The 50 Best Tech Gifts of 2020 So Far

If you thought 2019 was a standout year for tech gifts, then 2020 is going to blow you away. Several months in and we’ve already seen some awesome, must-own gadgets perfect for gifting anyone on your list no matter the occasion.

So, what are the best tech gifts in 2020? Based on what we’ve seen at CES 2020 and some of the year’s latest releases, you’re going to find more innovative products designed to enrich your everyday life. This includes adaptive noise-cancelling headphones, mid-range smartphones with killer specs, retro everything, smart home do-it-alls, and sportier AirPod Pro alternatives.

That’s not to say we’re completely overlooking the biggest releases of last year. These are still hot 2019 tech gadgets that continue to dominate the sales charts and remain atop many people’s wish lists; don’t sell them short of gift-giving options. We’re talking must-haves for any tech lover from industry staples like Apple, Amazon, Bose, Microsoft, and Nintendo, along with some impressive tech from select indie brands.

Whether you’re looking for creative high-tech products to pass on to your loved ones or upgrades to buy for yourself, there are plenty of options to choose from across different categories and price points. Here’s a list of the best tech gifts of 2020 (so far). Keep in mind that many of these products are very in-demand, which means they may be out of stock (or nearly so).


1. Apple iPhone SE (2020)

The era of the mid-range smartphone is upon us, and though the Google Pixel 3A had people talking, the all-new iPhone SE already has them adding to cart. Is it better than the flagship iPhone 11? Of course not. However, the amount of performance it offers combined with its ability to take on new software updates for years to come clearly makes it the best investment for mobile consumers who want an iPhone upgrade for half the price. The 2020 model maintains Apple’s sleek aesthetics, as well as the same chip that powers the iPhone 11. Photogs will find the camera more than capable of snapping clear, vibrant photos and selfies. Most importantly, the iPhone SE promises the seamless iOS experience that no other mobile operating system has matched. We can’t think of a better way to spend $400 right now.

Best Tech Gifts

Buy: iPhone SE (2020) $399.00


2. Fitbit Charge 4

Fitbit’s latest model isn’t just a reliable fitness tracker with intuitive exercise modes and unbeatable biometric-sensing technology — it’s also an underrated Apple Watch alternative you can score for about half the price. For all these reasons, we have the Charge 4 neck and neck with the Versa 2 as the best Fitbit product, as well as one of the best gifts for fitness lovers. Its popular ecosystem promises the same accurate sleep and fitness monitoring, which you can view on the bright grayscale screen. Up to seven days of battery life, GPS tracking, Spotify support, and cool new features, like Heart Rate Zones to track when you’ve burned the most energy, are small tastes of what this device can pull off.

Best Tech Gifts

Buy: Fitbit Charge 4 $149.00

Buy: Fitbit Charge 4 Special Edition $169.95


3. Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K (2019)

The Fire TV Stick has become a staple for UHD TVs, and this 4K rendition ramps up the entertainment value. Picture presentation is stellar with excellent 4K high-def resolution. The interface operates more smoothly due to a stronger processor. We’re also fond of the improved remote which introduces new buttons for power, muting and volume control, so you won’t have to pick up a second control to manage sound. The no-brainer setup, a plethora of streaming apps and Alexa compatibility place it in the unbeatable-gift category. Not to mention the price is just right.

Best Tech Gifts

Buy: Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K $49.99


4. Chef IQ Smart Cooker

The Instant Pot is cool, but we’ve found a rival that’s smarter, does more for less, and looks better on any kitchen countertop. We’re referring to the Chef IQ, an all-new cooking appliance that offers a wide range of cooking options, along with mass library of recipes and visual directions. It’s engineered to pressure cook, sear, saute, steam, and slow cook food 70% faster, decreasing cooking times to enjoy savory meals quicker. There is even a built-in cooking scale, so you don’t have to measure ingredients. The Chef IQ app also simplifies cooking by granting access to explore and save recipes and watch step-by-step guided videos. Seriously, it’s one of the best cooking deals you’ll find right now.

