These Are the Best Places To Buy a TV Online

Between now and Christmas there will be a number of different sales happening to score a great price on a new TV (Black Friday anyone?). But if the thought of dealing with Black Friday crowds makes you cringe, you don’t have to worry. The best part about buying a TV today is you no longer have to fight the Black Friday crowds or leave your Thanksgiving dinner early so you can wait in the snow for Best Buy to open up at midnight. Buying a TV online is the way to go, and incredibly convenient.

It’s really no secret what the best places to buy a TV online are — Walmart, Best Buy, Amazon, and Target are the usual suspects, but there are a couple more outside of the retail goliaths that you can score a great deal on a TV between now and Christmas.

Beyond saving money on TVs during the shopper season, there are other advantages to buying a TV online from retailers like Best Buy or Amazon, for example. If you plan on mounting your TV, you can also pay for installation. Before you Tim The Toolman Taylor your drywall, maybe consider paying for installation from one of these retailers and let them do the hard work for you. Isn’t that what buying a TV online is all about — work smarter, not harder?

We’ve collected the six best places to buy a TV online. If you want to score the absolute best price on a TV, be sure to check all six of these retailers for the best deal, as prices for the same TV can vary from store to store. It’s time to get the TV that you always wanted for the absolute best price as the holidays approach.


1. Best Buy


When you think of buying a TV, there’s a good chance that the first place that comes to your mind is Best Buy. Best Buy has been in the electronics game for over 55 years and is one of the most trusted places to buy a TV online or in person. Best Buy makes it incredibly convenient to find the TV you’re looking for. The variety ranges from 32 inch TVs all the way up to 85 inch TVs and larger, and you can categorize between indoor and outdoor TVs as well as resolution. Best Buy is constantly updating their TV inventory as well, so TV deals pop up often even when there isn’t a holiday. And you can pay for mounting installation through the Geek Squad.

best buy tv Buy: Best Buy TVs

2. Walmart


Walmart is going for Amazon’s throne of the best online retailer. You can virtually get just about anything at Walmart and finding a great deal on a TV is no different. Walmart has a wide selection of TVs, everything from TVs under $200 to best-in-class LG OLED TVs that produce incredible contrast and picture quality. You can even score a 70-inch TV at Walmart for under $600. If that isn’t variety, we don’t know what is. Walmarts are everywhere, too, so if you don’t feel comfortable having your new TV shipped to you, often times you can pick it up locally. Walmart is a great place to buy a TV, plain and simple.

walmart tvs Buy: Walmart TVs

3. Amazon


When you don’t want to go into a brick and mortar electronic store, but you still want your new TV delivered to you quickly, Amazon is the way to go. It truly is amazing you can buy a new 65-inch TV and it magically shows up on your doorstep two days later (sometimes even just one day if you are lucky). Amazon also shows what day your TV is going to arrive as well as the time, so you don’t have a $1,500 TV sitting on your front porch for hours on end. Like Best Buy, you can also pay for additional services to have your TV installed on a wall mount if you don’t trust yourself to mount it by your lonesome.

Amazon TVs Buy: Amazon

4. Target


Target is one of the most convenient online shopping experiences when you are looking for a TV, especially a small TV and accessories. Target quickly provides you with a list of sound bars, streaming devices and even has a tool mount finder tool so you can find the correct TV mount for the TV you’ve selected. Beyond accessories, you can also find cheap small TVs that are 24 inches for under $150. But that’s not all that Target offers. Of course, you’ll be able to find the biggest and best TVs there as well.

Target TVs Buy: Target

5. Costco


If you have a Costco membership, it is definitely worth it to purchase your TV from the same place you buy your food in bulk. Costco members can get a 2% annual reward — pretty much an annual credit at the beginning of the following year — as well as additional warranty coverage, a 90-day return policy and free technical support when you purchase a TV through Costco. Plus you can pay for installation so you don’t have to worry about it. It’s worth it to be a Costco member, especially if you are looking for a new TV.

Costco Buy: Costco

6. Overstock


Those with a strict budget will appreciate shopping for a TV on Overstock. The “Deals Under (price)” buttons make it incredibly easy to filter TVs under specific price ranges so you only see the TVs that you can afford. Overstock provides a number of opportunities to save money on TVs, too. For instance, first-time Overstock users can save 15% on a TV right out of the gate by providing an email address. And Overstock constantly has deals on TVs to free up room for new inventory. There’s a wide selection of TVs that vary in both size and price.

Overstock TVs Buy: Overstock TVs

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