We’ve Got The Annual “What Do I Get My Dad For Father’s Day?” Problem Covered

Have you ever asked your dad “what do you want for Father’s Day?” and were met with the most infuriating answer “I don’t care” or worse, “I don’t want anything.”?? Yeah, me too. And honestly, I get it. Dads usually mean it when they adamantly refuse gifts but I fear they don’t realize that in doing so, they rob us of the joy of presenting them with the perfect gift. So if your dad (or husband) is also an avid gift refuser, here is the list for you. This isn’t a one size fits all, but rather, a wide range of gift ideas to prove their “I don’t need anything” ideology wrong. Let’s get to shopping.

For the Fashion Forward

Alright, so maybe they aren’t fashion-forward per se, but they have potential. A nice watch and a cool bag are things they would never buy themselves, which is why they are great gifts. Here is what we can see our dad’s rocking:

1. Ankara Necktie: This handmade necktie is cool and so unique. The color and pattern are wonderful and pack a big punch.

2. Vincero Watch: Watches are always a great gift for dads. This one by Vincero is really eye-catching and has great reviews.

3. Command The Day Duffel: This duffel bag is on the expensive side, but it comes equipped with multiple pockets including a separate space to stow away shoes, so they don’t have to interact with clean clothes.

4. Colorblind Glasses: If you haven’t seen videos of people seeing color for the first time, please GO WATCH NOW. It is the most heartwarming thing ever and guaranteed to make you tear up. These glasses allow people who are red-green colorblind to see color so for the right person, they are a wonderful gift.

5. Sweat Zip Hoodie: This jacket is simply a great investment for anyone who enjoys being outside. It is lightweight and breathable so it would be great for working out, but is also stylish enough for everyday wear.

6. Wool Calf Socks: Socks are a great gift and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Everyone appreciates a good pair of socks and I award bonus points when the sock company donates one pair for every pair sold.

7. Apple Watch Series 5: Rest assured Apple watches aren’t just for Silicon Valley hotshots. If your dad is ready for a new watch why not combine watch and technology into one?? This will almost certainly guarantee more bonding time because he’ll be calling every day asking how to use it. 😉

8. Chukka Boot: These boots from Nisolo are an EHD favorite. They are super well made and guaranteed to last a long time and are a great addition to any guys wardrobe.

9. Card Holder: This handmade leather card holder is sleek and minimal so it’s perfect for a guy who prefers to travel light.

10. Belt: This leather belt is also handmade and could be worn casually or formally.

11. Parker Briefcase: This briefcase is the male counterpart to this bag (that Emily has and loves) by a brand we will always recommend. In fact, we have recommended this briefcase before and will probably continue doing so because that’s how much we vouch for it. It’s a splurge, but it will definitely last a very long time and will get better with age.

12. Sweatee T-Shirt: This is the most versatile t-shirt for any activity.

13. Ray-Ban Sunglasses: What’s a better gift for a classic dad than classic Ray-Bans?

14. Burton Flannel: This flannel just reminds me of my dad. I am pretty sure he has on very similar and it is likely 10 years old. If your dad also hasn’t changed his wardrobe in a decade, he’ll probably appreciate the upgrade.

15. Converse: These throwback 70s hightop converse are very cool and would be a great gift for the “hipster dad”.

16. Hat: A Patagonia hat is a classic gift that will get a lot of use.

17. Premium Crew Cut (3 Pack): Every guy needs a good classic T-shirt and these are highly rated and considered the most comfortable.

18. Coastal Board Shorts: Not only are these a great gift for the warm weather, they are also made ethically from up cycled bottles and coconut fibers so you can feel good about your purchase.

19. Sweatshirt: A quality pullover sweatshirt is always a great gift. This one from Nike comes in classic colors and has a great fit.

20. Sweatpants: Pair these sweats with this sweatshirt to create cool and comfy loungewear for him.

21. Slides: Slides are the new, cooler way to wear slippers and they are just as comfortable.

22. Backpack: This backpack is waterproof, durable, and comes with comfortable adjustable straps so it’d be the perfect gift for someone who is always on the go. It’s also currently 50% off!

