12 Playful Ways To Upcycle Toys Get A Chic Room

Spoiling children with lots of toys seems to be common, especially if your children already understand the toys they want. That’s why many parents feel this is the right time to show them your love, though the actual form of affection that does not have to always give whatever they want. Attention, time, and tenderness will be more needed by a child than toys and expensive items. But if you have given it all, and still give a lot of toys, then be prepared to face the chaos that is often experienced by many parents. Talk about toys, it would not be far from home cluttered and always like that no matter how many times have you clean it up. The best solution is you really need a good storage idea for children’s toys, so what about old toys that still look good but the child doesn’t want to play them?

Sometimes I feel sad but I also cannot blame the children, especially at their age (I currently have twins three years old). There are always toys that are wasted and don’t want to be played again if they have new toys. Fortunately, today I found the trick to utilize old toys into a pleasant decoration. I have been looking for 12 cool inspirations from Pinterest how to recycle toys into decorative items and room decorations that kids will love. Curious as to what? Scroll down and maybe one of them will make you fall in love.

1. Toys fire truck converted into a table lamp cool. There is a toy ladder as a bulb that can be set high and low light

2. Aside from being a toy storage rack, this wooden rocket also functions for a unique side table. You can put it in the child’s room or guest room

3. Kids often forget small toys and just disappear, either under the table or under the bed. Let’s collect them and make a beautiful mirror from many toys

4. Create cool wall frames with children’s toys. Enough with creativity and imagination, you can use the same color with a unique theme

5. This idea is my favorite because I am among the hobby of ornamental plants. You can make trendy potted plants from children’s toys, like this old truck

6. Create a comfortable chair that is ready to spoil the kids with lots of toys. Anyone would be able to refuse to sit in this chair

7. Take advantage of a blank wall into wall art cool kid. This old collection of masks will give a different style to a boy’s room

8. This decorating idea is actually quite simple but will change the room to be more comfortable. Hanging toy airplane will make children sweet dreams, you will not deny if you are the best toys are made of toilet paper

9. The toy car collection is indeed my child’s favorite, so why not display it with a wall clock idea? This DIY idea is easy and gives a fresh look to a child’s room

10. There are several toy designs that do give us an advantage. Like one of the toy figures from Disney. Its elastic body allows it to be an adorable bookmarks divider

11. Kids must have a collection of stuffed animals as a means of learning them, but often these toys are easily damaged. This wall frame idea can be a solution for those of you who want a chic decoration with animal shaped kids toys

12. Airplane toys are indeed the favorite of all children. And turning it into a wall shelf will attract the attention of children in finding and storing their favorite books

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