The 10 Most Expensive Homes in America

Are you aware of which homes are the most expensive in America and where they are located? American homes that retail for more than $100 million are only accessible to a small percentage of the population. Yet, this doesn’t mean that most of us don’t want to feast our eyes on the uber-expensive homes and dream a little. 

The homes in America with the most expensive price tags are some of the most luxurious, prestigious, and chicly decorated in the world. Many of these houses are truly one of a kind which helps explain their astronomical price tags. 

We scoured through countless real estate listings to find the most unique and expensive homes, and it might be surprising that not each one is found in an elite city. Some are located in places you might not expect. If you’re interested in learning about the amenities and features found in each of these homes, you should look at the options we have listed. 

Although the houses might be out of many of our price ranges, we can still use these elite American homes as inspiration for our own. Otherwise, you can simply enjoy taking a glimpse into a lavish lifestyle that’s different from your own. 

1. The One, Bel Air, California ($350 million)

The One, Bel Air, California ($350 million)


The most expensive home in America, this Californian beauty is referred to as “The One.” This spectacular mega-mansion is worth an estimated $350 million and is located in the luxurious suburb of Bel Air. Unlike other mansions, this modern masterpiece was designed by the talented architect Paul McClean while Kathryn Rotondi exacted the interior design. 

It was recently completed after eight years in development. Interestingly this home was almost double its price as the owner Niles Niami originally wanted a whopping $500 million for it.

The One is built on a five-acre plot that cost $28 million. Niami hired 600 laborers to construct the home, which has 360-degree unobstructed views of Downtown Los Angeles, the Pacific Ocean, and the magnificent San Gabriel Mountains. 

Inside this 105,000 square foot home is a stunning minimalistic modern theme that features marble and glass accents and 26 foot high ceilings. There are 21 bedrooms, with the massive master bedroom taking up 5,500 square feet alone.

Some of the more impressive features include 42 bathrooms, a 10,000 square feet sky deck, a 30 seat movie theatre, a four-lane bowling alley, and a spa level. Additionally, three sides of the house are surrounded by a moat and a 400 foot long jogging track. 

2. West Creek Ranch, Gateway, Colorado ($279 million)

West Creek Ranch, Gateway, Colorado ($279 million)

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Curiously, one of the biggest and most expensive homes to ever be built in America is the West Creek Ranch, located in Gateway, Colorado. This home is so expansive that it straddles the states of Utah and Colorado. West Creek Ranch consists of four parcels of land that make up approximately 8,700 acres of lush land. Unsurprisingly, this much space allows this home to have a hefty price tag of an estimated $279 million.

It makes sense that this gorgeously designed house that is nestled in nature belongs to the Discovery Channel founder billionaire John Hendricks. West Creek Ranch’s main structure dates back to 2001, but the house was initially bought in the 1990s and added to. The primary ranch residence comprises 22,000 square feet, and many other lodge-style residences are surrounding it. In total, this allows the property to possess an incredible 72 rooms.

The interior of this house is rustic yet beautiful, with elegant furnishings and dramatic architectural flourishes. The primary residence consists of eight bedrooms with eight bathrooms, a circular stone library, an art studio, gym, movie theatre, and swimming pool with a spa. Additionally, it is rumored that this ranch also has a mountain lion habitat, the ruins of the historic Driggs mansion, and even real dinosaur footprints. 

Although this ranch is magnificent, it has had some trouble selling. In 2017 the home was listed for $149 million, but when it didn’t sell, the price declined to $130 million in 2019. Even with this significantly lower price, the house still did not sell, which is why it is strange that the price has increased so exponentially. 

3. Four Story Mega Mansion, Bel Air, California ($250 million)

Four Story Mega Mansion, Bel Air, California ($250 million)

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Arguably, one of the most unique homes on the market is the four-story mega-mansion located in Bel Air, California. This modern home has an estimated retail price of $250 million because of the numerous over-the-top features and amenities. 

This American mansion has over 100 rare and uber-expensive artworks, and there is a collection of rare and expensive cars, including a Bugatti, that collectively total an astounding $30 million. The home is designed by the brilliant Bruce Makowsky, and it took four years and 300 skilled laborers to complete. Unlike other expensive houses listed on the market, this one comes fully furnished with seven staff members that include a chef and masseuse. 

There is 38,000 square foot of interior space and a massive 17,000 square foot outdoor deck. Inside this four-story mansion are 12 bedrooms, 21 bathrooms, 10 guest suites, two master suites, three kitchens, and a glorious swim-up bar. 

