Triumph 48” Multi 13-in-1 Combo Game Table

Triumph 48” Multi 13-in-1 Combo Game Table

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The 13-in-1 Combo Game Table is the most versatile set you’ll find! It includes all of the game boards and pieces you’ll need to play billiards, push hockey, table tennis, basketball, floor soccer, launch football, launch baseball, tic-tac-toe bean bag toss, skee bean bag toss, soft tip darts, chess, checkers and backgammon. Best of all, the game boards stow conveniently inside the built-in storage rack!


  • 48” x 24” x 32” Table Size
  • 13-in-1 Combo Game Table has it all! Fun for the entire family! The combo game table includes all the accessories for all the games, assembly and game play instructions.
  • Built in storage brackets for game boards when not in use
  • Includes all accessories needed to play 13 games
  • Includes storage bag for all small game parts and accessories

Set Includes

  • 1Game table with multiple game surfaces.
  • 2 Pushers
  • 2 Pucks
  • 2 Billiard cues.
  • 1 Set of billiard balls
  • 2 Cue chalks and a brush
  • 1 Triangle rack
  • 2 Table tennis balls
  • 2 Table tennis paddles
  • 1 Table tennis net/post
  • 1 Set of dice
  • 1 Dice box
  • 1 Miniature soccer ball
  • 1 Backgammon checker set
  • 1 Football
  • 1 Baseball
  • 1 Soccer net
  • 1 Air pump
  • 8 Bean bags (4 red, 4 blue)
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