The Product Game - Multiplication Facts Game

Have you ever had your students play the product game?  It is a fun partner game for helping students to practice their multiplication factsIt is one of my students' favorites and we have played it both in person, and on-line.

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The Product Game - multiplication facts game

If you have ever visited my blog before, then you know I am a big proponent of using games to help students practice their math facts! The Product Game is another one of our favorites!

Not only do students practice their multiplication facts, but, it's a great way to talk about factor pairs and prime and composite numbers.  As students play, they begin making observations about what numbers are on the game board, and patterns that they can find.  So, not only are they practicing their multiplication tables, but they are also developing game strategies!

Materials Needed:

How to Play the Product Game:

1. Player one puts their paper clip on any number on the factor list.  They don't mark a square on the product grid because only one factor had been marked and it takes two factors to make a product.

2. Player two puts their paper clip on any number on the factor list (this can also be the same factor chosen by player one). They then use one of their game markers to cover the product that results from these two factors.

The Product Game Printable Game Board

3. Player one now moves either one of the paper clips to another number and then covers the new product with their own game marker.

The Product Game Printable Game Board

4. Each player, then takes turn moving one paper clip and marking a product.  If the product is already marked, the player does not get a mark for that turn.  The winner is the first player to mark four squares in a row.


We have been able to play this game on-line with me uploading a game board on-line.  You might notice that I changed the products and factors in this game board to differentiate for my students' needs. I also just LOVE the look on her face!

The Product Game on-line
I also found this on-line version where students can play against the computer or a second player.  This would be perfect for a computer or Ipad station or for students to practice their multiplication facts at home.

You can even change this to a sum game  for practicing addition facts by changing the numbers on the board.

I love to keep this activity in rotation throughout the year (my kids even beg to play during indoor recess).  I sometimes change the game markers to make it a bit more festive during the holidays.

The Product Game - Christmas Themed

You can make it a Christmas game by using mini-erasers from Target.  

The Product Game Valentine's Day Version

A few heart gems from the Dollar Store makes it the perfect Valentine's Day math center!

Have you ever played the Product Game with your students?


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