slip-resistant handles. 
  • The hexagonal heads add stability during dumbbell planks and similar exercises. 
  • They can be used for various workouts in addition to core work. 


  • These may occupy too much room for people without a designated workout space. 
  • Dumbbells may not be ideal for someone with limited knowledge of how to utilize free weights in workouts. 

Adding dumbbells to your exercise routine is a great way to really amp up your workout and add some variety to your training and Living.Fit’s Hex Dumbbells are stable, comfortable, and come in a wide range of weights. 

Best Sit-Up Machine

A designated ab bench in your home gym can be a game changer. Not only does it provide a secure way to do decline sit-ups, but it can also be used to do presses and flyes that hit your lower pecs. This sit-up machine from Finer Form is our favorite for its angle variety, great price, and excellent build. 

Finer Form Semi-Commercial Sit-Up Bench Elite

The Finer Form Semi-Commercial Sit-Up Bench Elite is the best choice for someone wanting a piece of designated core exercise equipment. This sit-up bench can equip you to do decline sit-ups at various angles while the leg rollers keep you in place. You can also reverse position on it and use the aluminum handle to keep yourself stable while performing leg raises. 

Finer Form Semi-Commercial Sit-Up Bench Elite
Finer Form Semi-Commercial Sit-Up Bench Elite
Finer Form Semi-Commercial Sit-Up Bench Elite

The Finer Form Semi-Commercial Sit-Up Bench Elite  can equip you to do decline sit-ups at various angles while the leg rollers keep you in place. You can also reverse position on it and use the aluminum handle to keep yourself stable while performing leg raises

This sit-up bench is made of reinforced steel, which means it is built to last and can stand plenty of use without noticeable wear and tear. One of the bonuses of this bench is that it has adjustable 3-level rollers. This means you can adjust the bench to fit your height and weight so that you have a more efficient and personalized workout. If you are tall, you may have found that some benches do not provide enough support. Luckily, this bench has a long, sturdy backboard with plenty of padding, so everyone using it will be comfortable while crushing their core work. 


  • Weight: 46 pounds
  • Capacity: 660 pounds
  • Height Limit: 6’ 7”
  • Price: $249.99


  • This bench is small enough to store in the corner of a small space. 
  • It’s an easy way to add resistance to a core workout without adding weight. 
  • You can use this bench for much more than just core work. 


  • The lack of leg rollers can make you feel unstable during decline movements. 
  • It is not a piece of equipment that can be taken anywhere. 

Having a sit-up machine to utilize regularly can help improve your core strength when used correctly and consistently. More importantly, having one like this one that is versatile and durable will help you continue to improve over time. 

Best Balance Trainer 

Utilizing a balance trainer for a core workout really amps up the workout because your core muscles must work extra hard to stabilize your body. The BOSU Ballast Ball is our favorite because of its added stability and durable materials. 

BOSU Ballast Ball

Using core exercise equipment like the BOSU Ballast Ball during a workout can help you develop midline strength and stability and improve your balance and coordination. The Ballast Ball takes a simple concept like a rubber ball and adds one interesting tweak — 2.5 pounds of ballast to help keep the ball more stable than other balance balls. 

BOSU Ballast Ball
BOSU Ballast Ball
BOSU Ballast Ball

This exercise ball has 2.5 pounds of ballast inside, which you can utilize for stabilization when you're working with the ball on the ground, or for added weight if you are pressing it overhead. 

The additional ballast keeps the ball in place while you’re doing your workouts and prevents you from becoming a YouTube star when the ball rolls while you’re on it. In addition, the BOSU Ballast Ball is made using a non-slip, burst-resistant material that is meant to withstand continual daily gym usage. Add a 300-pound weight capacity to that, and you can forget about it popping in the middle of a set. 


  • Diameter: 55-65cm
  • Material: Rubber
  • Capacity: 300 pounds
  • Price: $59.99


  • This stability ball is great for multi-sport athletes who want to improve their skills by increasing balance and coordination. 
  • It can hold up to 300 pounds.
  • The 2.5 pounds of ballast keep the ball stable during workouts. 


  • It may be too challenging for people with severe balance and coordination deficits.
  • Balance balls are not ideal for beginners who prefer to work their core sitting or lying down. 
  • The instability may be risky for people with weak ankles or knees.

If you are looking for a fantastic balance trainer to add to your collection of core exercise equipment, the BOSU Ballast Ball is our top pick. We love this piece of equipment because it is more stable than other balls, is extremely pop-resistant, and has an excellent weight capacity.  

Best Ab Machine 

Some people want to just get on a machine and go, and that’s okay. Using an ab machine helps take the guesswork out of your core routine and ensures that you target the right muscles during the movements it puts you through. This ab machine from Fitlaya is easy to set up, simple to use, and delivers a solid core burn.  

