25 Stylish DIY Kitchen Islands to Upgrade Your Space

Creating your own furniture is a great way to make a piece that’s unique and special, and a DIY kitchen island is a fantastic place to start.

If you are someone who enjoys DIY projects, building a kitchen island for your home can enhance more than just the appearance of your cooking space. Check out these 25 DIY kitchen islands to spruce up your kitchen.

Important Details to Consider When Building a Kitchen Island

Before we get to the plans, here are a few things we recommend considering as you bring your DIY kitchen islands to life.

Kitchen Island Size

The size of your island is an important detail to consider. The minimum size most islands should be is 7 feet by 3 feet to allow for enough space to work. If you plan on adding a stovetop to your island, the ideal size is 8 to 10 feet long by 3 to 4 feet wide. That said, these are simply guidelines for DIY kitchen islands. You can always, and most likely will, adjust the dimensions to fit your exact needs.

Types of Materials to Use

The materials for a kitchen island project will vary. You will likely need stone or wooden slabs to create a countertop portion. You will also need to determine what kind of wood you will be using for the frame of the island. Other tools such as nails, screws, dowels, paint, hammers, and a saw are also essential to have for this project. 

Additional Options for DIY Kitchen Islands

You’ll also need to consider what additional features you want your island to have. Do you want a stovetop? Steps or more pocket holes? Do you want your DIY kitchen island on wheels?

Maybe you want the island to also function as a small kitchen pantry. Or you want a DIY kitchen island with an overhang. You can even build DIY kitchen islands with a snack bar. Simply build it as a high-top and incorporate seating. 

DIY Kitchen Islands to Consider

Now that we’ve gone over some key points to consider when creating a kitchen island for your home, we will take a look at 25 DIY kitchen island projects you can build on your own. 

Pallet Kitchen Island
Photo Courtesy of Noting Grace

Wood pallets are cheap and easy to get ahold of, making a pallet kitchen island an affordable (and eco-friendly) place to start. You can have a beautiful, sturdy piece of kitchen furniture with just a few pallets, some 4 by 4 lumber, and basic tools.

Find the plans at Noting Grace
Pottery Barn Knockoff Kitchen Island
Photo Courtesy of Shanty 2 Chic

If you love the look of Pottery Barn furniture but don’t want to spend a lot of money, you can build a cute kitchen island that looks like the real thing. This is a small kitchen island with a drawer and some storage space. And the farmhouse-style feel of it is quite charming.

Find the plans at Shanty 2 Chic
Modern and Simple Kitchen Island
Photo Courtesy of Cherished Bliss

These DIY kitchen island plans result in a large, sturdy kitchen island that is great for open and fairly large kitchens. There are four drawers and two cabinet doors, making this simple island design perfect for storage and utility at the same time.

Find the plans at Cherished Bless
Kitchen Island Cart
Photo Courtesy of Deeply Southern Home

This is a perfect piece for small kitchens. A DIY kitchen island with a small countertop, a drawer, a lower cabinet, and side shelving — and the designers added knobs to the side to store mugs. Some people build their DIY kitchen island from cabinets which is a pretty creative move (it helps to build what works best for you). With its convenient wheels, this kitchen island can be converted into a bar cart or snack area for parties.

Find the plans at Deeply Southern Home
Pantry Kitchen Island
Photo Courtesy of Love 2 Create

If you have a small pantry or a small kitchen in general, this DIY kitchen island may be a perfect project for you. It has five shelves and storage hooks on the front. You can store anything from pantry items to dinnerware and napkins on this kitchen island.

Find the plans at My Love 2 Create
Foldable Kitchen Island
Photo Courtesy of Remodelaholic
The plans call this a craft table that can be folded down on the sides to decrease the size when it’s stored (or if you want it to be smaller for certain occasions). It also makes for a great DIY kitchen island. There is storage space at the bottom, and the foldable sections can be used for heartier kitchen meals and projects.

Find the plans at Remodelaholic
Farmhouse Kitchen Island

The farmhouse kitchen island shown here is almost too pretty to be a usable piece of kitchen furniture. It is made from whiteboard wood. This DIY project has a top drawer with room for kitchen utensils. It also has some shelving and cabinet compartments for additional storage.

Find the plans at Ana White
Open Shelf Kitchen Island
Photo Courtesy of Build-Basic.com

Open shelving creates a unique and modern look that can enhance an old or newly renovated kitchen. This island has ample workspace and a large amount of storage for pots and pans and other kitchen appliances. The open shelf plan can also feature doors if you prefer a more closed look in your kitchen.

Find the plans at Build Basic
Kitchen Island with Wood Pallets

There is so much that you can do with wood pallets that we were bound to share more than one design that utilizes them. This kitchen island is simple and can be made with wood shipping pallets or from pallets purchased online. For a kitchen island, this is a much simpler approach. It has no drawers, cabinets, or shelves; it is just a basic countertop island.

Wide Rustic Kitchen Island
If you like a more rustic look, this kitchen island with added drawer space may be right up your alley. The design is open and relatively simple, making this DIY kitchen island one of the top choices. It also has wheels which makes it easy to store.