Best Tech Gifts

Buy: Chef IQ Smart Cooker $199.99


5. RAVPower 20000mAh 60W PD 3.0 USB C Power Bank

Anker might be the king of portable charging, but RAVPower isn’t trailing far behind. The company’s latest power bank is its most impressive creation to date and solves almost every mobile charging conundrum. It’s thin, offers dual-device charging, doesn’t overheat, and delivers high-speed performance to juice up smartphones 2.6x faster than stock chargers. Even more absurd is the fact that it can fully charge larger devices like a MacBook or Nintendo Switch. That’s some crazy power for just $50.

Best Tech Gifts

Buy: RAVPower 20000mAh 60W PD 3.0 USB C Power Bank $49.99


6. Jabra Elite Active 75t

The only thing more popular than true-wireless earbuds right now are sporty true-wireless earbuds. If you’ve never been one to fall into the AirPods Pro hype, then Jabra’s newest buds are worth every penny. It’s no secret that the SPY team loves these headphones, as we named these the Best Headphones at the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show. The Elite Active 75t carries over the dynamic sound and strong connectivity of its critically acclaimed predecessor, the Elite 75t, and squeezes it into the same tiny design, but with added waterproof protection. The Jabra Sound+ app helps personalize audio through customization features like the built-in EQ and music presets. You’re also given more battery life than Apple’s cordless pods with seven hours of playtime (28 hours total with the charging case).

Best Tech Gifts

Buy: Jabra Elite Active 75t True Wireless Earbuds $199.99


7. Tile Sticker

Wireless tracker stickers are now a thing, and although we’re waiting to see if the rumors of Apple launching its own location-tracking version come true, Tile has already beaten them to the market with the impressive Tile Sticker. Tiny, waterproof, and with a 150-ft. Bluetooth range, it keeps you from losing anything. This includes wallets, smartphones, water bottles, your Roku remote, and any other valuable that comes to mind. If you really want to get the most for your money, purchase the four-pack bundle that comes with a free Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Generation).

Tile Sticker Bluetooth Tracker - Best Gadgets of 2019

Buy: Tile Sticker $31.65

Buy: Tile Sticker with Amazon Echo (3rd Generation) $79.98


8. OnePlus 8 Series

Apple and Samsung made big phones trendy, but it’s indie darling OnePlus that has set the bar higher by undercutting the competition with its open-sourced smartphones, killer specs, and unbeatable price structure. The OnePlus 8 series is evidence. These Android powerhouses don’t hold back on hallmark features and stuff high-powered internals into a sleek, water-resistant design to bring forth unparalleled performance. You get one of the brightest AMOLED displays that produce gorgeous picture quality, along with the Snapdragon 865 chip that keeps the devices operating at ridiculously fast speeds. Battery life has also been upgraded and lasts longer than a day; the bundled Warp Charge 30T charger fully recharges the phones in an hour. You won’t find better premium phones in its price class (or higher).

Best Tech Gifts

Buy: OnePlus 8 Pro $1,279.00


9. LARQ Self-Cleaning Water Bottle

Have you ever attempted to clean a S’well or Hydro Flask water bottle? It’s torture. The LARQ is a more inventive and resourceful alternative that takes all of the hard work out of maintaining a reusable water bottle by performing the cleaning all on its own. A self-cleaning mode is programmed into each bottle, activating a UV-C LED light that eliminates up to 99.9% of harmful, odor-causing germs on the inside. You can purify water in as little as two hours and store it cold for 24 hours. How refreshing.

Best Tech Gifts Buy: LARQ Self-Cleaning Water Bottle $95.00

10. Apple AirPods Pro

To say Apple outdid itself seems like an exaggeration these days, but the AirPods Pro isn’t just a remarkable upgrade for the company’s popular wireless buds — it’s a major evolution in its wireless category. The buds are decked out with a more functional design, thanks to the inclusion of ear tips and sweat-resistant protection. Hands-free “Hey Siri” voice control operates flawlessly and registers commands as quickly as it spits out results. Meanwhile, modes like Announce Message read off incoming messages as they come in. Then there’s the mother of all features, active noise cancellation, which is surprisingly effective and makes listening to music on the go peacefully entertaining. If your gifting recipient already has AirPods, then an Apple AirPods case makes a perfect present, too.

