Win big—literally—at Monopoly Lifesized coming to NYC

Win big—literally—at Monopoly Lifesized coming to NYC

We wouldn't mind living in the make-believe world of Monopolyespecially the part where you can buy property on Park Avenue using nothing but fake pastel-hued money—but at the very least, you can now play in it.


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The iconic board game has been turned into a real-life immersive experience in Monopoly LifeSized, one of London's most popular entertainment attractions, which opened in August 2021. Now the experience is coming to New York City and though an opening date is yet to be announced, here's what you can expect from the larger-than-life activity.


All of the signature elements of Monopoly gameplay are accounted for in this on-your-feet version, which features teams of four to six people as they're guided around the full-sized, tech-boosted board by "Tokens," actors personifying each of the classic playing pieces from the actual game, such as the Racecar or sweet Scottie Dog. Players will move around the board participating in challenges to earn coveted dollars and acquire hotels and houses. And, just like in the analog game, guests will pick up "cards" as they play, meaning you can "Pass Go," score "Free Parking" or even "Go to Jail" without the hassle of legal fees and court dates.


All of that gameplay will surely have you working up an appetite, which Monopoly LifeSized will satiate with a bar and restaurant featuring dishes and drinks inspired by the family-friendly game (think crowd-pleasing stuff like chicken wings, cheeseburgers and cheesecake). Speaking of family-friendly, LifeSized is suitable for those aged nine and up, so you can definitely bring the kiddos—that is, if you're sure you all can avoid the inevitable screaming matches that always seem to pop up when playing an innocent game Monopoly with family members. (Just us?)


While we await details on the opening date and location of Monopoly LifeSized in NYC, you can take a gander at the experience yourself with this teaser trailer from the brand:


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