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Having trouble with laundry storage? Let me help you make laundry day more fun, exciting, and most importantly, efficient!

Upgrade Your Laundry Storage With These DIY Ideas

Laundry day is always a mess. You have nothing left to wear, there are too many clothes to be washed, and you have to find a way to finish your laundry with limited resources and little space. I’ve experienced this exhausting chore for a good two years before I finally decided to make my life easier! Laundry storage ideas are my savior! They make doing laundry so much more organized, I feel like I’m successfully accomplishing ten chores at once! Moreover, laundry storage ideas can upgrade your lifestyle and aesthetic too! Who says you have to lower your standards just because you’re doing laundry? Amazing laundry storage ideas can give you productivity and a good time! So, keep on reading for the best laundry storage ideas!


1. Reversible Wood Hamper

This laundry storage idea combines some woodworking skills and sewing skills. It’s a bit of work, but the rewards are priceless! This reversible wood hamper has a durable (and stylish) fabric bin. Plus, it can be folded! We all know you don’t need that extra clutter in your life!


2. Labeled Laundry Bags

Look at how neat this laundry storage idea is! Labeled laundry bags hooked on the wall is just what you need if you’re saving up on space! It also makes the actual process of doing the laundry much easier because now you’re forced to sort them out beforehand! Follow those labels!



3. Pillowcase Hamper

For those who don’t have the luxury of space of setting up a laundry room or even a group of laundry baskets, this pillowcase hamper is for you! Just by using an embroidery hoop, this pillowcase hamper becomes the quintessential on-the-go laundry storage idea.


4. The Pulley Rack

Just imagining having to store wet laundry in a room can be stressful already. But not if you have the right laundry storage equipment! This pulley rack is the blessing we’ve all been waiting for! No need to think about where to put your laundry as this inventive DIY takes care of that!


5. DIY Floating Laundry Shelves

Laundry storage isn’t just about storing actual clothes. It also involves storing a lot of other necessities like detergent, softener, and soap, among others. To solve this dilemma, you need these floating laundry shelves!


6. Laundry Basket Dresser

Have you ever wanted to store your laundry in a chic and sophisticated way? I also found the idea of being stylish when it comes to laundry storage kind of funny. Until I came across this DIY laundry basket dresser! You don’t need to break your aesthetic just because you’re dealing with laundry!


7. DIY Mobile Laundry Station

For those who have so much laundry to do, let a set of wheels help you! We can’t always count on someone to help us with this tiresome chore, but that’s not a problem! A DIY mobile laundry station is all you need! Laundry predicament solved!


8. DIY Wire Laundry Hamper

I know a laundry storage problem we all have: heavy clothes breaking the laundry bin. Well, today is the day we solve this difficulty. A simple wire laundry hamper is the answer! Retain the big and spacious laundry bin you love with the sturdiness and durability of well-crafted wire support!


9. DIY Laundry Bag

At some point, you’re going to find yourself having to carry your laundry. Doing laundry isn’t always stationary. Different circumstances require different laundry storage ideas. This DIY laundry bag is spacious and sturdy enough for all your laundry needs!



10. Lost Laundry Socks Sign

Let’s face it as organized you can be with your laundry storage, socks inevitably lose their pairs! So, here’s a genius laundry storage idea: hang them on a lost laundry socks sign! Not only is it creative, it helps you save some sock money too!


11. Laundry Sorter

Maximize your laundry room space with this DIY laundry sorter! Look at how high it goes! You can think of an entirely new category of clothes after making storage space that high! Laundry storage has never been more efficient.


Watch this video from Rachel Talbott for more laundry storage ideas:


Now, I bet you can’t wait to do your laundry! How can you resist volunteering to do this chore when you have these amazing laundry storage ideas to work with? I suggest you plan as many trips as possible right now so you can use up all your clothes! I’m kidding. I know you can find ways to wash as many clothes as you can with your newfound laundry storage ideas. They always ask: is it a chore if it’s easy? Well, now you can say, “If you do it with great laundry storage ideas, then it most definitely is!”


Which of these laundry storage ideas are you excited to try? Let me know in the comments below!

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