Multifunction Knife Block Holder

Multifunction Knife Block Holder

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Knife Block Holder Kitchen Storage Rack Easy Install Tool Plug Shelf

Product Description

  • KEEPS KNIVES SHARP - Knives stored in your kitchen cutlery drawer scrape together and become dull. Dull knives are extremely frustrating to use when trying to prepare food. Keep your knives sharp and extend their life by storing them on a Plastic Knife Block Holder
  • OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN - Little hands can find their way onto a counter. This means that they could accidentally touch that knife and get hurt. The sharp blade will hidden inside the tool rack. So that only you can use them when you need them.
  •  In some kitchens, counter space is prime real estate. Free up space on your countertops and become more organised, allowing your knives to be easily accessible
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