19 Under The Bathroom Sink Organization Ideas

Your bathroom might look pristine and Pinterest worthy, with DIY soaps, elegant and ornate mirrors, and sweet-smelling shampoos. But, the moment you open up the cabinet underneath the sink, it looks like a scene from Inception.

Visually, everything exists, but all the items are in disarray and scattered haphazardly. It doesnt take a genius to figure out how to organize under the sink, which means, you or I could do it in a heartbeat! You just need a few products and tips to change the cabinet from looking dumpy to clean. Warning: Actual cleaning required, so get down and dirty!

1. Tension Rod For Spray Bottles

Credit: Homeroad

Its quite a difficult task to wrangle in the spray bottles every time you need the Windex or Lysol. You probably knock over 3 spray bottles just to get the right one, am I right moms?

Install this tension rod under the sink either behind the cabinet door or inside the cabinet. You can easily hang those problematic spray bottles on the rod. Youll never have an avalanche of bottles when you open the cabinet door again.

This rod leaves less space below for other items. However, since the spray bottles hanging on top will take up a larger majority of space, mount the rod as high as possible for better results.

2. Using Your Spice Rack

Credit: I Heart Organization

When life gives you spices, put them in a spice rack. Use spice racks that are longer, lengthwise, to conserve more space within the cabinet. In this case, anything in the bathroom sink.

Mount a spice rack with adhesive strips according to the size of your bathroom cabinet. Install a few small racks on the back of the cabinet door for easy access, and store anything from cotton buds to nail files.

3. Stick A Pin In It

Credit: Polished Habitat

Adding a bunch of clothespins to the inside of the cabinet, either on the door or the back, or side is a great idea! Store all your gloves, and toilet brushes easily on these hooks, and avoid those early morning oops-I-tripped-on-the-toilet-brush accidents!

It saves space compared to adding a bunch of bins inside the cabinet. Its quite easy to access any item once its on a hook or pin. Mount the clothespins either with adhesive or with screws, but make sure they are sturdy so that they can take the weight of the cabinet items.

4. Good Things Come In Small Shelves

This Expandable shelf can comfortably fit in your bathroom cabinet. Its extendable, given that it can stretch from 15-25 inches, and fits all those pesky sponges and spray bottles that keep falling on the bathroom floor. Its also quite affordable, and the structure of the rack will not interfere with the sink pipe since it incorporates the pipe itself.

Check outthis shelf.

5. A Sliding Drawer In A Cabinet

Simple Trending 3-Tier Under Sink Cabinet Organizer with Sliding Storage Drawer, Desktop Organizer for Kitchen Bathroom Office, Stackbale, Chrome

Yes I know it sounds a little weird. A drawer inside a cabinet? But its definitely effective. This 3-tier storage structure is a sliding drawer with 3 tiers. So you dont have to conserve space and choose between storing soap or towels.

Store both! Its easy to assemble, space conservative, and sturdy. So store all those spray bottles and your nail polish, this drawer will not collapse! Now even your essential oils and lipsticks have got a home.

Buy this storage unit now!

6. Over Cabinet Storage Basket

mDesign Metal Farmhouse Over Cabinet Kitchen Storage Organizer Holder or Basket - Hang Over Cabinet Doors in Kitchen/Pantry - Holds Dish Soap, Window Cleaner, Sponges - Satin

Is your pipe taking up all the valuable storage underneath the sink? Its probably annoying you to the point where you end up placing containers on the counter. And knock those over too. Clumsiness is in everyones genetics!

Basically, you need a way to store things under the sink without knocking over items or storing them in huge bins. This over cabinet storage basket does it all. It hangs on the cabinet door, using only the door space. All the items you need will be readily available on hand.

7. Over Cabinet Hair Storage

Home Intuition Hair Styling Station Organizer, Over The Cabinet Door (Silver)

Getting tired of all your hair dryers and curlers falling in the sink from insufficient counter space? I can totally relate. Try out this over cabinet hair tool caddy. It has enough space for your curlers, straighteners, serums, dryers and whatever arsenal of hair tools you need to store.

A definite necessity, am I right ladies? This hair caddy has a specialized slot to specifically store hairbrushes and hair dryers, making it much easier to store these items individually.

8. Plastic Under The Sink Organizers

Old school organizers are one of the best ways to go. These plastic bins are customizable, so theyll easily fit under your sink. Theyre easy to clean, affordable, and if youre really feeling up for it, theyre easy to decorate! Your toiletries or any bathroom cleaning tools you need to store can simply be shoved into one of these containers under the sink.

These containers can also be stacked on top of each other, making it more space conservative. Rearrange the containers around the pipe to avoid clutter, and youll be golden.

9. Corner Caddy

mDesign Metal 2-Tier Corner Storage Organizing Caddy Stand for Bathroom Vanity Countertops, Shelving or Under Sink - Free Standing, 2 Shelves - Clear/Chrome

Honestly, this product is my favorite. If the pipe under your sink takes up too much space, which happens quite often, use this caddy. It is small, compact, and can be stored in the corner of your bathroom cabinet.

