ClosetMaid 1233 Adjustable 8-Tier Wall and Door Rack, 77-Inch Height X 18-Inch Wide

ClosetMaid 1233 Adjustable 8-Tier Wall and Door Rack, 77-Inch Height X 18-Inch Wide

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Brand: ClosetMaid

Color: White


  • Store and organize items of various sizes; Reposition adjustable baskets to accommodate tall and short items
  • Wall mount or over-the-door solution is perfect for kitchen pantry and closet organization
  • Close wire spacing on baskets keeps items from tilting
  • Measures: 76-inch H by 18-inch W by 5.2-inch D
  • All hardware for wall and door mounting included (1.5-inch door hook depth)


Details: ClosetMaid has a full line of accessories for both inside and outside the closet. These accessories create storage spaces for many places in your home. The Adjustable 8-tier storage rack is a lightweight ventilated wire rack that is great for the laundry room, hobby room and kid's room.

UPC: 075381012331

EAN: 0075381012331

Package Dimensions: 26.0 x 8.0 x 6.3 inches

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There are a total of 8 baskets per package. The baskets are 17" wide x 4.5" deep (out from wall), and there were 4 with a height of 3", 4 baskets with a height of 2" There are 4 added single-wire support brackets that can be added above the regular baskets to effectively make them all capable of holding much deeper ite… 
By Bill the Cat on July 11, 2014
Thank you for asking. This rack is perfect for the use we bought it for. We have put it on the back of the pantry in the kitchen. It is wonderful for soup cans, small boxes, such as pudding, gravy packs and other smaller items. Personally I think this rack would not be suitable for DVD storage. Some o… 
By brenda deaton on July 11, 2014
No they are not the same. They are all 17 inches long . 4 are 3 inches tall and 4 are 2 inches tall. This is a perfect rack. 
By Leonard L. Martin on July 10, 2014
It's not deep enough for paperback books or dvds to sit w/the ends like a bookshelf. You could put them sideways but that wouldn't be good for finding them & there's a probably something better suited for that. 
By NorthernNYr on July 11, 2015
i don't have the dimensions but they are not all the same; there is one or two that are deeper than the others. It COULD work for DVDs depending on how you arranged them and whether they are full size cases or those smaller ones that are no frills. I would use the retaining bar for those, though, if larger cases, to … 
By Heelzbaby on July 10, 2014
Maybe but it better for spices 
By Leonard L. Martin on July 10, 2014
I don't know the basket dimensions, but I will measure them with calipers & post measurements as soon as I can. The baskets are all the same. 
By A Customer on July 11, 2014
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Ladies and gentlemen, Most people want to install this shelving unit on a hollow core door. This is very difficult without a special anchor that you can buy in Amazon. It does require carefully pre-drilling holes in the door so this is typically a permanent installation. You can purchase these anchors here: http:/… 
By The Nomadic Retiree on March 19, 2016
If it comes with the attachment you can. Mine came with it and it was easy to assemble. I put 3M tape used to hang pictures to stick it to the door behind the shelves so it does not wobble when the door is opened. 
By Greta50 on June 19, 2015
It can hang over the door, however the unit may swing a bit as the door is opened/closed. You could probably use command strips behind the rail to keep it from moving when using the hanger installation method. 
By ReesedLightning on June 19, 2015
Hanging it over the door will result in it swinging when you open or close the door. You need to screw it to the bottom of the door. 
By Betty on June 19, 2015
If you don't screw the bottom to the door, it'll bounce every time the door is opened. 
By Rob on June 19, 2015
I just hang mine on the door. I have enough items in it that it hangs easily and does not go flying around. 
By Verlene Kelly on June 19, 2015
it can just hang but I don't like it flopping so I screwed it could also use 2 sided 3M removable tape to keep it from flopping when swinging open the door.... 
By Eve on June 19, 2015
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My pantry door is approximately 95". I hung the racks over the door using the hooks both because I wanted the extra stability and because at that height, I find them rather unobtrusive from the outside. With all three sets installed (the lower 2 screwed into the door), the bottom basket is about 19" from the floor, w… 
By IMV on June 26, 2014
The hooks are designed to go over the top of your door and the tracks hooks directly into them so that part is not adjustable. However, it is not necessary to use the hooks. You can screw the tracks directly to the back of the door, or to a wall, if you would prefer. If you have a solid wood door it would be sturdy … 
By baseball mom on June 27, 2014
They are completely adjustable. However, if you put a lot of weight on the wire shelf, it bows down slightly. We added 1/4" thick plywood inserts to stiffen the shelf and spread the load. This added less than $6 to the total cost. 
By chuck zimmerman on June 26, 2014
Yes, the holes in the tracks allow you to adjust the height of each rack. The hooks on either side of the racks attach into holes in the tracks. You'll need a drill & some handyman skills to attach the tracks onto either side of the door, before you can hook in the racks. Given the height of your door, you may want to … 
By A Customer on June 27, 2014
Which hooks are you referring to? The hooks that go over the door or the basket hooks that allow for adjustments? I do not recommend using the over-the-door hooks (brackets) as they mar the door. I used hollow door anchors and screwed the frame directly to the door, which allowed me to position it exactly where I ne… 
By Heelzbaby on June 26, 2014
Yes you can pick a hole height in the track. 
By NorthernNYr on July 11, 2015
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By MistyJ on March 8, 2016
Extra shelves can be purchased. The link given above didn't work for me (for technical reasons). Go to the Closetmaid site and look under Kitchen and Pantry Storage | Replacement Parts | 8 Tier Rack Parts | Extra Basket. 
You might be able to find on Amazon. The SKU for 17 inch width is 9385600, which fits the 123300 r… 

By John DePaula on October 23, 2018
I do not know, but there might be a problem because while you fit an extra shelf onto the product, it might not leave enough room to easily insert and remove what you are storing. 
By rosmiami on September 3, 2015
I'm not sure. However, the shelves are adjustable and fit the unit pretty tight. Not much room for additional shelves. 
By bchlubber on September 3, 2015
can I buy some extra shelves, 12 inch 
By Elaine Hilliard on March 29, 2017
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