Best Tech Gifts

Buy: Apple AirPods Pro $234.95

Buy: Apple AirPods Pro with AppleCare+ $263.95


11. Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug 2

Think it might be time to replace your old man’s “Best Dad Ever” coffee mug with something more modern? We agree. Our recommendation: The Ember Smart Mug 2. This high-tech cup gives every hot coffee lover the ability to warm up their favorite beverages on command. The smart coffee warmer makes it easy to adjust and program temperatures directly on the mug’s touch display or mobile app. The device also has 50% more battery life than the previous version, which is clutch for forgetful types who need a java fix after getting caught up in their work.

Best Tech Gifts

Buy: Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug 2 (White) $99.95


12. Nintendo Switch Lite

If the original Nintendo Switch hasn’t already marked the new era of portable gaming, then its smaller sibling must certainly earn that honor. The Switch Lite is exactly what its name implies, a lighter, travel-friendly version that grants access to the platform’s incredible game library at the cheapest entry point. Battery life is much longer than the first-gen Switch models, plus the integrated Joy-Cons with D-pad makes all the difference when playing 2D platformers (cheer with glee, Mario fanboys).

Best Tech Gifts



13. Nomad Base Station Stand Desk Charger

Wireless charging stands are making wired charging a thing of the past. They’re also a fancier way to flaunt your newly purchased smartphone. The Nomad Base Station Stand is the best-looking and most functional of the batch, allowing users to charge their iPhone or Android phone in vertical or horizontal orientation and freeing them of all those pesky wires in their work bag (peace out, Lightning cable). It’s capable of juicing up your AirPods, too, even with a protective case on it. How intuitive.

Best Tech Gifts

14. Braun Series 7 7020s Electric Shaver

There is a belief in the grooming community that the pricier the electric shaver, the better the shave. Absolutely not. Braun’s newest mid-tier line of products — the Series 5, Series 6 and Series 7 — are some of the finest tools designed for premium facial hair maintenance that don’t require splurging. While all three models make great additions to any man’s dopp kit, we’re most fond of the Series 7 7020s, thanks to its ergonomic design and intuitive features. Auto-sense technology automates blade sensitivity based on the thickness of one’s beard, gently cutting through every strand without causing any skin irritation. The 360-degree flex head also provides great control and flexibility to carefully follow the contours of your face.

Best Tech Gifts

Buy: Braun Series 7 7020s Electric Shaver $129.94

Buy: Braun Series 6 6020s Electric Shaver $119.99

Buy: Braun Series 5 5018s Electric Shaver $98.30


15. Hisense 55R8F 55-Inch 4K ULED Roku Smart TV

The way to any man’s heart is by gifting him a big-ass HDTV. Hisense’s 2020 UHD model is the best TV deal at the moment and a visual stunner that will leave viewers feeling immersed in its picture. Blu-rays, Netflix content and Xbox games look surreal in 4K; the contrast and color performance are superb. Roku’s streaming platform has also been integrated into this model, offering one-touch access to thousands of movies and films. The 55R8F is also compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, allowing couch potatoes to pull up whatever they want using voice commands. We’re also fond of the “bezel-less” frame that blends perfectly into the living room decor and expands the viewable screen area.

Best Tech Gifts

16. Twelve South AirFly Pro

It happens to all of us. We get into the gym, jump on the treadmill and try to distract ourselves with The Office reruns on the mini-TV console. Unfortunately, it only supports an aux cable and not your brand-new wireless headphones. Well, the Twelve South AirFly Pro serves as a skeleton key for headphone jacks that works with your AirPods or any other pair of cordless headphones/earbuds. It even connects to two devices at once, so you and the missus can enjoy the same in-flight entertainment when flying back home.

Best Tech Gifts Buy: Twelve South AirFly Pro $54.99

17. Amazon Echo Show 8 (2019)

The battle for the best smart home display has yet to be determined, though for its functionality and price, the Amazon Echo Show 8 makes the strongest case of any model. It manages your smart house tasks better than most smart speakers, while operating as a reliable media device that streams music and videos at high quality. Set timers, dim the bedroom lights, video chat and monitor your other smart home devices through Alexa voice commands. Aesthetically, it’s quite the looker, flaunting a chic charcoal fabric exterior and petite design that looks handsome on any kitchen countertop.

