5 Best Ellipticals Under $600 – Suitable for Anyone!

Ellipticals can be really popular for home workouts. They give the full body a good workout, with more focus on upper body than alternatives such as treadmills. They can be pricey, but in this guide we’re looking into the best elliptical under $600 to ensure that you can find something that suits your budget but still provides a good, sturdy exercise machine within your home.

We’ve reviewed 42 different products that fit this description, coming up with our five best ellipticals under 600 and providing you with full reviews. There are some good choices for your money. The MaxKare Magnetic Elliptical Machine Trainer is our editor’s pick, making it to the top of our list. It has eight different resistance levels to alter your workout, and it also has an LCD screen to show details including pulse and calories burned. We’ve also got information and reviews for four other popular ellipticals. You can make the choice based on the features that are most useful for you.

Top 5 Ellipticals Under $600 Review 2020

When we were writing our elliptical reviews we considered a variety of different features such as any inbuilt workout programs, the resistance levels that you can set, the stride length and whether it has an LCD display. We also considered other details such as the dimensions and weight of the product, so how easy it is to store and move around the home. You might prioritize some of these features and functions more than others, depending on your budget and personal preference. But to be completely sure you make the right choice we strongly advise you to read our article and pay special attention to the detailed reviews and our complete buying guide.

Image and Rating
Name and Features
Editor’s Choice

This unit has some very good features and a large capacity of 264 lbs. This is the best made body fit elliptical on the list with the build quality you can definitely rely on it to last you a long time.

2. XTERRA Fitness FS3.0
Best Value
Best Value

This best value cross trainer option features a 22lb flywheel and heavy duty build quality, it also has 20 different resistance levels, this means you can really tweak the level, and come up with your own specific workouts to suit your needs.

Budget Pick

The benefit of this budget-friendly model is the fact that it is portable and lightweight, so you could definitely take it to the office, for example.

Best Weight Capacity
Best Weight Capacity

It has a capacity of up to 300 lbs so even some heavyweight boxers would be able to use this with no problem at all. If you are larger and looking to lose some weight then a heavy, well-made product like this might be needed.

5. SNODE E20i
Best Bluetooth Technology
Best Bluetooth Technology

It is a brilliant option for those who want tech features such as Bluetooth compatibility. It has a companion app, the iconsole app, which can help you to create and follow specific workouts and stay with your fitness regime.


MaxKare Magnetic Elliptical MachineEditor’s Choice

  • Workout programs: not specified
  • Resistance levels: 8
  • Stride length: 13.5 inch
  • LCD display: yes
  • Dimensions: 54 x 61 x 20 inches
  • Weight: 92.4 lbs.

More features: weight capacity 264 lbs, dual handle, IPAD and water bottle holder


The MaxKare Magnetic Elliptical Machine makes it to the top of our list, as it has some very good features and a pretty large capacity. This is arguably the best made body fit elliptical on the list and though it is quite heavy, the build quality is there to back this up and you can definitely rely on it to last you a long time.

Comfort and functionality features include an LCD display to track your workout, and there are even pulse grips so that you can track your heart rate throughout, other things that you can keep an eye on include the time you have been working out and the calories burned.

Though it’s quite a heavy model, it does have wheels, so you don’t have to totally lift in to move it around, this can make it a bit easier to store somewhere in your home.

There are 8 different resistance settings, this means you can choose the ideal level for you, to ensure you are working out your legs and giving yourself a challenge, plus it can help build tone and muscle.

It’s also one of the best ellipticals under $600 to include an iPad holder. If you love to listen to music or watch something while you work out then you can quickly clip your iPad on and pass the time quickly.

  • 8 resistance levels.
  • Easy controls.
  • LCD display.
  • Comes with iPad holder.
  • Some assembly required, which is a bit tricky.

XTERRA Fitness FS3.0Best Value

  • Workout programs: 18
  • Resistance levels: 20
  • Stride length: 16 inch
  • LCD display: yes
  • Dimensions: 54.1 x 24 x 65.2 inches
  • Weight: 103.6 lbs.

