5 of the Best DIY Mudroom Ideas for 2020

The mudroom exists as a decontamination zone between the outside world and the inner harmony of your home. When you have multiple kids and pets running in and out of the house, it’s important to have an area where the kids can throw off their shoes or you can stash the dog leashes.

But you don’t have to have a dedicated mudroom in your house to make use of these DIY mudroom ideas. Even if the garage door opens directly into your kitchen, you can create some order by using a mudroom bench or hall tree on the wall next to the door.

Sometimes your laundry room also doubles as the mudroom. In that case, you’ll want to make sure to have plenty of storage options. Having a countertop and upper cabinets above the laundry machines is a good idea, and you can then use a mudroom bench and coat rack combo on the opposite wall if space allows.

DIY mudroom bench

Mudroom with bench made from RTA cabinets.


A basic element of the mudroom is a mudroom bench. But a bench for mudroom use isn’t just like any other bench. It has to have storage built in, whether it’s a bench top that opens or cabinets on the front.

In this first example, the bench provides extra storage with cabinets. It’s actually made from RTA kitchen cabinets, the type that would go above the fridge. RTA cabinets come ready-to-assemble, and you can easily order a couple and attach a bench top along with some legs. As far as DIY projects go, this one’s pretty easy.

Crates on the wall

Colored crates nailed to the wall create extra mudroom storage.

Now, crates on their own aren’t very exciting. But they actually make great cubbies when you attach them to a wall, and it’s super easy to do. And when you paint them individually, you can add some real personality to your space.

If you’re going for resourcefulness, you can even build your own crates out of old fence wood or discarded pallets. Plus, the mudroom is a great place to try out distressed finishes. When people are stomping in and out all day, the distressed or worn-down look fits right in.

Mudroom cubbies

Mudroom bench with three cubbies and baskets.


No mudroom would be complete without a few cubbies, whether they are inside the bench or above the coat rack. Here, the three cubbies are on wheels so that the inner unit can roll out and be used as a second bench. Cubbies are great because you can throw things in them or grab whatever you need quickly, without opening or closing any doors.

Another idea is to install a row of cubbies at head height. Higher cubbies can be easier for adults to use, and they’ll hide the contents of the baskets better, too.

Upcycled doors

This mudroom uses recycled old closet shutter doors and includes a shelf, coat hangers, and a bench.


If you’ve remodeled your home in the past few years, you might have taken down those shuttered closet doors and replaced them with something different. And if you saved the doors, you can use them in different DIY projects around the house.

For example, this mudroom hall tree uses repainted closet doors with a shelf, coat hooks, and bench with storage. Now the doors look like they came from an old western town instead of the closet upstairs.

Mudroom lockers

Mudroom lockers include multiple cubbies, coat hooks, and shelves.


Take a cue from school locker rooms and add some lockers to your mudroom. Lockers give everyone a place to store their jackets, and the cubbies above add even more storage space. Plus, the kids will love to sit on the bench in their little locker spot to get ready to go outside.

Another idea is to buy actual school lockers and put them in your mudroom. New lockers aren’t the cheapest thing in the world, but you can find used lockers online or maybe even from schools in your community. Lockers with doors conveniently hide away your belongings and create unity in the space.

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