Best Tech Gifts

Buy: Amazon Echo Show 8 (2019) $79.99


18. Razer Kraken Ultimate

Mom already spent big on a gaming console for baby bro and she’s going above and beyond to save for a PlayStation 5 this holiday season. The least you can do is get him an elite gaming headset to make his Fortnite Friday nights special. Our recommendation: the Razer Kraken Ultimate. This critically acclaimed headset guarantees premium performance at a reasonable cost. It feels extremely comfortable, has excellent wireless connectivity, works on multiple platforms (e.g. PC, laptop, and PS4) via USB, and produces nuanced sound that enlivens video game environments, thanks to THX Spatial Audio. The retractable noise-canceling mic is also effective for reducing background noises to communicate clearly with teammates.

Best Tech Gifts Buy: Razer Kraken Ultimate $99.99

19. Gurunanda Tower XL Diffuser

People understatement the health benefits of a premium air diffuser. The Gurunanda Tower XL is the perfect aromatherapy tool to gift loved ones or have in your own home. It’s a two-in-one device that doubles as a mist humidifier, releasing tranquil scents that aid with anxiety relief while purifying the air simultaneously. You get up to 12 hours of use, along with some nifty features like automatic shutoff, multiple mist modes, and color-changing lights that brighten up any living space. Fill it up with 2 liters of water, add several drops of your favorite essential oil, and breathe in the relaxation.

Best Tech Gifts Buy: Gurunanda Tower XL Diffuser $79.99

20.  Ultimate Ears Hyperboom

Ultimate Ears already makes the best portable speakers, but just when we thought it couldn’t go any bigger (or louder), along came the Hyperboom. This sonic beast is powered by 4.5-inch woofers, a pair of 1-inch tweeters, and two passive radiators that unleash ground-rattling audio; the bass response outperforms most home entertainment systems. It has some cool features as well, like one-touch controls, two Bluetooth connections, and an adaptive EQ that automatically adjusts the sound to the environment. Despite its larger form, the Hyperboom was designed as a modern boombox that can be easily transported via durable strap, making it the ideal sound system for pool parties and rooftop gatherings. Having 24 hours of battery life ensures the party never stops.

Best Tech Gifts

Buy: Ultimate Ears Hyperboom $399.99


21. Ring Stick Up Cam

This more flexible version of the popular security camera provides peace of mind for homeowners who value privacy. Users have the luxury of answering and monitoring the front door, or any area of their property for that matter, directly on their smartphone and can communicate with visitors via two-way talk. There is even an Infrared Night Vision mode to spot intruders and unwanted guests. It’s a smart home gift that your dad or husband won’t see coming.

Best Tech Gifts

Buy: Ring Stick Up Cam $99.99


22. Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700

Where the popular Bose QC35 line sets the standard for noise-cancelling headphones, the 700 series sets the bar even higher with unique performance enhancements. Bose’s new microphone system offers 11 levels of noise cancellation that can be adjusted via companion app to mute droning airplane engines and crying babies. Audio quality remains dynamic to enjoy Spotify playlists with transparency, whereas call quality has been vastly improved to eliminate ambient sounds during wireless chats. Then there’s the stainless steel unibody frame that is beautifully crafted, giving these headphones a lavish exterior fitting of its price tag. Every frequent flyer you know has this marked as their top tech gift of 2020.

Best Tech Gifts

Buy: Bose Noise-Cancelling Headphones 700 $349.00


23. Smile Direct Club Electric Toothbrush

AI toothbrushes are the newest dental-hygiene trend and offer insight into one’s health that they may never have thought was an issue. They can also be very expensive. The Smile Direct Club is undercutting the competition, while saving you a fortune on dental visits, with its newest oral scrubber. The company’s newest creation is programmed to guide you efficiently through the brushing process; 30-second timers indicate when to move on to the next quadrant until reaching the two-minute completion mark. A tongue scraper has also been built into the design to clear out any lingering bacteria in your mouth. For $25, you can pick up one for each parent and sibling without breaking the bank.