More features: MP3 compatible speakers, 5-year warranty on frame and 1-year warranty on parts, weight capacity 300 lbs


The XTERRA Fitness FS3.0 has some fantastic features for such a cheap elliptical cross trainer. We’ve included it as the best value cross trainer option, and as well as being sturdy, with a 22lb flywheel and heavy duty build quality, it also has 20 different resistance levels, this means you can really tweak the level, and come up with your own specific workouts to suit your needs.

There’s an LCD display to keep track of this, and you can check how many calories you have burned, and the program you are on. The XTERRA has a 16” stride length, which is fairly large, though some people are looking for the best 20” elliptical under $600, and they might be disappointed by their choices. We have provided 16 and 18” models, which are close.

If you love to listen to music while you work out then this could be a good call too, it has an audio input jack and speakers so you can plug your iPod or other audio device in and listen to your favorite tunes while you work out.

If you want to track more about your workout you can even get a compatible chest strap which lets you see your heart rate as you work out. There are 18 preset programs to choose from to go through a guided workout.

  • Lots of resistance settings and programs.
  • Sturdy and well-built.
  • 5 year frame warranty.
  • Input for audio and inbuilt speakers.
  • Assembly instructions are not very clear.

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B0891Budget Pick

  • Workout programs:
  • Resistance levels: 8
  • Stride length: 7 inch
  • LCD display: yes
  • Dimensions: 20.5 x 16.5 x 10.5 inches
  • Weight: 19.10 lbs.

More features: 1-year warranty, adjustable straps, dual function, carry handle


Time for something a little bit different! The Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B0891 is a mini elliptical, and a very cheap elliptical cross trainer. It is a little bit restrictive as it is not a full-body model. Most people choose to put this under their desk to work out while they are doing some work. There are other ways it can be used, though, and it can be either an upper body or a lower body workout depending on your needs.

The benefit of this is the fact that it is portable and lightweight, so you could definitely take it to the office, for example. It’s under 20 lbs in weight and it also has some features that help you to take it where you want to such as a carry handle.

It only has a seven inch stride which some people might not find to be enough, but realistically you would need to use this in conjunction with other exercise equipment for a full workout. It’s a great portable option, and we were surprised by the 8 levels of magnetic tension that you can choose from.

It’s even got a digital monitor inbuilt. If you are just working out your legs then this might not be easy to see, but it is still positive to have, especially for arm workouts.

Naturally, if it is important to you to work out your whole body then this might not be the best product, but as a compact way to exercise at your desk, this Sunny Health elliptical is a good option.

  • Portable and lightweight.
  • One year warranty included.
  • Great for use under your desk.
  • Smaller than most options.
  • Not easy to see the LCD screen.

GOELLIPTICAL V-450XBest Weight Capacity

  • Workout programs: 24, with unlimited variations
  • Resistance levels: 24
  • Stride length: 18 inch
  • LCD display: yes
  • Dimensions: 61 x 28 x 65 inches
  • Weight: 139 lbs.

More features: weight capacity 300 lbs, MP3 & iPod compatible music system, USB charging port, storage and water bottle rack, smartphone and tablet rack, adjustable foot pedals and arms


The GOELLIPTICAL V-450X is the biggest, long stride elliptical under $600 on the list, it is a big elliptical with a lot of great features, and it is good for larger users. It has a capacity of up to 300 lbs so even some heavyweight boxers would be able to use this with no problem at all. If you are larger and looking to lose some weight then a heavy, well-made product like this might be needed. The model itself is heavier in itself and it is harder to move around.

This is also a very good option in terms of linking to your devices as it has an MP3 and iPod compatible music and speaker system so that you can listen back to your favorite songs while you are working out. This is very convenient. You can also connect it to a tablet, and the tablet rack included means you can even watch your favorite shows. It even has a USB charger so you can charge your devices while you work out.

The 18 inch stride is one of the best things about this model. It provides you with a thorough workout, but it is also good for larger people who need a longer stride length to be comfortable.

The LCD display can show you information about your workout. The 24 level Special Rotary Switch also gives you a lot of control over the workout, with up to 24 different resistance levels that you can set, choosing the ideal one for your needs.

The foot pedal and arms are adjustable so you can get the ideal level of comfort. For larger people and taller people this is definitely one of the better choices, but portability is sacrificed.

  • Can be connected to iPad or audio devices.
  • Long stride.
  • 24 workout programs which are adjustable.
  • Heart rate monitor.
  • Not easy to move around.
  • Stride length too big for some.