Additionally, the home is also equipped with a home theatre system with a 22 foot screen, 4K projector, and several thousand preloaded movies. This incredible system also has 57 speakers and 16 subwoofers, and there are 40 reclining chairs in the room that allows guests to truly immerse themselves in the entertainment area. Some of the other notable features and amenities in this modern home include an 85-foot long infinity pool, two commercial elevators, a four-lane bowling alley, a massage room, a spa, a rooftop helipad, and a home gym. 

4. Mylestone at Meadow Lane, Southampton, New York ($175 million)

Mylestone at Meadow Lane, Southampton, New York ($175 million)

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The Hamptons is definitely one of the most prestigious areas in New York where one can choose to settle down or own a holiday home. There are many gorgeous listings available in this area, but one of the most expensive homes currently available is Mylestone at Meadow Lane, located in Southampton, New York. This exquisite modern Tudor-style mansion has quite the price tag with a listed price of $175 million.

Although this American home is expensive, it has many attractive qualities. The home sits on a twin plot that spans nearly eight acres and has direct access to the waters of the magnificent Atlantic Ocean. There are also multiple alfresco dining areas, a caretakers cottage, a heated outdoor pool, and a deep water dock. 

Inside, this modern Tuscan home is furnished in a contemporary coastal style with neutral ocean tones of whites, browns, and blues. The home features elegant timber floors, custom millwork, intricate tilework in the kitchen, cozy fireplaces, and beautiful grasscloth wallpaper. 

There are 11 ample rooms, 12 bathrooms, a breakfast room, numerous living rooms, a vast and spacious farmhouse kitchen, and a gorgeously decorated dining room. The master suite has a 660 square foot oceanfront terrace with its own hot tub. Additionally, there is also a lovely sunroom, an indoor gym, a yoga studio, and an expansive observation deck. 

5. Villa Firenze, Beverly Hills, California ($160 million)

Villa Firenze, Beverly Hills, California ($160 million)


When looking for value for money, the Villa Firenze property might be the perfect American home. This property markets itself as an “authentic Italian village” and is the largest assemblage in Beverly Park.

Renowned architect William Hablinski designed it, and it took seven years to complete. Currently, it’s believed that the house belongs to Steven F. Udvar-Hazy, the CEO of Air lease Corp. He reportedly placed the house on the market in 2020 for $165 million before the price was dropped to its current price of $160 million. 

This house is so expensive because it is set on nine acres of prime real estate and it has its own access street. The gated 20,000 square foot compound has a 30 car courtyard, 20 bedrooms, and 23 bathrooms. 

The interior is packed with luxurious amenities. There are sizable formal gathering areas, high ceilings, and arched doorways. The backyard features four acres of landscaped gardens with a pool, pool house, and a two-story guest home. Additionally, Villa Firenze also features a separate lot for additional development, a walking and jogging trail, and a tennis court. 

6. Chartwell, Los Angeles, California ($150 million)

Chartwell, Los Angeles, California ($150 million)


The city of Los Angeles is filled with many gorgeous and expensive homes, but perhaps none are as spectacular as Chartwell. In 2017 Chartwell was listed for an incredible $350 million, but unsurprisingly the outrageous price for this home was later lowered significantly. In 2019 the house was listed at a much lower $150 million, and this more reasonable price tag prompted media mogul Lachlan Murdoch to purchase the home. 

Architect Summer Spaulding gorgeously designed the Chartwell estate in the 1930s to mimic a historic neo-classical fairytale chateau. In fact, it’s believed that this home was named after a 14th century estate in England. With its regal and refined appearance, this estate is considered by many to be one of LA’s finest homes. 

This home is 25,000 square feet and sits on 10 acres of land. Inside there are beautiful hand-painted ceilings with ornate timer panellings and a vaulted foyer. There are 18 bedrooms and 24 bathrooms, and each oversized room is lavishly decorated with costly furnishings and fittings.

Additionally, the home features a grand ballroom, numerous formal dining rooms, and many living rooms. Furthermore, some of the other notable features and amenities include a secret tunnel from the house to the 75 foot long swimming pool, a tennis court, a pool house, a guest house, and an underground garage with enough space to house 40 vehicles. 

7. II Palmetto, Palm Beach, Florida ($137 million)

II Palmetto, Palm Beach, FL ($137 million)


Palm Beach in Florida has some expensive homes listed but none more so than the II Palmetto mansion. This home is designed with the 1930s Italian Renaissance in mind. Although it has been on and off the market a few times, it has recently been relisted for the price of $137 million. 