Best Tech Gifts


24. Awair Glow C Air Quality Monitor + Smart Plug

It takes true ingenuity to develop a smart plug that also doubles as an air-quality monitor. We don’t know how Awair did it, but we appreciate all of the Glow C’s high-tech goodness. Smart integration with Alexa and Google Assistant allows the device to perform smart home tasks like powering on the AC when the house gets too hot or turning off the bedroom lights when you hit the sack. That’s just a small sampling. The plug also houses air quality, temperature and humidity sensors that analyze the air and send real-time notifications to your phone, keeping your health safe from toxic airborne chemicals.

Best Tech Gifts

Buy: Awair Glow C Air Quality Monitor + Smart Plug $89.00


25. Apple MacBook Air (2020)

Apple knows how to create beautiful, powerful, and streamlined hardware. The MacBook Air series couldn’t be more exemplary of this. Faster, stronger and retaining the same compact sexiness of its predecessors, this updated version comes equipped with better specs at a lower price. Underneath the hood are new quad-core processors, 8GB of RAM, and up to 512GB SSD storage. You’ll be able to stream Netflix and run other applications like Adobe Premiere Rush simultaneously without a hitch. Apple also added its popular Magic keyboard for improved typing. The only thing more appealing than its performance are the color options: Space Grey, Silver, and Gold.

Best Tech Gifts

Buy: Apple MacBook Air (2020) (256GB) $949.99

Buy: Apple MacBook Air (2020) (512GB) $1,249.00

26. Anker iPhone LED

To capture the perfect Instagram shot, you need great lighting, and that’s not something the iPhone provides photographers. Anker’s new pocket-sized LED cube connects directly to your iPhone vibrantly enhances photos by providing double the range and four times the brightness as the built-in flash. With up to 50 minutes of use on a full charge, mobile photogs can take up to 10,000 photos in Flash mode. The LED Flash also works with third-party cameras to shoot well-lit, detailed photos in dark spaces.

Best Tech Gifts

Buy: Anker iPhone LED $49.99


27. Amazon Echo Dot with Clock

Amazon’s tiny smart hub has always made for an extraordinary stocking stuffer on the cheap. What makes this updated version worthy of inclusion on our list of the best tech gifts of 2020? For starters, it now features a built-in LED display to show the time and outdoor temperatures and auto-dims at night. Tapping the device snoozes alarms. The speaker quality is much better, along with the mics that produce clearer-sounding music and phones calls. Updates to the Alexa app also make this version smarter by adding many more voice commands and enhanced functionality.

Amazon Echo Dot with Clock - Best Gadgets of 2019

Buy: Amazon Echo Dot with Clock $39.99


28. Beats Powerbeats 4

Giving the gift of Beats will always win you major brownie points. The Powerbeats 4 takes the beloved sports headphones series to the next level, boasting the same hallmarks as its cordless sibling, the Powerbeats Pro, but for $100 less. You’re getting solid build quality, instant connectivity to iOS devices, and terrific on-ear stability that fitness freaks want from wireless running headphones. Beats tweaked the sound profile to produce crisp vocals and punchy bass that will fuel your workouts. Colors are limited to three choices (Red, White, and Black) at the moment, though we expect more vibrant options to release later in the year.

Best Tech Gifts Buy: Beats Powerbeats 4 $149.95

29. Roku Express HD (2019)

Amazon Fire devices may have a better ecosystem, but Roku devices have always provided a better overall streaming experience. Look no further than the Roku Express HD, the company’s latest palm-sized streamer that affords a ton of performance for an unbelievably inexpensive price. On the checklist: 1080p video output, access to hundreds of media apps and services, effortless setup, intuitive universal search, lightning-quick operation and the most user-friendly interface to navigate through content.

Best Tech Gifts Buy: Roku Express HD $50.99

30. Audio-Technica AT-LP120XUSB Vinyl Player

A record player is one of the most considerate gifts anyone can buy a true audiophile. Whoever that may be on your nice list is bound to shower you with daps and hugs upon receiving this gorgeous turntable. The Audio-Technica AT-LP120XUSB has a painless setup and some cool features that modernize the vinyl listening experience. It pumps out great sound that’s even better when paired with other powerful audio equipment (e.g. amps, speakers). Being able to convert vinyl records to digital audio is underrated and awesome, too. Start sharing links to some vinyl subscription services to get them set up in advance.