23. Watch: This is just a good looking everyday watch. It is nothing fancy but still sleek so it would be a great purchase for a dad who doesn’t like to draw a lot of attention but cares about his wardrobe.

24. Energy Socks: Not sure what energy socks are? I wasn’t either – but Jess let me know that these were on her dad’s wishlist so I had to check them out. Turns out they can reduce swelling and leg fatigue by promoting circulation so they are great for those who are always on their feet or for those that sit at a desk all day.

25. Athletic Shoe: These are considered the most comfortable shoe so they are great for those who are always on their feet or people who have joint issues.


Whether he likes to camp, hike, or simply spend time outdoors, these will make his outdoor activities even better:

1. Cooler: A Yeti cooler is a must-have for any outdoorsy type. This one keeps ice cold longer and is compact so it’d be perfect for a day at the beach or on the lake.

2. Wine and Cheese Cooler Bag: For the wine aficionado, this bag comes packed with two glasses, a wine stopper, two napkins, a cheese board, a cheese knife, and a combination corkscrew. It’s only $60.

3. Single Nest Hammock: Hammocks, folks. They are back in the zeitgeist and we have lots of feelings. You might even see a post about the relaxing power of hammocks VERY SOON. This one is particularly great because you can hook it up anywhere.

4. Dynamic Power Garden Kneeler: Caitlin gifted her mom this power-assist garden kneeler and she raves about it. We all agreed it would make a great gift for any garden enthusiast and the push back technology makes kneeling and getting back up safe and easy.

5. Grill: Camping enthusiasts know that you can’t have a great outdoor experience without good food. This portable grill will make sure that no camping trip will be without a delicious meal.

6. Pickleball Set + 7. Pickleball Net: This recommendation comes straight from my experience. My parents are obsessed with playing pickleball and it has become a family tradition of ours play whenever we are all together. It is such a fun game and super easy to set up in a backyard or driveway.

8. Flip Soft Cooler: This over the shoulder cooler would be great for taking on long hikes or to the beach. If your dad prefers to have his cold beer close by, this will be a great gift.

9. Hiking Boots: If he loves hiking treacherous terrain, he needs supportive and comfortable boots.

10. Fishing Rod and Reel Combo: A new fishing pole is never a bad gift and if your dad hasn’t enjoyed a relaxing fishing trip in a while, plan a day trip for him to try out his new toy.

11. Tackle Bag: If he loves to fish, he’s probably still using the same tackle box from 1980. Give him a much-needed upgrade with this easy to carry tackle bag.

12. Paddle Board: Paddle boarding is the new surfing. It is low impact and a great activity for all family members to enjoy.


For the dads that love to cook (and eat) kitchen accessories and tools are an ideal Father’s Day gift. Here are some we love:

1. Indoor Smokeless Air Fry Electric Grill: An air fryer has to be the best kitchen gadget of 2020. Now there is no need to feel guilty about eating fries because the air fryer will crisp up potatoes with 75% less fat.

2. Smoking Gun: With this tool, you can effortlessly infuse foods and drinks with natural applewood or hickory flavors without needing to put in the extra time.

3. Fuego Box: Hot sauce lovers never shy away from trying new flavors and this Fuego box gift set is full of all the top-rated hot sauces ranging from mild to hot.

4. Big Bad Breakfast: The Most Important Book of the Day: All dads agree that breakfast is the most important meal of the day (ok maybe not all:)), so why not help them step up their breakfast making game with this cookbook by award-winning chef John Currence.

5. The New Orleans Kitchen: Classic Recipes and Modern Techniques for an Unrivaled Cuisine: Spice up his cooking with this New Orleans inspired cookbook that will change the way he cooks.

6. Hockey Stick BBQ Set: Combine his love for hockey and BBQing with these tools made from repurposed hockey sticks.

7. Kitchen Essentials Bundle: If he is into grilling, cooking, or anything in the kitchen then this simple apron will keep him clean and make your laundry load a little lighter.

8. Homemade Tortilla Kit: Everyone loves homemade tortillas and this kit will guarantee double the amount of taco nights.

9. Mercer Culinary Genesis 6-Piece Forged Knife Block Set: A good chef requires great knives. These are highly rated and the knife block would look good on anyone’s counter.