SNODE E20iBest Bluetooth Technology

  • Workout programs: 12
  • Resistance levels: 16
  • Stride length: 13.78 inches
  • LCD display: yes
  • Dimensions: 47 x 24 x 61 inches
  • Weight: 77.2 lbs.

More features: Bluetooth Smart Technology with free iconsole app available on iOS/Android, 1-year warranty, weight capacity up to 265 lbs


The SNODE E20i is the last model on our list, it is a brilliant option for those who want tech features such as Bluetooth compatibility. It has a companion app, the iconsole app, which can help you to create and follow specific workouts and stay with your fitness regime. There is an iPad holder inbuilt so you can mount your iPad, and watch your workout within the app. This is like an upgrade of an LCD screen.

The maximum weight capacity of 265 lbs should be plenty for most people to use without any issues, but be sure to weigh yourself first if you are concerned about this.

There are 12 inbuilt workout programs and 16 resistance levels so you can choose the ideal workout for you and get a challenging workout. There are some inclines simulation options so that you can have a hill style workout and gain the muscular benefits of this sort of challenge.

Though this is one of the relatively large options, the weight capacity is still high, if you wish to move it around, it also has wheels on the front. It’s great if you want to take it from room to room or store in the garage, for example.

  • Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Easy to change settings.
  • iPad and Android compatible.
  • Relatively lightweight with wheels to move around.
  • Can struggle with stability at times.

Buying Guide

Whether you need a quality elliptical with incline or you are just looking for an affordable model to keep your legs moving each and every day, elliptical machines can be a really good solution. If you’ve read through our reviews already you will have seen some of the features that make them unique and can make one model more suitable than another.
Our buying guide is designed for exactly this purpose; helping you to choose what is best for you. Some people with a $600 budget want something small and compact, or even something they can use while at their desk. Other people are looking for all the features they can possibly get for the money, and a big, gym-style machine. We explore more below.

Features to consider while choosing an elliptical under 600

What are the features that you should consider when you are looking to make the right choice on an elliptical machine? Not everyone will want the same things. If you are a gym bunny trying to get a home workout option then you might want to go for something with lots of features including inclines and workout programs. For a senior just looking for something easy on the knees instead of long walks, then you might not be worried about the same features.

Workout programs

5 Best Ellipticals Under $600 - Suitable for Anyone!

Workout programs are effectively built in to the machine to allow you to choose what sort of workout you need. This can alter things like incline and resistance throughout the workout so that it is like you are going up and down hills, for example. This can be a good way to set yourself a challenge if you need to, and make your workout better in terms of burning calories.

Some models, including the SNODE E20i, let you alter the workout modes to suit you, so you can edit them in the future to make them more challenging if required.

Resistance levels

The resistance levels are the main control you have over how difficult the workout is. Think of it a little bit like gears on a bike. Though you don’t have to change the gears based on incline, you can use the resistance to simulate this.

More resistance can be a good thing, especially for those who want to build muscle.

Most of the products on the market do have some level of resistance to offer. The Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B0891, the smallest and cheapest on our list even has 8 different magnetic resistance levels that you can switch between at will so that you can get a workout to suit you. If you start to find it a bit easy, you can step up the resistance and start building your arms and legs up.

Stride length

Stride length is a case of matching up your size to the right model, it is natural that taller people will need a longer stride length. You don’t have to be overly precise about this, but people who are six foot and above will probably need something like the GOELLIPTICAL V-450X with an 18 inch stride length, or something even bigger in some cases.

If you are short, you might find a bigger stride length to be a challenge. It’s not the biggest issue in the world, especially if you consider the fact that if you went to a gym then the models would need to accommodate people of all shapes and sizes. Just try to give this a little bit of thought to establish which of the ellipticals you will be most comfortable using.

Weight capacity

Most pieces of exercise equipment come with a form of weight capacity or weight limit, as this ensures that the product doesn’t break when used by heavier people. People who are looking to lose weight are some of those who have to consider this, but you can be perfectly toned and still weigh a lot. For instance, if you are a bodybuilder or heavyweight boxer and want to use an elliptical for your cardio exercise you might need to keep an eye on the maximum capacity.