Best Tech Gifts Buy: Audio-Technica AT-LP120XUSB Vinyl Player $249.00

31. Samsung Galaxy S20 Series

Q1 is Samsung time, as the company always reserves the first quarter of the year for its highly anticipated mobile launches. While we enjoyed the Galaxy Z Flip for bringing flip phones back, it takes a back seat to the excellent Galaxy S20 series. The camera is the biggest highlight here, capturing beautiful photos and 8K videos that can be edited directly using Samsung’s video editor. A new Snapdragon chip keeps the smartphones operating lag free, be it for gaming or navigating around the interface. Other standout features include 128GB storage with a microSD card slot for expanded memory, reverse wireless charging and a fingerprint sensor that is built into the fantastic display. The phones also come 5G-ready, so once more carriers deploy their networks, expect some insane download speeds.

Best Tech Gifts

Buy: Samsung Galaxy S20 5G $999.99

Buy: Samsung Galaxy S20+ Plus 5G $1,199.99

Buy: Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G $1,397.31


32. Philips Hue Bluetooth Bulbs

Some of the people on your shopping list might already have a few Philips smart bulbs installed on their light fixtures. But they may not yet know about the new Bluetooth-enabled version. Launched a few weeks before the 2019 holiday shopping season, the latest Philips Hue lets you automate smart home lighting from a smartphone, so you won’t have to rely on the wired Hub Bridge. Staying within wireless range allows you to control the same tasks as the previous model, such as change color and lighting effects, set timers and enable other commands using Alexa or Google Assistant.

Best Tech Gifts Buy: Philips Hue Bluetooth Bulbs $14.97

33. Theragun G3 Percussive Therapy Device

Nothing beats a deep tissue massage after an intense run. Since most of us don’t have the funds to keep a Swedish masseuse on retainer, the Theragun G3 fills that much-needed void for post-workout recovery, and for a one-time charge. Two different treatment speeds are programmed into the device, which requires no more than 30 seconds per muscle group to relieve soreness, while improving strength and flexibility. There’s a reason why professional athletes and fitness editors swear by it. And if the Theragun seems out of your budget, read up on our favorite Theragun alternatives.

Best Tech Gifts

Buy: Theragun G3 Percussive Therapy Device $414.41


34. JBL Flip 5 Waterproof Portable Speaker

One of the market’s top waterproof portable speakers just got better. JBL recently launched the Flip 5 to critical acclaim, highlighted by its enhanced design, sound and battery life. PartyBoost mode lets you pair two speakers simultaneously to achieve stereo sound, whereas the IPX7-rated exterior protects the internals from water damage. You’ll be able to blast music near the pool steps and watch as the booming sonics create ripples in the water. Battery life remains steady at 12 hours, too. Even cooler is the vast number of color options available, which currently sits at 11, along with the option to personalize the speaker using your own distinctive designs.

JBL Flip 5 Waterproof Portable Speaker - Best Tech Gifts 2020

Buy: JBL Flip 5 Waterproof Portable Speaker $99.95


35. Apple Watch Series 5

If there’s a wrist that you’re looking to spoil with a fancy digital timepiece, settle for nothing less than the Apple Watch Series 5 as your gift. As always, Apple spared no expense with the internals, stuffing twice the storage (32GB) and the efficiently-fast S5 chip into a thinner case. The new Always-On Retina display is stunning and makes touchscreen interactions simpler. Battery life remains steady at 18 hours on a single charge. Intelligible features like raise-to-speak Siri and optical heart rate monitoring give the Series 5 a leg up over all other wrist-based wearables.

Best Tech Gifts

Buy: Apple Watch Series 5 $349.00


36. Whistle Go Pet Tracker

What a world we’re living in when our pets have their own wearables. The Whistle Go is basically a Fitbit for animals, but with some special tricks programmed underneath its durable shell. All data is accessible through the free Whistle app, which provides insight for numerous activities, from basic performance stats (e.g. calories burned, distance traveled, etc.) to how often they lick themselves. Other advanced features include escape alerts and live location tracking via Google maps. The device itself is lightweight and waterproof, so you can leave it around your pup’s neck during bath time.

