We Shook the Amazon Tree for These 34 Unique Gifts

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Here’s an oxymoronic idea: unique Amazon gifts. The polarizing e-tailer is known for its fast-shipping abilities and seemingly endless stock. What it possesses in mass convenience, however, it lacks in thoughtful curation; think more toilet paper and hacky kitchen tools than hand-painted sugar spoons and block-printed napkin sets. But, that’s not to say unique gifts don’t exist on Amazon—you just need the time, energy, and strategic search words to shake them out.

After spending the better (or worse) part of a weekend, we uncovered 34 presents that even we were surprised to find. Prices range from under-$10 treasures to over-$200 worthy investments. There are blown-glass Christmas pickles and retro leather roller skates. Scroll on to shop our guide to the gifts they’ll never guess you sourced from Amazon.

Unique Amazon Gifts Under $10

“We Are Happy To Serve You” Ceramic Espresso Cups

Ceramic Espresso Cup, Set of 2, Cerobit ($6 was $12)

Whether they’re bonafide New Yorkers or have only seen the city via Seinfeld’s set, here are two ceramic espresso vessels sure to elicit a chuckle. Fashioned to imitate the iconic Greek to-go cup from 1963, the design includes details like a realistic seam and even an edge fold. “These are absolutely adorable! Just like the to-go cups I see on TV when the show is set in New York. These even have a ‘seam’ down the side to make them appear like a paper cup. I love them,” one Amazon reviewer raves.

Large Decorative Matches

Large Decorative The Good Dog Matches, HomArt ($8 was $10)

An extra-large box of quality matches makes for crowd-pleasing gift material whether stuffed into a stocking or presented to a party host. Best Quality Matches are made from recycled materials and packaged with a vintage-style design. Our favorite? The “Good Dog.” Hot tip: Pair it with the “Bad Dog” box to really get a rise out of your recipient.

Reviewer praise ranges from “Great hostess gift! These are a super fun gift for a friend who has dogs along with a candle” to “Besides the cool box, the matches inside are pretty great too. They’re long and thick, easy to grasp. And, they’re quick to light; even a tiny swipe at a spot on the striker bar does the trick.”

Kurt-Adler Glass Christmas Pickle Ornament

Glass Pickle Ornament, Kurt-Adler ($10)

A seemingly small gift that packs a more thoughtful holiday punch. For those unfamiliar with the Christmas Pickle: It’s a German tradition where a pickle-shaped ornament is hidden within a Christmas tree and the first person in the household to find it is blessed with good fortune for the year to come. This little green guy is made of hand-blown glass and comes packaged in a giftable box with a golden S-hook for hanging. “The details are amazing,” one Amazon reviewer attests. “Bought this as a gift for a friend that always remembers to bring me everything bagels when she travels to NY. It looks like it should cost so much more than I paid. She loved it!”

Tawashi Little Fish Dishcloth Scrubbers

Tawashi Dishcloth Scrubbers, Little Fish, Now Designs ($10)

Unique gifts can also be practical—case in point: a cute duo of fish-shaped tawashi. These Japanese-style dishcloth scrubbers are made of 100% hand-crocheted cotton that’s surprisingly strong. “Great gift. Bought these for a friend and she loves them!! Pretty and useful,” one reviewer confirms. Another, speaking to their strength, writes: “I love these! Better than a sponge, machine washable, and long-lasting.”

Unique Amazon Gifts Under $25

Galison x Liberty 2-in-1 Backgammon-Ludo Set

2-in-1 Liberty Backgammon & Ludo Set, Galison ($19 was $25)

When searching for design-forward and gift-worthy games on Amazon, head straight for the Galison storefront. It’s where we found this lovely Liberty-patterned set hiding. The portable box opens out into a backgammon or ludo board, complete with matte-black and powder-blue player pieces.

JOCO Artist Series Glass Reusable Coffee Cup

Artist Series Glass Reusable Coffee Cup, 12 oz, JOCO ($24)

This reusable coffee cup is part of JOCO’s Artist Series, a limited-edition collection of artisan-blown vessels made from high-grade borosilicate glass. Each cup features an artist’s unique design printed across its heat-resistant silicone sleeve. The old man in the sea pictured above is by Norwegian illustrator and self-proclaimed “coffee geek” Lars K. Huse.