Be sure to weigh yourself beforehand. If you don’t, you could also void the warranty on your product. A lot of the ellipticals on the market have a capacity of between 250 and 300 lbs, so most people will be fine to use them with no issues at all.

If you feel uncertain about your weight and the weight capacity rather go for an option with a larger one, such as GOELLIPTICAL V-450X with 300 lbs.

LCD display

What benefit is an LCD display? Most of the modern ellipticals include some form of LCD display, but what purpose do they serve? Do you need one?

This all depends on what data you would like to track. It is always a good idea to keep an eye on the time that you have been exercising for and this is not the only function of an LCD display. They can show loads of other details. Some of the ellipticals on the market, even those that are under $600, can be packed full of other functions they can display on the LCD screen. If you want to keep track of your heart rate, you can do this via the handles, and some ellipticals are even compatible with products like chest heart rate monitors to give you more of an idea of the heart rates you are reaching.

Dimensions and weight

This feature is more to do with the storage of your elliptical. If you are looking for something that you can store in a relatively small space then you might want to find a lightweight elliptical model, and something that can fit in your spare room, for example. This really depends on your own home and the space you are using it in. When you look at the dimensions, remember that it will move around a lot, and that you need to get on and off, so it is better to have some extra room either side of the model.

If you are really worried about this, you might look for the smallest, mini ellipticals on the market. The Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B0891 is a great option for those who are really short on space as it can even fit under your desk. However, it is worth thinking about whether this will provide enough functionality for you. The Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B0891 can be used on either your arms or your legs, but not both at the same time, so think about this before you purchase, you might not be getting the best workout. It is more designed as a good product to use within your office, for example.

5 Best Ellipticals Under $600 - Suitable for Anyone!


What added extras can ellipticals include to tempt you in? This is a competitive market and more and more manufacturers are starting to look for ways that they can provide a little extra for the customers.

Many of the ellipticals on the market now have multimedia functions such as the ability to plug your iPad in, or an aux input and speakers to listen to your music while you work out.

Arguably the best of the products on the market for extras is the SNODE E20i which has a companion app to help with numerous aspects of your training.


Naturally, we’ve set the limit at 600 dollars for this guide, but actually there are some products available a lot cheaper than this. It’s great if you can find a bargain, of course, but you should consider the quality and the features on offer, as well as the sturdiness and maximum weight capacity. Don’t risk getting a product that doesn’t do the job even if it is cheap.


It is pretty common to find a warranty of about a year when you buy a product like this, and getting much more is rare, especially at this price tag. Rare, but certainly not impossible. Obviously, the longer you can get as a warranty, the better. The XTERRA Fitness FS3.0 wins the day when it comes to warranty length, as the frame itself is covered for up to five years.


If you are going to buy an elliptical for commercial use then you should think about how sturdy and durable it is. If it is going to be used for hours everyday then you need to make sure you have an elliptical with a lot of quality and that is built to last. Also, commercial use in a gym, for example, might void the warranties of some of the products, check with the manufacturer before using. For big gyms, more expensive ellipticals may be preferable, and you might source these in bigger numbers so getting a discount is possible. That said, there’s nothing wrong with these ellipticals, especially for community gyms.

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services says that losing a lot of weight may need up to 300 minutes of exercise each week. If you are only using your elliptical for this, that equates to five hours. You can supplement this with walks and other exercise, though. Don’t do it all in one go. Five one-hour sessions might be a good way to lose weight. If you find this too difficult to start with then you can start with 30 minute sessions and build up to it. Don’t go with high resistance to start, as this will lead to a lot of aches and pains.

Our Verdict

We’ve named the MaxKare Magnetic Elliptical Machine as the best elliptical under 600, and our editor’s pick for ellipticals. It has some exceptional features, and as well as being a reliable model, it is easy to change the settings for your workout. This is also relatively portable due to the fact that it has wheels, so you can store in one place and move to the area where you wish to use it. We’ve rated it 9.9/10.

Next up is the XTERRA Fitness FS3.0, a very impressive model that has a large capacity and is the best elliptical under $600 if you are trying to find a long warranty, the frame itself is protected for up to five years. We’ve rated it 9.7/10.

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B0891 is third on our list with a rating of 9.5/10. This is a portable option, best for taking out and about with you, and it sits underneath a desk easily, so you can use it when working at the office, or just store it far more easily within the home.

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