Best Tech Gadgets

Buy: Whistle Go Pet Tracker $61.51


37. Samsung T7 Touch Portable SSD

Samsung gives us a glimpse into the future of portable storage with this sexy, credit-card-sized SSD that transfers files nearly 9.5x faster than the average hard drive and has fingerprint security. Wait, what? Yes, this portable drive features a fingerprint scanner with AES 256-bit encryption to easily unlock files with the touch of your finger (or with a password). It’s convenient to travel with and even easier to set up. But, what you’ll feel most comfortable knowing is that Samsung promises users top-notch security to keep their data private. The T7 comes available in two capacities (500GB/1TB) and colors (Black/Silver).

Best Tech Gifts

Buy: Samsung T7 Touch Portable SSD $119.99


38. Courant Catch 3 Wireless Charging Accessory Tray

One of our favorite SPY Finds, this wireless charging tray is an ideal all-in-one solution for the active lifestyler who requires organization and mobile power without being tethered to wires. It is beautifully constructed, with premium pebble grain leather and ample room to store numerous EDC items such as Bluetooth trackers, keys, lighters and travel-sized grooming essentials. But what you really want the Courant Catch 3 for is its ability to wirelessly charge your iPhone, AirPods or Android device when stationed at a desk. The handsome leather design also blends nicely into any setting.

Best Tech Gifts



39. Wyze Cam Smart Home Camera

A $25 indoor security camera with 1080p HD resolution, smart features, cloud storage, digital assistant support and night vision almost sounds too good to be true. Brace yourself, because it’s a reality, and one that you can generously gift to several others who value home privacy. It even has a person-detection feature to inform homeowners when guests arrive, along with a smoke and carbon monoxide detection feature. Now that’s advanced functionality for a cube-sized camera.

Best Tech Gifts Buy: Wyze Cam Smart Home Camera $25.96

40. iPad Air (2019)

When it comes to tablets, Apple is a clear choice for gift-givers. Splurging on the mid-tier iPad Air will certainly earn you Son/Husband/Father-of-the-Year honors, which has a luminous 10.5-inch display, fast charging, slim profile and speedy performance. In addition, pairing it with the Apple Smart Keyboard cover transforms it into a solid two-in-one productivity tool for students or young professionals. Keep it on your radar when putting together your back-to-school shopping list.

Best Tech Gifts



41. Oculus Go VR Headset

Virtual reality is the wave of the future for both entertainment and gaming. Oculus’ standalone headset is a technical achievement that brings a premium VR experience to your home, sans the extra hardware and cables. It’s wireless, feels comfy on the head and looks hot for what can be considered gaming headgear. More importantly, it provides access to hundreds of apps and games that look sharp on a 5.5-inch LCD display. Pricing might be its greatest attribute, as the Oculus Go is way cheaper than most VR headsets and next-gen consoles, making it a great gift option. And if you want to go full-on Lawnmower Man, there’s always the Oculus Quest ($400) with higher specs.

Best Tech Gifts


42. Polaroid Originals OneStep 2 Camera Everything Box

There is something special and sentimental about Polaroid pics. The OneStep 2 camera is a throwback designed for shutterbugs who value physical prints over digital imagery, capturing life’s grandest moments in a soft, desaturated aesthetic (aka retro-esque filtering). Its learning curve is elementary, making it one of the simpler point-and-click shooters to operate. You’ll also find it a relatively affordable photography gift.

Best Tech Gifts

Buy: Polaroid Originals OneStep2 Camera $109.99

Buy: Polaroid Originals OneStep2 Camera Everything Box $129.99


43. Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller

Whether they’re an Xbox or PC gamer, this is the gaming pad you’ll want to put in their hands heading into the New Year. Microsoft’s flagship controller receives some notable upgrades like Bluetooth support, longer battery life (40 hours of playtime), wireless charging and a lighter design with wraparound rubberized grips for better in-hand comfort. Aspiring e-sports competitors will also be relieved to know they can refine their skills on the road by pairing the Elite Series 3 with their high-powered Windows 10 laptop; it’s a great add-on for the Surface Book 3.

