7 Stylish Shower Storage Solutions for Toiletries

When it comes to designing your shower area in the bathroom, storage is usually the paramount concern. After all, you need a convenient location to store anything from shampoo bottles to shower gel containers, and you definitely dont want to be just lining them on the floor of your shower, which can turn into a huge clutter fest. Turns out, there are plenty of options out there that will get your toiletries all sorted. Here are some of our favourites:

1. Shelves

Design: 19EightyThree

Shelves are a no brainer. You can get them for cheap off-the-rack, or get custom ones that fit in with your bathroom design. The great thing about shelves is that they are a lot less permanent than some of the storage solutions we will be looking at in the article. So you can change them out whenever. Consider curved edge shelves like the ones in the bathroom below if you have kids.

Design: Voila

2. Recessed Shelves

Design: 19EightyThree X Bowerman

If you prefer something less physically and visually obtrusive, recessed shelves are your solution. They are recessed into the wall, so theres less chance you will knock into them while showering. Recessed shelves arent just the reserve of sleeker or more minimalist bathrooms. They can offer plenty of personality if you do contrasting shelves like these ones below.

Design: The Scientist

3. Recessed Niches

Design: The Scientist

Recessed niches are similar to recessed shelves. But rather than having individual shelves within the recessed part, niches are the shelves themselves. While recessed niches offer a more concealed look, which is great if you want something more seamless, there are a few ways to still make a visual impact with them. Consider cladding the niche in a different tile to the rest of the bathroom. Or build them exceptionally tall to lengthen the appearance of your shower area.

Design: Er Studio Design

4. Corner Solutions

Design: The Interior Lab

For tight shower stalls, corner shelves are a good way to minimise the area taken up since they just use a corner of the bathroom. They tend to be shallow, so depending on how many shampoo bottles and soaps you have, you might need to include more than a single corner shelf. Ones with rails are a good option if you have a lot of essentials to hold in place.

Design: Cozy Ideas

5. Ledge

Design: Third Avenue Studio

Ledges are like one long shelf, usually running the length of either the depth or the width of the shower zone for a more continuous design. They help to visually extend the space, which is a huge plus for small bathrooms. Also a good solution if you need lots of storage.

Design: Project Guru

Design: Fatema Design Studio

6. Recessed Ledge

Design: Charlottes Carpentry

Ledges also come with recessed designs to minimise the visual intrusion of your shower space. Like with recessed shelves, cladding them in a different tile will make them pop, doubling them as a design feature for your bathroom.

Design: The Local Inn.terior

7. Lower Ledge

Design: The Safe Haven

One of the main advantages to going with a lower ledge is that you will have more elbow room, making cramped shower stalls a thing of the past. But its not for everybody, especially if you have a bad knee or dont like having to bend your back to pick up your shower essentials.

Design: Meter Square

Which shower storage solution will you be going for in the bathroom? Let us know in the comments!

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