Ridhi 100% Cotton Block-Printed Napkins

100% Cotton Scallop-Embroidered Napkins, Set of 4, Ridhi ($24)

This darling set of four 20-by-20-inch napkins is block-printed in India by Ridhi. Each design is made of 100% cotton and features the sweet detailing of a scalloped trim.

Rough Enough Nylon Travel Pouch

Small Nylon Travel Pouch, Rough Enough ($25)

A fact of life: One can never possess too many pouches. Whether your giftee chooses to stuff this nylon design full of makeup, coins, or cords, it comes reviewer-approved to durably store its contents throughout years of wear and tear. Take it from the Amazon reviewer who confessed: “This zipper pouch will outlast me! The most durable pouch I own.” And another, who “purchased two of these for holiday gifts,” confirms that the water-resistant pouches have “Sturdy inside and outside material. Easy to clean inside and out. Great makeup or tech bag.”

Areaware Table Tiles

Table Tiles, Set of 6, Areaware ($15 was $23)

Another hidden-gem storefront on Amazon? Areaware. While it was hard to choose just one unique gift from the design-forward homeware brand, we settled on this geometric coaster set that fit together to form a trivet. “Great gift for design fans, architects, and quilters,” a reviewer suggests. “Huge hit at my office holiday gift exchange (architects) and with my mother-in-law—a very talented quilter!”

Cavallini & Co. New York Vintage Postcard Tin

New York Vintage Postcard Tin, Set of 18, Cavallini Papers & Co. ($20)

We had some difficulty deciding between the National Parks and New York vintage postcards. Ultimately, we went with the above tin featuring 9 iconic illustrations Amazon reviewers describe as “cool” and “very colorful” vintage NYC designs. The images are sourced from the Cavallini archives and printed on the stationery brand’s classic cream paper stock. “I wanted vintage-looking cards without paying too much for them,” a reviewer writes. “They’re great quality and the tin is sturdy and adorable—I’ll definitely be re-purposing it.”

Hermann the German Bavarian Fruit Candy

Assorted Bavarian Fruit Candy, 4-Pack, Hermann the German ($24)

Traditional Bavarian candy, no trip to Germany required. This imported four-pack from Hermann the Germann features an assortment of raspberry, orange, lemon, and blackberry hard candies. Reviewers call the sweets “the best in terms of flavor” and “attractive for gift giving.” One even attests that “Family and friends have fallen in love with these.”

Red Co. Splatter Enamelware Mug

Splatter Enamelware Mug, Red Co. ($15)

Gift this enamelware mug as is or bundled with the recipient’s favorite hot-beverage blend. “Exactly as pictured and just a beautiful object. The green color is really beautiful in person,” writes one pleased reviewer. Another points out that the mug is great for backpackers: “It’s big enough to boil water and cook in as well as to drink from. Add a small silicon lid and it fits well on small backpacking stoves.”

Swedish Dreams Sea Salt Soap

Sea Salt Soap (3 Pack), Swedish Dream ($22)

Amazon reviewers feel strongly about this natural, mineral-rich soap. “I discovered this soap while visiting Maine. Before returning home, I ordered 3 boxes for my personal use and have given more as gifts. (It is also on my Christmas list.) The scent is so clean and fresh, and the grains of sea salt do a marvelous job of exfoliating,” one exclaims. Another declares: “It smells amazing and makes my skin feel incredibly soft. I don’t even need to apply lotion. It suds really nicely and the sea salt provides nice exfoliation. I’m planning to repurchase once I’m done with this 3-pack. This would make a great gift also!”

Blue Rose Pottery Sage Floral Sugar Spoon

Sage Floral Sugar Spoon, Blue Rose Pottery ($13)

Delight and surprise with a stoneware sugar spoon that’s hand-painted in Poland. Reviewer testaments of the charming gift-worthy find span from “Exactly as pictured” to “Perfect.”

Craighill Wilson Brass Keyring

Wilson Brass Keyring, Craighill ($23)

Designer Hunter Craighill specializes in products that are functional, timeless, beautiful, and intriguing—a.k.a. unique. Our under-$25 gifting pick from his Amazon storefront is this aesthetically-pleasing brass keyring. Reviewers describe it as beautifully-crafted, secure, and easy to add or remove keys from. “Definitely recommend it as a gift for a loved one or yourself.”