10. Personalized BBQ Set: If your dad is the grills-every-Sunday type, he will undoubtedly love a personalized grill tool kit. It’s special and personal plus he will use it all the time.

11. Vertical Wine Opener: This is the easiest to use wine opener in the worls. It is designed to open wine bottles with a quick up-and-down motion so it would be a great gift for wine lovers or someone with arthritis.

12. Cast Iron Skillet: A great cast iron is a must have in any kitchen. This one by Field Company is light enough for everyday cooking and is so versatile.

13. Hamburger Press: Designed to make burgers better than ever, this innovative tool shapes perfect meat patties, then stuffs them with your favorite savory fillings. 

14. Sandwich Press: According to chefs everywhere, sandwich presses are a game-changer. Get this for your dad and his grilled cheese sandwiches will never be the same.

15. Juice Fountain Cold Plus: Even if he isn’t a health nut, a juicer is a good investment that will change how he cooks.

16. Connected Customizable Temperature Control Coffee Maker: If your dad is still using a Mr. Coffee from 10 years ago, upgrade his morning routine with this temperature control coffee maker.


If the dad in your life does a lot of building and fixing, he probably has his fair share of tools and specific brands he loves. I should know because I wrote a whole post about it. But if you know that a new tool will make his day, here are some dad-approved favorites:

1. Stackable Deep Tool Storage Box: Dads tend to have a lot of tools, so help him keep them organized with this stackable toolbox.

2. Magnetic Wristband Set: We’ve all seen a dad pull the “I’ll just put this very sharp nail in my mouth to hold it” move, right? These magnetic wristbands will solve that problem.

3. Cordless Power Tool Combo Kit: If he hasn’t upgraded his power tools in a while he will love these cordless tools that can all be charged with the same battery.

4. Tool Backpack: This tool bag is easy to transport and would be a great thing to keep in a car in case of emergencies.

5. Circular Saw: This is a saw that Jess’ dad uses and loves. If your dad cuts a lot of lumber a good option is worm drive power saw like this one. It is easier to handle than your typical circular saw and a very good investment.

6. Multi Bit Screwdriver: This 11 in 1 screwdriver is a great tool to have around and your dad will love being able to use one screwdriver for all tasks.

7. Cordless Hand Drill: A hand drill is essential for every tool kit so if your dad hasn’t upgraded in a while he will appreciate getting a new one to break in.


If you have made it this far and still haven’t found the right gift don’t give up yet. Here are some final favorites that we think every dad will love:

1. Cocktail Shaker Set: For the dad that makes the best cocktails, gift him the proper cocktail shaker set.

2. Roomba Vacuum: If your dad loves a clean house but doesn’t love to clean, the Roomba will be his new favorite gadget. FYI they are a dog owners dream (especially when the dog is a prize-winning shedder)

3. Dope Coffee: This “The Man Of Great Taste” coffee set includes 4 1.5-ounce coffee samples: Burundi Honey, Organic Guatemalan, Tanzania Peaberry, and a Dope Sunrise blend. It also includes Coffee-Infused Syrup and a mug making it the perfect gift for coffee enthusiasts.

4. AirPods Pro: If he still hasn’t gotten around to getting AirPods, do him the favor and gift him these AirPods Pro that you can get engraved with his initials.

5. All-Over Wash for Hair for Face, Hair & Body: Skincare can be overwhelming, so make it easier for him with this 3 in 1 face and body wash. Dads deserve a little pampering too.

6. Turntable: If your dad loves his record collection he’ll love this sleek turntable.

7. Headphones: If he doesn’t want to stick buds in his ear these wireless headphones are a great alternative.

8. Kindle Paperwhite: If he loves to read he’ll love this Kindle reader that is waterproof and can hold up to 8 GB.

9. Beard Trimmer and Shaver: Beard trimming is not so easy (or so I’ve heard). This trimmer and shaver set offers foolproof grooming with long-lasting, precision-steel blades and four clipper attachments to get just the right length.

Alright folks. There you have it. Is there anything we missed?? If so please let us know in the comments. xx

Opening Image Credit: Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp | From: The Ultimate Outdoor Movie Night and Campout with Intel

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