Classic Joe Modular Cart

Classic Joe Modular Cart

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Fits: Classic Joe 18"/Large Egg

Sleek and sturdy, it's a beauty. Increase your prep area and give Joe a cozy nest, he is cooking dinner for a crow, after all. 

The Modular Cart's built-in grill grates and heat deflector storage, as well as extra compartment space and polished stone table top are appetizing in its own right. 


Maximized Storage:

  • Purpose-built grill grate and heat deflector storage
  • Additional large storage compartment for additional accessories or cleaning supplies
  • "Stay Dry" charcoal bin holds 20lbs of charcoal
  • JOETisserie Rotisserie storage rack on the back of the cart

Top Performance:

  • Easy-roll stable design allows for easy, 1-person moving of the grill
  • Beautiful, large polished stone prep. table
  • Extra-large self-closing, anti-slam, storage drawer
  • Mesh rack for storing any messy items or cooking grates

Quality Components:

  • Locking wheels to keep unit exactly where you want it
  • Magnetic "stay-closed" door
  • Weatherproof dip coating on all inside and outside surfaces
  • Durable, attractive powder coat finish
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