LEUCHTTURM1917 A5 Ruled Hardcover Notebook 

Medium A5 Ruled Hardcover Notebook (Lemon), LEUCHTTURM1917 ($22)

With over 32,000 reviews and a 4.8-out-of-5-star rating, the appreciation for this thread-bound notebook is not lacking. The highest praise, perhaps, comes from one reviewer who calls it “Better than Moleskine.” It’s described by the same reviewer as a bit wider and thicker than its pricier equivalent, but with a smoother finish and superior printing style. Other reviewers wrote in to plug the hardcovered journals as crowd-pleasing present ideas: “These make great gifts, along with a set of nice pens and a personal note!” and “I have given these journals as gifts and they are always appreciated.”

Ekolojee Waxed Canvas Lunch Bag

Waxed Canvas Lunch Bag, Ekolojee ($25)

A bemusing take on the brown bag. This reusable lunch tote is crafted from organic waxed-canvas materials that are naturally grown and GOTS-certified. “You can tell it is made with care and attention to detail. Excellent quality for a reusable simple canvas bag. The pink is really pretty,” one 5-star reviewer attests.

Unique Amazon Gifts Under $50

Fly by Jing Triple Threat Variety Pack

Triple Threat Variety Pack, Fly by Jing ($50)

There’s a reason that Fly by Jing’s sauces and spices have become a staple pantry good you’ll see in all kinds of shops—including Amazon. The all-natural, vegan, and gluten-free products are crafted in Chengdu, China, by renowned chef Jing Gao. If your giftee is wondering what dish to amp up with the signature chili crisp recipe, we advise the following: eggs, dumplings, pizza, salads, noodles, and even ice cream.

One reviewer says: “Because of the branding and the uniqueness I’ve also found that Fly by Jing Chili Crisp makes for a cool gift. I’ve gotten many of my friends hooked on it.” Another reviewer, not the type to spend money on condiments, was once gifted a jar and never looked back. “Let’s just say, I was utterly shocked by the unique flavor profile and the freshness of the ingredients. I even went as far as to buy a jar of my own and am looking for ways to buy in bulk so we can save on these because we simply cannot get enough!”

Kana x ByHaus Swedish Dishcloths

Swedish Dishcloths, 9-Pack, ByHaus ($29)

As someone who has personally received them bundled alongside a bottle of Aesop hand soap, these Swedish dishcloths make for surprisingly thoughtful (and useful) gifts. The 9-pack is made of a 70%-cellulose and 30%-cotton blend that’s 100% compostable and safe to wash and reuse up to 200 times. Sound too good to be true? Take it from the reviewer who attests that not only are they pretty, absorbent, and easy to clean, but also hold up to a year of rigorous cleaning—”I run them through the dishwasher and dry them and they’re good as new.” Another writes, “I have ordered several sets for use as hostess gifts, and they are always a huge hit. Try some, you will love them. It’s an easy way to do a little bit for the planet.”

Aesop Reverence Aromatique Hand Balm

Reverence Aromatique Hand Balm, Aesop ($31)

Speaking of Aesop hand products: Amazon boasts a verified Aesop storefront that makes securing the fancy formulas a speedy and convenient holiday affair. Instead of opting for its fruitier favorite, the Ressurection balm, we decided on the woodier Reverence formula. Its skin-softening ingredients include bergamot rind, vetiver root, and petitgrain. The fragrance profile? We’ll leave you with this reviewer’s ode: “Oh man, this stuff smells amaaaazinnnngngggggg. Seriously; it’s like a woodsy smoky citrus dream. It is STRONGLY smoky vetiver (yes, if you’re into Javanese vetiver this will be the scent for you); followed by a delicious sandalwood and citrus finish. Believe me, if you think Resurrection is too fruity, you’ll love this smell (and the silky hand-feel). Buy it now.”

Creative Co-Op Putty Stoneware Pitcher

Putty Stoneware Pitcher, 24 oz, Creative Co-Op ($35)

The compliments for this reactive glaze-finished pitcher range from unique to beautiful and high-quality. Some tout its use as perfect for cream; others as ideal for flowers. One points out the pottery piece’s subtle color variations that make for “a rustic sophisticated vibe”; another describes it as an “organic looking vessel.” In conclusion: It makes for a surprising, under-$50 Amazon gift.

