Toy Review: Buena Onda Games ‘YippiYappa’ Ball/Basket GameKit and ‘Maya Flya’ Pocket Disc!

Just received in the mail a lovey, well crafted and VERY timely game package from my new friends at Buena Onda Games buena onda means “good vibes” in Spanish, and as founder Patrick Groft explained in his kind note, it speaks directly to his company culture and values.

Their signature crocheted pocket disc Frisbee the “Maya Flya“, pays tribute to the Mayan families who make all of their 100% all-natural, fair trade products by hand, in the mountains of Guatemala.

GUATEMALAN FAIR TRADE – All Buena Onda games feature vibrant colors and folk patterns that have been hand crocheted in Fair Trade conditions by women in Guatemala.

This green business is globally concerned and has been active for 12 years and counting. Their philosophy of active play, highlighting the best of life connecting with family & friends, is much appreciated!

Yippi Yappa Game Kit

Take your aiming, shooting, and accuracy skills to the next level as you master the Yippi Yappa table & outdoor games included in this kit!

The Yippi Yappa is a COOL HACKY SACK GAME KIT! – Perfect indoor entertainment for break rooms and bars to kitchen tables, this fun Yippi Yappa footbag game kit includes 8 mini hacky sacks, 1 knit basket, and a set of game instructions for hours of enjoyment.

8 Color-Coded Pelotie Balls and 1 Basket

All the products are ultralight, pack-able suitable for backyards, camping, and parties. They develop accuracy and skill!

The crochet mini-hacky sacks are tough and durable as could be expected, it comes with a ton of games for Kids and Adults to play or make up your own!

The 100% cotton 8 Color Coded Pelotie Balls contain 100% recycled pellet fill, due to their handmade nature, each foot sack is unique and the bold patterns and color combinations are random.

Although your knit hacky sack may not appear exactly as the ones pictured the company assures it’s customers they will be as equally beautiful.

Maya Flya Pocket Disc

My family spent a pleasant sunny afternoon throwing around these Maya Filers and enjoying their latest addition to the line of 100% cotton toys, the Yippi Yappa.


From the manufacturer –


The MayaFlya is most versatile frisbee on earth.  It has over 50 uses, 20 games and counting, is packable in nearly any bag or pocket, and is guaranteed to put smiles on the faces of 3 to 103 year olds.  Add in the safety factor of the soft cotton (or hemp) crochet and it just can’t be beat as your go to toy.  From family rooms to music festivals, tailgates to taprooms, you can put your phones down for a moment and “disconnect to connect” in real life.  And you can feel good knowing that your purchase is an ethical one.


Pocket Disc Flying Disc – Crocheted Foldable Frisbee Toy Perfect for Both Kids and Adults – Supports Guatemalan Fair Trade!

The versatile Maya flya is soft enough for fragile things inside, sturdy enough to stand up to the wind outside!

My Kids and spouse loved playing Frisbee games in the backyard, there are over 19 different games and 49 uses for the pocket dics!

Our family favorite by far was Frisbee golf! This fold-able fabric Frisbee can easily be balled up and stuffed into a pocket, purse, backpack or briefcase (for a little office play) and is ideal for a spontaneous Frisbee game indoors or outdoors!


They also offer at, four pack disc bundles, college discs and flag discs.

All Buena Onda Games products carry a lifetime guarantee, so get out there and Fly On!

Designed for the perfect family activity wherever! We previewed the Indoor disc which is the softest and smallest, Sports edition the mid-range which is a bit larger and the “el Grande” the largest and furthermost flying!

Bottom Line: Both the Yippi Yappa & the Maya Flya discs are Ultralight, Packable for Camping, Suitable for Indoor & Outdoor make fun and affordable gifts for people of all ages! We highly recommend them! 

You can order directly from or use the Amazon links below.

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