The Best Holiday Gifts for Little Artists

If you need are looking for a gift for your little Picasso or Frida then look no further than these clever art kits, inspiring creative packs and must-have art supplies that will have little fingers creating masterpieces left and right. Just be warned—you may run out of display space. Check out our favorite gifts for artistic kids below.

The Best Gifts for Artistic Kids

Eco-Kids Finger Paint

$17   BUY NOW

If they won’t eat their veggies, at least your little ones will play with them thanks to these non-GMO finger paints that are made with organic fruits and veggie extracts. Ages 3 & up.

The Dollhouse Book

$19   BUY NOW

This blank canvas / dream house is a must-have for budding artists, interior designers and architects. 30 blank “room” pages are waiting for a creative vision whether it’s full room mock-ups or pattern play. Ages 3 & up.

Color-Changing Markers

$18   BUY NOW

These markers take coloring to the next level thanks to some magical technology that allows you to erase or add designs to the first color. Ages 5 & up.

Roll-Up Piano

$60   BUY NOW

Tickle the ivories in a new, colorful way with this flexible (i.e. easy to store) keyboard. Comes with a color-coded songbook so even beginners will be able to bang out a ballad. Ages 6 & up.

Best Gifts for Artistic Kids

Crochet Kits for Kids

$25   BUY NOW

Beginner amigurumi crochet kits, aka The Cutest Thing Ever are a great introduction to the world of slip and skip stitches—with easy-to-follow instructions, the hardest part is picking which kit to start with. Ages 9 & up.

Best Gifts for Artistic Kids

Solar System Sidewalk Chalk

$43   BUY NOW

Space and art take off with this set of nine plant-inspired chalk pieces (plus an extra one inspired by Pluto). Each ball is made up of various layers (just like the planets!) so as the chalk is used, new colors will be exposed. Ages 3 & up.

S.T.E.A.M. Sculptures

$25   BUY NOW

Who says art isn’t part science? This clever kit is all about building sculptures (hey there future Michaelangelo!) but also adds the fun element of electricity to light up your masterpiece. Ages 4-7.

Best Gifts for Artistic Kids

DIY Artist Journal Set

$25   BUY NOW

This DIY art kit contains a spiral-bound journal, 10-page watercolor painting pad, 8 watercolor paint tubes, 4 metallic pens, 4 brush markers, stickers, a paintbrush, and even a palette—everything you’ll need to inspire your inner artist. Ages 6 & up.

Paint-by-Sticker Books

$9   BUY NOW

Little fingers will love the peel and stick as well as see their masterpiece come to life. What’s amazing about this sticker book is that it can be tackled in small doses, showing that not all masterpieces are completed in one day. Ages 5 & up.

Best gift for artistic kids

Jungle Bucket of Crafts

$10   BUY NOW

The better question, when it comes to a gift like this is, what can’t you do with a bucket full of craft possibilities? Inside you get wooden craft sticks, googly eyes, pom-poms, fuzzy sticks, felt shapes and more to keep those busy fingers creating all day long. Ages 6 & up.

best gift for artistic kids

Little Artist Board Books

$10   BUY NOW

Even babies can get inspired by the artists who changed the world—from Calder to Chaplin—with this colorful chunky board set that depicts painters, sculptures, musicians and performers. Ages 0-5.

best gifts for artistic kids

Leonardo Building Sticks

$62   BUY NOW

It’s physics but make it art. Thanks to these rainbow-colored popsicle sticks, little artists can explore the mathematical wonder that is Leonardo Da Vinci’s bridge. Of course, when not in use for building, they can be used for a million other creative pursuits. Ages 3 & up.

Make Your Own Comic Book Kit

$20   BUY NOW

Graphic novels have finally gotten their due so give your kid the creative space to create their own comic book with this kit that provides blank cells, rubber stamps, ink pads and a storage box so they can take their creative pursuits with them, no matter where they go. Ages 6 & up.

best gifts for artistic kids

Air Clay Pack

$11   BUY NOW

These little packets of colored air clay will keep everyone in the house busy crafting and creating—whether it’s ornaments for the tree or little accessories to add to their imaginative play set-ups. Air clay is a great, multi-dimensional toy. A must-have for every family. Agest 3 & up.

best gift for artistic kids

Fashion Plate Designer Kit

$40   BUY NOW

Get ready to rule the runways with one-of-a-kind designs that budding fashionistas can create to make their own haute couture. Included are 5 fashion plates, crayons, tablet and 8 colored pencils. Ages 6 & up.

—Andie Huber & Editorial Team

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