BAGGU Reusable Checks-On-Checks Shopping Bags

Standard Reusable Shopping Bag, 3 Pack, Baggu ($42)

Another pretty-but-practical gift idea. Baggu’s fan-favorite ripstop nylon totes have garnered a 4.9-out-of-5-star rating on Amazon for being a “stylish and substantial” buy. Each of the washable and reusable shopping bags is designed to comfortably carry two to three plastic grocery bags’ worth of contents. “We own several of the Baggu bags. My oldest Baggu Bag is from 2007 and still going strong. They fold up super easily and open up wide. They’re not tapered like some other reusable bags. They open wide like a plastic bag but larger. I gift these to everyone,” writes one reviewer. “It was the most stolen gift at the favorite things white elephant party I brought it to.”

Laguiole 7-Piece Stainless Steel Cheese Knife Set

7-Piece Stainless Steel Cheese Knife Set, Jewel, Laguiole ($30 was $45)

We were delighted to stumble across these stainless-steel cheese knives by the French homeware brand Laguiole hiding on Amazon. The seven-piece set is packaged in giftable wooden trays and includes a spade, spear, soft cheese spreader, and four spreaders with jewel-toned acrylic handles. We weren’t the only ones taken aback: “I was very surprised to find this set at the Amazon price. Not only are the knives affordable, but they are also beautiful. Once my daughter sees them I may be ordering another set,” an Amazon reviewer wrote in.

Line+Arc The Degrē Trivet

The Degrē Trivet, Line+Arc ($40)

These 100% food-grade silicone trivets are made by a family-owned company called LINE+ARC which specializes in modern home goods that are high-quality yet affordable. The stain-resistant designs cleverly feature a concave center and concentric ridges that help to collect liquid and prevent countertop spills. Reviewers attest that the trivets are well-made, smart-looking, and extremely functional. Bonuses range from “I really like how we can arrange them to use under a large casserole dish—the ridged pattern provides a solid grip on any dish or plate that’s placed on it” to “Here is a thoughtful, dishwasher-safe design that I’m genuinely grateful for. Buy it, if you want just one thing in your house that is good.”

Unique Amazon Gifts Under $100

Pendleton National Park Napper Dog Bed

National Park Napper Dog Bed, Pendleton ($99)

A dog parent in your life will surely adore the gift of a Pendelton dog bed. The striped polar-fleece design is named after Glacier National Park, and comes overstuffed in secure channels with recycled, high-loft MemoryFiber fill. As one reviewer succinctly states: “I could sleep on this thing! Looks fabulous in my family room and super comfy for the peppers.”

Sagaform Wine Carafe With Oak Stopper

Wine Carafe with Oak Stopper, Sagaform ($70)

A wine carafe that doubles as decor. The perfectly elegant piece is made of mouth-blown glass that’s topped with a solid-oak stopper in a smooth spherical shape. “I purchased this as a gift for our family’s white elephant gift exchange last Xmas. This was the most stolen gift out of the bunch,” an Amazon reviewer exclaims. Others tout it for being stylish, unique, and reasonably priced. “Paired with a bottle of wine, it makes for a great gift. Or just keep it for yourself!”

Crosley Discovery Vintage Bluetooth Suitcase Turntable

Discovery Vintage Bluetooth Belt-Driven Suitcase Turntable, Crosley ($75 was $90)

A retro record player that also happens to be Bluetooth-compatible and portable—boom. Reviewers recommend this suitcase-style turntable as a good gift for vinyl beginners, as it is very easy to operate without sacrificing the vintage appeal. They also plug the device’s sound quality, compact size, and aesthetic.

Unique Amazon Gifts Under $200

Alessi Mediterraneo Fruit Holder

Mediterraneo Fruit Holder, Red, Alessi ($109 was $130)

Alessi describes this sculpturesque fruit bowl as a “beautiful rendering of sea coral.” It’s made of resin-coated stainless steel and designed by jewelry designer Emma Silvestris. Many reviewers describe it as a practical and beautiful gift; “I gave it as a gift to a friend with impeccable and discerning taste. It was a huge hit.”

