The Best Projector Screens for Your Home Theater


If you have a home theater system with a projector, then it is wise to invest in a good-quality screen. Given that projector screens can come in all manner of shapes, sizes, and materials, there’s a lot to consider when deciding on the best projector screen for you.

We’ve rounded up five of the best, each with different benefits. That way, you can decide on the ideal projector screen for your home theater system. Here’s what we found.

Best 4K HD Projector Screen:
Silver Ticket Projector Screen

Silver Ticket Projector Screen Silver Ticket Projector Screen Buy Now On Amazon $239.98

Many projectors now come with 4K support, so it makes sense to buy a screen to match. In this respect, the Silver Ticket Projector Screen is an excellent choice. You can customize the screen with a selection of projection materials. These vary in color, mainly, although you can alter the material, too.

For example, placing your projector screen over wall speakers will require a woven acoustic material. This won’t absorb any of the sounds, so the audio will still be clear. Black velvet surrounds the screen and is incorporated into the frame. This is great as it will absorb any light overthrow from the projector itself.

This is a 120-inch true widescreen projector screen, with an aspect ratio of 16:9. Be sure that your projector can throw out a 16:9 image before you take the plunge. It is also worth noting that you are required to build this screen yourself, although users have confirmed it is a reasonably straightforward process.

Best Manual Pull-Down Projector Screen:
Elite Screens Manual B

Elite Screens Manual B Elite Screens Manual B Buy Now On Amazon $69.00

Elite Screens are among the most well-known projector screen manufacturers. For that reason, the Elite Screens Manual B projector screen is an excellent option. The low price-point and high-quality build help, too. You can select from a range of screen materials, and when you have finished watching, you can store this one away easily until next time.

The unit boasts a 100-inch screen with a 4:3 aspect ratio, making it ideal for tight spaces. The real clincher is its storable construction, though. That makes it an unobtrusive screen as a simple pull on the lanyard at the bottom will retract the screen back into its housing. There’s no assembly needed either, as the screen comes already wound into its housing.

The only thing you’ll need to do is measure up the brackets and fit the unit onto the wall. The screen itself is compatible with 4K, 8K, and Active 3D images. You also have a 180-degree viewing angle, so nobody misses out, wherever they are in the room.

Best Motorized Projector Screen:
Elite Screens Spectrum

Elite Screens Spectrum Elite Screens Spectrum Buy Now On Amazon $199.00

If manual screens aren’t your style, then you should consider a motorized option. With this in mind, the Elite Screens Spectrum could be the right choice for you. The Spectrum is a 100-inch screen, so it is great for smaller or mid-size rooms.

The Spectrum comes pre-fabricated, so no construction is required past mounting the screen to the wall. There are several screen materials to choose from, each with different properties. All of them are active 3D, 4K and 8K Ultra HD, and HDR ready.

With the exception of the woven acoustic screen, each option is a front projection screen with a black backing. This means your image won’t be dulled by any light coming in through the back of the screen.

Best Outdoor Projector Screen:
JWSIT Projector Screen

JWSIT Projector Screen JWSIT Projector Screen Buy Now On Amazon $185.99

If you want to enjoy your movies outdoors, then you’ll need a dedicated outdoor projector screen. The JWSIT Projector Screen comes with a stand, so you can use it both indoors and outdoors and quickly put it away when you’re finished.

The JWSIT model is 4K and 8K compatible, too. The 120-inch screen is ideal for BBQs and even for camping, so long as you have a portable projector. The screen has three layers for improved image quality and light absorbance.

The rear layer is black, preventing light from coming through to the front and disrupting your viewing. The middle is polyester to prevent creasing, while the front layer is PVC for a smooth face.

Best Budget Projector Screen:
Vankyo Projector Screen

Vankyo Projector Screen Vankyo Projector Screen Buy Now On Amazon

Vankyo manufactures affordable projectors, so it would make sense that they would put this experience to good use and offer screens to match. The Vankyo Projector Screen is an excellent purchase as the 100-inch screen is suitable for both indoor or outdoor use.

That said, you might need to use some elasticated rope with hooks in an outdoor setting, or a frame. The screen is manufactured from polyester, so it is crease-resistant. It does require some construction, but at such a low price, you can’t really complain about that.

This screen is good for anything up to and including 4K images, so you can watch the latest movies or play the latest games without loss of definition. As a result, the Vankyo unit is of the best affordable projector screens available today.

The Best Projector Screen for You

There really are a lot of options available for you where projector screens are concerned. Keep in mind that you will need the correct screen to do your home theater setup justice. Importantly, be selective with the material, constructed size, and the screen’s aspect ratio.

Once you’ve chosen your favored screen, it’s time to get watching. However, if you want a more mobile setup, consider investing in one of the best portable projectors.

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