It can store little items like essential oils, face creams, or any other bathroom necessity. Its also portable and easy to clean! So take it with you on those long road trips without worrying about counter space. The stand itself doesnt require assembly and comes in one piece along with a slew of various colors.

Buy corner storage organizer caddy now!

10. 2-Tier Sliding Basket

NEX 2 Tier Sliding Basket Organizer Drawer Organizer (Silver)

This sliding basket drawer lets you organize pretty much all your spray bottles and makeup in the same place. It has that much storage! Its 2 tiers, so obviously gives you a bit of breathing room in terms of organization and grouping items together.

The sliding basket is easy to assemble and doesnt require any complicated drilling or blueprint reading. Most of the time when I pick up a furniture manual, the words look like Greek and Latin to me! Is it just me? Or does that happen to everybody?

Get this sliding basket drawer now to organize yours under the sink space.

11. Use this Pedestal Storage

Zenna Home 2928SS, Pedestal Sink Shelves, Chrome

Treat your bathroom items and toiletry like royalty using this pedestal stand. It stores all the hand soaps and incense that you keep losing track of. It gives you some extra space to the already existing under sink storage, so you can store all those extra and pretty items that your sturdy bins dont have room for.

The circular rod on top also allows for a few towels to be stored, so this pedestal storage is versatile and functional.

12. Adjustable Storage Shelf

theBathMart Adjustable & Expandable Under Sink Storage Shelf

This shelf expands and is flexible within the dimensions of your small or big cabinet. If you find it difficult to fit the shelf along with the enormously annoying sink pipe, reposition one of the slats around the pipe. This way you can fit your products, and not worry about the pipe simultaneously. Its easy to clean, and quite cheap. Whats not to like?

Buy this adjustable and expandable shelf.

13. Using Waste Plastic To Store Hair Tools

Credit: Family Handyman

Do you have any plastic jugs or old PVC pipes lying around the house? Stop. Drop. And put it in the cabinet. Use adhesive at the back of the PVC pipes, cut to proportion, and then stick it on the wall of the cabinet. Or, cut proper pieces from an old plastic jug and use adhesive and stick it on the wall.

These pipes act as a personalized holder for your curling and straightening irons. Always make sure your irons are cooled down before you put it in the plastic holder. Otherwise, it will melt. Obviously. Taking care of heat products 101. This way, you dont have to spend extra money on a specialized holder. You save money and the environment by reusing plastic.

14. Stackable Organizers

Although medium-sized bins and shelves are great for bigger items, what about the small nail polish bottles or makeup you want to store? Not to worry, this product stores exactly this.

These stackable acrylic organizers store all those small items like cotton buds, nail polish, makeup, or any other small item you want to store. Powders, foundation, nail files, cotton buds, you name it.

Buy this organizer now!

15. Caddy For Dorm Room Bathroom

mDesign Plastic Portable Storage Organizer Caddy Tote - Divided Basket Bin with Handle for Bathroom, Dorm Room - Holds Hand Soap, Body Wash, Shampoo, Conditioner, Lotion - Extra Large - Sea Blue

Staying in a dorm room? No problem. Use this caddy to store all your toiletries, razors, and makeup for easy access. Its portable, cheap, easy to clean, and comes already assembled. One of the great features about this caddy is that it has holes at the bottom.

So, any water that would store and make the caddy all dirty will drain away without causing problems. Makes clean up even easier! This caddy is space conservative and quite sturdy.

Buy this caddy now!

16. Use A Magazine Holder

Credit: Keeley Mcguire

On a budget? Theres something for you too! Use a magazine holder and place it in any corner of the bathroom cabinet without worrying about how much space it will take up.

Organize your hair products, curling irons, and other little items you cant keep track of. Magazine holders are really cheap and quite easy to come by, so you shouldnt have any trouble accessing them!

17. Pocket Organizer

Simple Houseware 24 Pockets Large Clear Pockets Over The Door Hanging Shoe Organizer, Gray (56

This organizer is see-through making it easier to see exactly what you own! Always important when you want to choose Windex and not Lysol from a disorganized cabinet. If you cant buy a pocket organizer, cut a shoe organizer in half.

You can use adhesive, or thumbtacks to attach the organizer to the cabinet door. Make sure the pockets are sturdy and dont easily tear under the weight of each item.

18. Lazy Susan Hack

Are your band-aids and cotton swabs in disarray? Use this lazy susan hack to reorganize your medical items. Now your vaseline, ointment, heat patches, and cotton swabs will have a home instead of staying messed all over the house, and under the couch.

College kids can definitely relate. Check out One Crazy House to find the exact steps of this Lazy Susan hack. Youll need very few materials including 2 round pans of the same size, and marbles.

19. Clothes Hanger With a Clip

Credit: BHG

If you already use clips to hang things on your cabinet wall, take it a step further! Use a hanger! You can hang little bags, towels and other little things that guests need when they visit. Youll definitely impress all your guests with this neat little hack.

Using a few inexpensive products, and tips you can turn your disorganized bathroom cabinet to a neat masterpiece that would bring Martha Stewart tears of joy. Happy under bathroom sink organization!

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