11 Firewood Storage Ideas To Recreate

Do you have piles of firewood at home with no place to store them? I know how messy it can get so I'll help you keep your home clutter-free with these firewood storage ideas you can recreate.

11 Firewood Storage Ideas for A Clutter-Free Home

The fireplace is the star of the living room nowadays. And since the family likes to stay warm and cozy in soft and fluffy fleece jackets near the fireplace, we now have a big stockpile of wood to deal with. A few days ago, the pieces of firewood were just stacked on top of one another. But as you may know me, I don't like clutter and that is why I looked for firewood storage ideas, which I'm going to share with you today. Hurray! Continue reading below to know more about these firewood storage ideas.


1. Corner Shelf Wood Storage

I really like this firewood storage idea because the firewood blends seamlessly with the decor. If only we had a corner shelf or any shelf that can store the firewood at home, then I'll definitely recreate this! I think it looks great!

2. DIY Firewood Holder

If you have time this weekend, you might want to make this. You will need leftover lumber and old plumbing pipes to recreate this rustic firewood holder. If your stockpile of firewood is stored outdoors, you can install wheels for easier reloading. And oh, how about adding this rustic home decor beside it?

3. The Wood Stacker

Isn't this a brilliant firewood storage inspiration? This wood stacker is made of mild steel and comes with built-in dividers. It boasts of function and aesthetic and it's easily mountable too.

4. Floating Wood Rack

One would think that these pieces of firewood are actually wall decor! That simply means those floating shelves are effective in storing the firewood discreetly while accentuating the wall as well.

5. Outdoor Bench Firewood Storage

Whether placed indoors or outdoors, wooden benches make for great firewood storage. They're quite spacious and can accommodate a number of firewood piles for safe keeping.

6. DIY Rolling Firewood Cart

For those who keep their pile of firewood outdoors, this DIY rolling firewood cart is a project you must really take on. While it may require a bit of woodwork, the end result is a sturdy and beautiful firewood storage that you can easily move around.

“Nothing says organised like a bit of colour coding. Grab some wooden pegs and add your favourite shades.” – @resenecolouru pic.twitter.com/oiTDgYuGSW

— DIY Projects (@DIYProjectsCom) January 11, 2017

7. The Square Wood Stack

Similar to the circular wood stacker, this square wood stacker is another great firewood storage inspiration. It's ideally placed beside the fireplace for easy access to the firewood. Its slim design makes it easy to mount on corners and narrow spaces too. Plus, it will blend well with contemporary or industrial-style home interiors.

8. Outdoor Firewood Rack

For those who have an outdoor fire pit, it is a must that you have outdoor firewood storage. This DIY project will not only give the firewood a home, it can also store your fire pit grate.

9. Metal House Firewood Storage

This metal house firewood holder is really cute! It stores the firewood near the fireplace and it can also be a permanent living room decor. I love the rustic vibe! You can recycle old metal plumbing pipes, and weld them into this firewood holder.

10. Wicker Basket Firewood Storage

One of the easiest ways to store firewood is to put them in a wicker basket. Wicker baskets are easy to find and they're affordable, too. If you have a spare one at home, you'd probably want to use that as firewood storage in the meantime.

11. Console Table Firewood Storage

You know that space under your console table? That is instant space you can use to store your firewood. It's spacious enough and you won't have to do any woodwork at all!


Splitting firewood is a dangerous task. Let Wranglestar teach you how to split firewood properly and safely here:

Take this opportunity to make a new or update a home decor. Stockpiles of firewood need to be stored properly for safe keeping, especially when the kids love running around the house. These firewood storage ideas are great inspirations to organize your firewood this winter and hopefully, you'll find the best one for your home!


If you have other firewood storage ideas, please feel free to share it with me in the comments below. I'd love to hear from you!

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