Hatch Restore Sunrise Smart Alarm Clock

Restore Smart Sunrise Alarm Clock, Hatch ($130)

As far as smart alarm clocks go, Hatch’s Restore takes the clever cake. The sleep-supportive device packs all the essentials of a healthy routine into its nightstand-friendly frame (think: pre-bedtime guided meditations and sleep playlists to simulated sunrises or nature alarm sounds). Amazon reviewers plug its simple design and endlessly customizable features. “This will make a great gift, too. I can’t wait to give Hatch Restore to all of the sleep-deprived people in my life!” one writes. Another, a night-shift nurse, attests: “Best gift for a ‘Night Shifter.’ As a night shift nurse, the Hatch Restore helps me get to a deep sleep and the sunrise alarm helps me wake up refreshed.”

Fellow Stagg EKG Electric Gooseneck Kettle

Stagg EKG Electric Gooseneck Kettle, Matte Black, Fellow ($165)

In the words of a very pleased Amazon purchaser, Fellow’s electric gooseneck kettle makes “a great and very appreciated gift.” It’s made of matte black-coated stainless steel and features a smart LCD brew screen that optimizes for power and precision. “I was the champion of Christmas,” another reviewer attests. “I bought it as a Christmas gift for my partner. Not only were they extremely excited, it quickly became a daily use item given some much coveted counter space. I’m told the temperature control aspect works fantastic and has produced the best-tasting home-brewed coffee they’ve ever had. A good even pour thanks to the spout and it just is a beautiful piece to add to the home. This is a definite buy for the coffee lover in your life!”

Fatboy Bolleke Indoor/Outdoor LED Lantern

Bolleke Indoor/Outdoor LED Lantern, Fatboy ($139)

Whether your giftee chooses to use this portable hanging lantern indoors, outdoors, or on a boat, it’s sure to serve as a cheerful accent to their space. The Fatboy design is crafted from splash-proof rubber silicone, can hold a charge for up to 24 hours, and features three different brightness settings. Its colorful cord is inspired by hair elastics and sailing binder smart systems. “I LOVE this light! Great quality. Easy to charge and hangs just about anywhere. Looks great during the daylight hours but is spectacular at night. Provides plenty of light with the adjustable settings and provides just the right amount of ‘ambiance’,” a reviewer approves.

Marshall Stockwell II Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Stockwell II Portable Bluetooth Speaker, Marshall ($191 was $220)

Music fans will adore this miniature Marshall speaker boasting 20+ hours of portable, Bluetooth-compatible playtime. The True Stereophonic technology packs this compact gift with a powerful, multi-directional sound that reviewers describe as “seriously impressive” and “incredible.” One writes in to share: “I got this as a gift last Christmas and I am still in love! I don’t use it for anything fancy, just listening to music from my phone, but it makes my shower singing much more enjoyable. And I love being able to adjust the treble and bass.”

Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug

Temperature Control Smart Mug, Ember ($130)

For giftees who prefer their hot beverages to actually stay hot: Ember’s award-winning mug allows them to set and maintain their preferred drinking temperature. Dubbed by reviewers as the best gadget you didn’t know you needed, this sleek little guy is approved for keeping everything from coffee to tea at “the perfect drinking temperature” for hours after the initial brew time.

“Best gift I ever gave my dad!” one reviewer raves. “My father tends to make himself tea and then forget it somewhere around the house, only to pick it up, realize it’s cold and then he has to heat it up again. This is a constant battle (albeit a silly one), so when I found this mug I knew it would be the perfect gift… but did I ever underestimate how much he’d love it!! He sets the temperature and spent almost every day of my visit remarking on how amazing it is that his tea is still the perfect temperature, even when a conversation or phone call makes him leave for a half hour. It’s a simple little pleasure, but it really does solve a common problem. I think it’s turned into the best gift I’ve ever given him simply because it’s solved a problem that he didn’t even realize he was constantly frustrated with.”

Unique Amazon Gifts Over $200

Riedell Outdoor Quad Roller Skate

Outdoor Quad Roller Skate, Riedell Skates ($249)

Out on the corner, with my roller skates—giftees will never guess where you scored this iconic leather pair. The skates are reviewer-approved for being comfortable, stylish, and responsive. Their highly durable design features a PowerDyne Thrust Nylon plate, urethane Sonar Zen outdoor wheels, ABEC-5 steel ball bearings, and a high-top leather boot upper with extra padding for ankle support.

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