This 60,000 square foot home has 10 bedrooms and features some of the most magnificent interior architecture that Fairfax and Sammons oversaw. The Pavillion-style rooms have a two-story entrance hall, and there are 16th century carved ceilings in the formal dining room and shield ceilings in the living room. 

Inside the primary residence, there’s a butler’s pantry, chef’s kitchen, billiards room, library, home office, and a home theatre. One of the nicest features of this up-market home is the gorgeous cellar crafted out of limestone and can hold 20,000 wine bottles.

There’s also a long underground tunnel that leads to a beach house which consists of two bedrooms and three bathrooms. Additionally, the home also features an infinity pool and a boathouse with two motorized boat launches. 

8. Beverly Hills Estate, Los Angeles, California ($125 million)

Beverly Hills Estate, Los Angeles, CA ($125 million)

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Since 2015 the Beverly Hills Estate located in Los Angeles, California, has belonged to billionaire tycoon Steve Wynn. However, in 2021 the house was listed on the market for $110 million but was later increased to $125 million when a suitable buyer was not found. With this new price tag, the estate that sits on three acres of land has become one of the most expensive mansions in California to date. 

Before it belonged to Steve Wynn, the home belonged to Maurice Marciano, the co-founder of Guess jeans. Wynn reportedly purchased the house from Marciano for just under $48 million. Since he bought the home, Wynn has made numerous additions that have caused the home’s value to increase significantly. 

This three-story eclectically designed home consists of 27,150 square feet that include 11 bedrooms and 14 bathrooms. The entire home boasts vibrant furnishings and high-end architectural elements that give the house an almost five-star hotel appearance. Inside the estate are a gym, office, wine cellar, bar, private art gallery, and movie theatre. Outside there is a swimming pool, guesthouse, staff suites, two apartments, and a tennis court.

9. The Manor, Los Angeles, California ($120 million)

The Manor, Los Angeles, California ($120 million)


The title for highest selling price for a home in California went to The Manor, a house located in Los Angeles. In 2019 the home sold for a record-breaking $120 million when Petra Ecclestone decided to sell the property. It’s reported that she made an impressive profit as it’s believed she bought the house in 2011 for $85 million.

The Manor is a 56,500 square feet chateau built in 1991, but it has had many modern additions made to it over the years. For example, the contemporary interior now has a spectacular entrance foyer lined with black and white marble. 

There are 123 rooms in this residence. Out of the 123 rooms, there are 14 bedrooms and 27 bathrooms. Additionally, there is a library, office, games room, billiard room, gym, wine cellar, and a high-end projection room. 

Although these amenities are impressive, some of the other rooms in the house are also notable. Inside this modern chateaux, a beauty salon is equipped with a hairdresser station, a pedicure zone, a massage room, and a nail bar. There is also a room dedicated to cutting flowers, and there is a humidity-controlled room used for storing silver. 

10. The Beverly Hills House, Los Angeles, California ($119 million)

The Beverly Hills House, Los Angeles, California ($119 million)

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The last home on our list might be easily recognizable on account of the fact that it has appeared in many Hollywood films such as The Godfather and The Bodyguard. The Beverly Hills House is located in Los Angeles, California, only three blocks away from Sunset boulevard. The house itself sits on three acres of land and has a listing price of a whopping $119 million. 

Although there is no doubt that this home is one of the most spectacular and the most expensive in America, it also might be one of the most unsellable. Reportedly there are only 20 families in the world who could afford to purchase this home and maintain it. 

In 2007 the home was listed at $165 million with a rental option of $600,000 a month. In 2017 the house was again listed on the market for a jaw-dropping $195 million, but when it still had not sold in 2020, it was relisted for $125 million. Yet even this price didn’t draw in willing buyers, which led to it being dropped further to $119 million. 

Interestingly, this Mediterranean Revival-style Beverly Hills mansion was built in 1926. Even though it’s older than some of the other homes on our list, it’s no less opulent. The home features dramatically arched ceilings, gilded furnishings, and decorative paneled walls. Inside this home, there are 18 bedrooms and 25 bathrooms. There is also a two-story library, a billiard room, a hand-carved fireplace, a commercial-grade kitchen, and two formal dining rooms. 

Additionally, this Beverly Hills home also has a lighted tennis court, two screening rooms, and an Olympic-sized swimming pool. Furthermore, the home also features an outdoor dining terrace that is large enough to seat 400 guests. 

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