Fitlaya Ab Machine 

The Fitlaya Ab Machine is a great option for people who want a dynamite ab workout but do not want to mess around trying to figure out which movements they should do and from what position. This home gym ab machine uses padded knee sliders to mimic the motion of mountain climbers and knee raises without having to get on the floor or hang from a bar. 

Fitlaya Ab Machine 
Fitlaya Ab Machine 
Fitlaya Ab Machine 

The Fitlaya Ab Machine uses padded knee sliders to mimic the motion of mountain climbers and knee raises to provide a solid core workout without the need for a pullup bar or endless situps. 

The framework folds flat for easy storage, and the machine has a weight capacity of 440 pounds, which is impressive considering that it only weighs 23 pounds. The LCD monitor is small, but it still shows the essentials, like your reps performed, calories burned, and workout time. There are also four different resistance levels, so you can adjust the difficulty as you progress


  • Dimensions: 35.5 x 15.7 x 34.5 inches
  • Weight: 23 pounds
  • Capacity: 440 pounds
  • Price: $119.99


  • This is a great fit for people that want a simple, effective core workout.
  • The entire setup folds flat for easy storage. 
  • The 440-pound weight capacity can fit a wide range of body types. 


  • The repetitive motion may be boring for someone who prefers variety and creativity in their workouts.  
  • People who lack space for exercise equipment may be unable to accommodate this machine. 
  • Customers who get bored of repetitive movements may not find this challenging enough. 

If you have the space for a piece of equipment and plan to spend a lot of time improving your core strength and appearance, the Fitlaya Ab Machine would be a great addition to your home gym. It may help you tone your core and legs and blast some calories while you’re at it. 

How We Chose The Best Core Exercise Equipment

When looking at the best core exercise equipment, we kept in mind that a variety of people are looking to improve their core strength and appearance. That’s why this list reflects options for both beginners and strong athletes looking for ways to level up their strength and performance. As a result, this list has equipment that can accommodate a variety of budgets, fitness levels, and space limitations.


Prices can range from under $20 to over $800. Of course, not all pieces of equipment will be suitable for all budgets. Still, the options we have provided are the best options for their price point and are durable enough to last for years, so you won’t have to worry about shelling out more money for a similar product anytime soon. We like to point our readers toward products that reputable companies sell, have good warranties, and are well-reviewed. 


While you may be here to find a product that serves a specific purpose, we searched for products that would get you more bang for your buck. This is why we recommend products like weight plates and dumbbells as pieces of core equipment — these products can not only help you work your core but can also be useful in helping you with other goals. Versatility also means that athletes of various abilities and fitness levels can use these products. 


Not everyone has the space to store large pieces of equipment or the luxury of regularly working out at a set place or time. This is our reasoning for providing core workout equipment options that are small and portable when possible. We want to ensure that people with varying lifestyles have access to the fitness equipment they need to accomplish their goals, no matter what type of space or location they have for their workouts. 

The Benefits of Core Exercise Equipment

You may see several benefits when you start incorporating core exercise equipment into your fitness routine. Not only does a toned core look aesthetically pleasing, but it also provides a stable platform for just about any movement or task you could set your body to. Incorporating a variety of movements and pieces of core exercise equipment into your fitness routine will help you increase your core strength, improve your posture and help with stability, and provide a strong foundation for any range of functional movements.

Increased Core Strength

When you use core exercise equipment regularly, you can see a lot of improvement in your core strength. This is because this type of equipment provides resistance, allowing these tools to challenge the core muscles.

A person wears a long-sleeved shirt while performing decline sit-ups.
Credit: IZE-5tyle / Shutterstock

This forces them to work harder to maintain balance and control during exercises which encourages gains. Over time, this can lead to greater core strength, enhanced muscle endurance, and improved overall performance in various physical activities.

Improved Posture and Stability

In order to maintain proper picture and stability, it is important to have strong core muscles. When using core exercise equipment, you are helping to develop the muscles that support the spine. This can promote better alignment and reduce the risk of back pain or injury. In addition, when you have a strong core, you will likely enhance your performance in activities that require coordination and control.

Functional Fitness

A strong core is fundamental for everyday movements and activities. Core exercise equipment focuses on developing the muscles necessary for functional movements like bending, lifting, twisting, and reaching. By enhancing core strength and stability, these tools can improve your ability to perform daily tasks more efficiently and reduce the risk of injury.

How Much Does Core Exercise Equipment Cost?