Best Tech Gifts


44. Plott Cubit – Smart VR Measuring Tool

Picture a home improvement gadget that records measurements in real-time and tells you exactly where to place objects. Insane, right? That’s the Plott Cubit in a nutshell. It employs an array of different technologies like augmented reality and laser sensors to accurately “measure and design with scale and context.” All of that data is then sent and attached to a corresponding image that you can view in a companion app to make any necessary adjustments. There isn’t another digital doohickey at its price point that can help you decorate walls, layout rooms or build out floor plans more efficiently.

Best Tech Gifts

Buy: Plott Cubit - Smart VR Measuring Tool $99.95


45. Facebook Portal TV

Facebook’s adorable Muppets commercials certainly have us intrigued about its new smart camera. Portal TV makes video chatting with family and friends more convenient by allowing users to make Facebook/Messenger/WhatsApp calls directly from their living room. The setup process is a breeze, and the device comes loaded with intelligent features like auto tracking and room scaling to produce clear 720p video streaming. They can use Alexa to control smart home functions on the camera, while immersive AR effects create interactive story sessions for kids to enjoy when parents need a breather.

Best Tech Gifts Buy: Facebook Portal TV $272.99

46. Amazon Kindle Oasis (2019)

Amazon’s coveted e-reader was due for an illuminated upgrade. This new version of the Kindle Oasis allows users to adjust the screen’s color tone, creating less-harsh light that’s easier on the eyes when reading at night. It has the instant functionality of other Kindle models and Audible integration for audiobook lovers. The popular one-handed design comes waterproof, giving bookworms more reason to binge read in splashy environments like the pool or hot tub.

Best Tech Gifts

Buy: Amazon Kindle Oasis (2019) $269.99


47. GoPro Hero8 Black

Another year, another GoPro release. This time around, the action-camera maker developed its newest shooter with vloggers in mind. Improved in-camera software and a sleek design with new Mods makes recording influencer content far simpler for newbies. There’s also more than enough performance here to record and share wild adventures in vivid detail, courtesy of better image stabilization and cool modes like “Live Burst” to snap live-action burst shots.

Best Tech Gifts

Buy: GoPro Hero8 Black $299.00


48. Eero Mesh Smart Router

The average consumer cares little about the technical side of WiFi. They just want something that’s simple to setup and guarantees the fastest results. Well, this revised version of the highly popular Eero Mesh router simplifies your relationship with your home network through smarter wireless management and voice commands. For instance, you can ask Alexa to pause WiFi on all smartphones and route that power towards your smart TV to establish a stronger streaming connection. Excellent. Tech illiterates worried about the setup process can also breathe easy knowing it takes 10 minutes (or less) to get up and running. Its most rewarding feature: that price tag. A set of three should guarantee zero dropout during Fortnite sessions.

Eero Mesh Wi-Fi Router - Best Gadgets of 2019

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49. Nikon Coolpix P950

Any shutterbug committed to their craft probably won’t use their iPhone to photograph life’s grandest moments. They’re using a professional camera, ideally a superzoom compact camera with DSLR-like capabilities. The Nikon Coolpix P950 is a portable mid-range shooter with a 16MP 1/2.3-inch sensor and colossal zoom range. Thanks to Dual Detect Optical VR technology, you’ll be able to capture vivid, blur-free 4K videos and raw images. However, it’s the 83x optical zoom that is the true star here, ensuring you catch even the smallest details in every background and subject from far distances. This Nikon is going easily one of the top cameras of 2020.

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50. Microsoft Surface Pro 7

For those seeking a hybrid tablet with more productivity tools than the iPad, the Surface Pro 7 stands out as the clear choice for gift-givers. This machine is a performance beast, loaded with dominant features like faster multitasking, new 10th-gen Intel processors, USB-A/USB-C ports, and up to 10.5 hours of battery life. But a two-in-one laptop means nothing without a superior screen, which the Surface Pro 7 carries — a 12.3-inch PixelSense Display touchscreen that produces stunning visuals and automatically adjusts to lighting conditions. Its super-thin frame leaves plenty of extra room in your messenger bag for other travel necessities, too.

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