Find the plans at Ana White
Drop Leaf Kitchen Island
Photo Courtesy of Bachelor on a budget

If you live alone or in a small apartment or home, especially one with an eat-in kitchen, a drop leaf kitchen island is one of the best to have. The DIY drop leaf kitchen island is easy to build with a small amount of skill required. The drop leaf allows for space saving when not in use.

Find the plans at Bachelor on a Budget
Double Shelf Kitchen Island
Photo Courtesy of Jen Woodhouse
This double shelf island will fit nicely into any kitchen and has plenty of spacious countertop and shelving. There is storage and an open design in this piece that makes it simple yet beautiful to add to your kitchen.

Find the plans at Jen Woodhouse
Kitchen Island With a Wine Rack
Photo Courtesy of mejones on Instructables
This DIY kitchen island is complete with a wine rack for those who love wine and want to keep it easily accessible while cooking. It can hold around sixteen bottles, but if you do not drink wine or want more storage space, you can use the shelves for other kitchen appliances. The design is narrow and takes up a small amount of space in the kitchen as well.

Find the plans at Instructables
Refurbished Cabinet Kitchen Island
Photo Courtesy of Sawdust 2 Stitches

If you are in the process of remodeling your kitchen, you may have some discarded cabinets. Instead of throwing them away, refurbish them as a DIY kitchen island. If you are not remodeling, you can easily find cabinets in second-hand thrift stores or at a local Home Depot. These plans include storage space, a hidden trash compartment, a paper towel holder, and counter space.

Find the plans at Sawdust 2 Stitches
Sliding Door Kitchen Island
Photo Courtesy of Ana White

With farmhouse-style interior design and barn doors trending these days, you might enjoy this trendy kitchen island. The shelves are spacious for storing kitchen appliances and utensils, and there’s enough counter space to do a lot of cooking all at once.

Find the plans at Ana White
Salvaged Wood Kitchen Island
Photo Courtesy of Rain On a Tin Roof

DIY kitchen islands made from salvaged wood are beautiful and functional (as well as budget-friendly). Check out these plans to learn how to make a gorgeous salvaged wood kitchen island that can not only store your kitchen appliances but also looks amazing.

Find the plans at Rain on a Tin Roof
Kitchen Island With Trash Storage
Photo Courtesy of Shades of Blue Interior

Not all kitchens have the best space for trash. If you have animals or a small kitchen, this kitchen island is ideal for you. With these plans, you will be able to create an island that hides trash and makes your kitchen look lovely. Many DIY kitchen islands don’t offer this much functionality while maintaining a sleek, modern look. So if you need both, this DIY project just might be the ticket.

Find the plans at Shades of Blue Interior
Bold Kitchen Island

This kitchen island is bold and beautiful. The plans for it are extremely detailed and thorough which makes this an easy DIY project. For this bold look, you will pay a bit more than other DIY kitchen islands, but the function and appearance are worth it.

Black Kitchen Island

Black is modern and chic, and so is this DIY kitchen island. The design is elegant and unique while fitting into most kitchens. There is storage and counter space for you to entertain and cook.

Kitchen Island With Stock Cabinets

There are a ton of shelves and cabinets on this kitchen island. It has two drawers that pull out and vary in size. There are also four cabinet doors that open. With the right tools and slight woodworking experience, you can create this kitchen island for your space too.

Minimalistic Kitchen Island
Photo Courtesy of Sarah Sherman Samuel

This incredibly elegant, minimalist kitchen island is simple and beautiful which makes it perfect for large or small kitchens. The basic design is great for those who want to keep things simple, but modern at the same time. Leave the island as is, or paint it a sleek white or black to match your current decor.

Find the plans at Sarah Sherman Samuel
Kitchen Island With Breakfast Bar
Photo Courtesy of Bitter Root DIY
If you need a kitchen island with a lot of space, this DIY project is yours. It has cabinet doors and two drawers for storage. The counter space is large and can accommodate all your cooking needs. And the two-tier countertop is perfect for serving lots of food or entertaining.

Find the plans at Bitter Root DIY
Simple DIY Kitchen Island

DIY kitchen islands provide you with both storage and counter space in your kitchen. With this DIY project, you will learn how to make a simple kitchen island. Three drawers pull out and there’s a space you can use to hide the trash.

Classic Kitchen Island

If you’re looking for DIY kitchen islands with extra storage, this option is perfect for you. There are no cabinet doors or drawers, but it has six spacious shelves that can hold kitchen appliances and equipment.

Large Kitchen Island

The large kitchen island featured in this video has drawers and storage space. The detail that makes it unique is a glass cabinet door on the side of the island. 

No matter what look you want for your kitchen, one thing is certain: with so many different DIY kitchen islands available online, there’s bound to be a design that works well for you. Now that we have looked at a few designs and projects, you can get the tools and equipment and build your own beautiful masterpiece. And if you build any of these kitchen islands above, be sure to share your results with us in the comments. Happy building!

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