Core exercise equipment varies significantly in price, which makes it easy for everyone to find something that fits their budget. There are more expensive options, but luckily, these are pieces of equipment that can be used for other facets of training besides core strengthening. There are pieces of multi-use equipment up to $900, but there are also pieces here as cheap as $10. If you plan to use your equipment daily, it may be worth investing a bit more for something that serves multiple purposes and lasts over time. 

Best Core Exercise Equipment Overall  Living.Fit NuoFlex Training System $295.00
Best Ab Roller Rogue Ab Wheel $75.00
Best Decline Bench Force USA FID $449.99
Best Sliders  Living.Fit Exercise Sliders $9.99
Best Weight Plates Again Faster Evo Bumper Plates $79.99 +
Best Dumbbells Living.Fit Hex Dumbbells $899.99
Best Sit-Up Machine Finer Form Semi-Commercial Sit-Up Bench Elite $249.99
Best Balance Trainer Bosu Ballast Ball $174.99
Best Ab Machine Fitlaya Ab Machine $119.99

If you want something you can use for many purposes or share with others in your household, you’ll likely be shelling out a little more, but you can still get a good core workout with something simpler. Remember, the price of the equipment does not always determine your results. 

What to Consider Before Buying Core Exercise Equipment 

Being able to try before you buy is not always an option, especially considering most of us like to buy online nowadays. Before you make a big purchase or a new type of purchase, especially when it involves workout equipment, you should take some time to consider your personal goals, the type of space you have, and how you or other people in your household may utilize the equipment. 

Personal Goals

When purchasing new fitness equipment, you should consider your personal goals. Doing this can help you decide exactly what type of equipment suits you. If you are an athlete who wants to gain that extra edge on their competition, you might need a more specific piece of equipment than someone on a weight loss journey and wants to start a weekly core workout routine. The same goes if you focus more on working on your core for aesthetic reasons rather than actual strength gains. 

Storage Space

While many people would love the luxury of a desiccated workout space in their home, it is just not a thing for most. This is why you need to consider what type of space you have to store any new equipment you buy. If you tend to do your workouts in your living room, buying something like a bench or machine may not be an option.

A person performs a sit-up on a stability ball in the gym.
Credit: MDV Edwards / Shutterstock

However, purchasing a set of dumbbells or a bench may be what you need if you have a dedicated home gym. We prefer to give our readers various options so that they are sure to find something they can utilize in the space they have available. 

Intended Use

This is a big one! If you plan to go all out with your workout routine and want equipment that can help you hit a specific goal while also helping you reach other goals, then you may need to plan your purchases. You should ensure you can get multiple uses out of one purchase. This is especially true if you have a limited budget. On the flip side, if you want to purchase something only for the core, you probably do not need to spend the time or money that others do when planning equipment purchases. 

Final Word 

People want to work their core for various reasons, and there are several ways to do so. If you are an elite athlete who wants to make that 1 percent improvement, there is something for you on this list. There is also something for a new mom who wants to get her core back to where it was before giving birth and someone new to fitness who simply wants to increase the number of sit-ups they can do. 

There is a never-ending list of exercises and pieces of exercise equipment that can be used to improve core strength and appearance. If you take the time to consider how these different options can suit you and your goals, you will likely come up with some pretty good results once you get to work. Take the time to research, understand the products available, and try different things as you progress. 


What is the best piece of core exercise equipment?

The answer to this question depends on who you ask since there are so many options out there. But for our money, the Living.Fit NouFlex Training System is the best option for its versatility and accessibility to all fitness levels. 

How much does core exercise equipment cost?

Core exercise equipment ranges greatly in price. You can find items like resistance bands and sliders as cheap as $5, and certain machines and pieces of equipment can cost over $1,000. So getting yourself set up with the necessary equipment to strengthen and tone your core without breaking the bank is possible. 

Do you need weights for core workouts?

​​No, you do not necessarily need weights for core workouts. Core exercises can be performed using your body weight alone and still effectively strengthen your core muscles. Bodyweight exercises such as planks, crunches, mountain climbers, and leg raises can target your core and provide significant benefits. Adding things like exercise discs and resistance bands can increase difficulty without adding weight. 

Can you train your core every day?

Training your core every day is generally safe and feasible, but it may not always be necessary or optimal for everyone. Consider the other types of physical activity you are doing to ensure your body has time to recover. It is most important to listen to your body to avoid injury.

How do you get a six-pack?

Developing a six-pack, or visible abdominal muscles, requires a combination of factors, including a healthy diet, regular exercise, body fat reduction, and genetics also play a role. In addition, spending time building and maintaining muscle mass can help boost your metabolism and create a more defined appearance. To do this, you should include compound exercises that target multiple muscle groups, such as squats, deadlifts, lunges, and overhead presses, in your workout routine. You should also focus on core exercises like planks, crunches, and Russian twists to engage and strengthen the abdominal muscles directly.

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