Stocking Stuffers 2022

Wait! It’s holiday season AGAIN??!

I find stocking stuffers to be the most creative and delightful aspect of present giving at the holidays.  My children do not restrict me by making requests and stocking stuffers can run the gamut from a delicious chocolate bar to a small treasure buried all the way in the toe of the stocking. Here are some of my favorites this season.

For him or her:

These are decorative HAY Stripe Candles.  They are made in Denmark and measure 9.5” x 1” diameter.  Each candle has a burn time of 9 hours.  Choose either pastel colors or dark colors.  A set of 4 is $25.00.


This little Teeny Turner comes with seven 1” long 3/16” insert bits with an earth magnet to firmly hold the working bit in place. The 7 bits are stored in the handle. The overall dimensions of this Teeny Turner are 2.5” x 1” x 1”.   It comes in several colors.  I use it to fix eyeglasses, open battery cases, and repair other small items around the house. $10.23.


This is a website full of whimsical, creative things.  I’m taken with the ceramics which come as ornaments, pincushions, bud vases, chopsticks rest and ring holders.  Many of the ceramics are sold out, but I encourage you to move on to the fabrics and buttons.  The ceramics run between $22.00 – $68.00.


This is a three-in-one small portable charger.   It is compatible with all Apple products and all Android products.  Put it on a key ring and you’ll always have it handy. It comes with a universal connector which unifies Lightning and MicroUSB, and it has a USB-C adapter to enable you to charge all iPhones, Android, and other portable devices.  It is 2” long when closed.

Available in TPE or ECO leather connector and it comes in 7 different colors. $16.99

This pill case is great for travel or daily use at home.  It is air-tight and waterproof.  Removable lids make loading the medication very easy.  It is 3.5” diameter.  It has seven separated compartments with plenty of room.  It comes in green, orange, and pink.  $6.49.

I’ve been reading about these acupressure rings that apply pressure to certain points in your fingers as well as stimulating blood flow through little triangular shaped points.  According to Chinese reflexology, this can help with both mental and physical issues.  The rings are made from stainless steel and are strong and durable.  Each ring is 1” D x .3” H. $6.64 for a pack of 10.


These Sugarboo & Co. XO oversized coffee mugs come with an assortment of 26 wonderful quotes, depending on whom you are giving one to.  I love:

You’re the only one I want to annoy for the rest of my life. XO Your Husband 

Roll me up and smoke me when I die. XO Willie (Nelson)

Don’t be a lady, be a legend. XO Stevie (Nicks)

A little less conversation. XO Elvis (Presley)

And many more!

They are $18.00 each


Choose one of the special cookies from crumbl cookies and they will pack it in the single pink cookie box.  I’d be delighted to find a crumbl cookie in my stocking!  Crumbl has over 600 stores, so there is probably one near you.

Hot Cool Tokyo pure rainbow rubber bands in eight colors. They come in a tin box that measures 3.75” x 2.25 x 2”. $14.00





This is a 6” square pad with 150 sheets in a graph pattern.  Its smooth texture is ideal for writing and sketching.  It comes in mint and gray for $29.00.  The red and blue pads are 8.75” square and have 225 sheets for $50.00.




This item removes pet hair from clothes while they are in the washing machine and dryer. It’s gummy tacky surface pulls stubborn pet hair, lint dander and any other debris on whatever you are washing or drying.  It is re-usable and self-cleaning.

$10.99 for a single fur zapper which is good for a one-pet household.









For travelers and campers, this is a great retractable clothesline.  It has twelve clothes clips, for indoor or outdoor use.  $6.99



This portable humidifier is just what you need to combat winter dryness in any room you’re in, or help with a cold.  It is packable, or if you are at home, it can go from room to room with you easily..  It is cordless and has a 4-hour battery charge. It comes in pink or white.  $30.00 Anywhere Portable Bottle Humidifier.

Planning a trip?  These Pill Pouch bags are 3” x 2.75”.  They are great to organize your vitamins and medications.  They are clear and have a write-on label area.  A pack of 500 for $14.99.


These handmade wood plant markers are $38.00 for the set.  Every marker includes a removable chalkboard label. Use a piece of chalk, chalk marker or chalk pencil to write a reminder date so you don’t forget to water or write the name of the plant.

I’ve found a clever, portable espresso maker that would be good for travel, (or camping, if you like that sort of thing).  It does not need batteries or electricity.  I have not used it, but it has been well reviewed.  Hot water and coffee grounds are in separate compartments, and they come together when you apply pressure to the pumping system which releases a 2.7 oz. shot of espresso.  It comes with a tiny cleaning brush and a measuring scoop in a zippered, insulated, carrying case.  It is 7” long with the case and weighs under a pound.  It is available in Winter (green) or Spring (silver).  $84.90.






In the company’s words: “GOSHI is the exfoliating shower towel crafted to make you the softest and cleanest you’ll ever feel.”  Goshi exfoliating full body bath towel lets you clean your body everywhere, especially hard to reach places like your back.  $15.00.




This new basting brush is called the Brizzler.  It is non-stick and non-drip with a scoop reservoir. You can brush pastries or baste roasts without wasting a drop.  $14.95


Gabriel & Simone sells a wide variety of reading glasses.  They offer them in quarter-strength steps which is unusual and very nice. There are many styles and colors to select from.  Prices range from $24.99 – $39.99.


For Her:

I have always loved Nivea products and I recently tried their latest body lotion.  It is made from 98% naturally derived ingredients.  It comes in a flexible ‘reduced plastic’ bottle (58% less plastic than Nivea’s standard pump bottles) that rolls up as you use it which means you can get every last drop. Nivea’s Nourish by Nature Body Lotion comes in three formulas – aloe, avocado, and lavender. 16.9 oz. for $ Walmart.





Relax and warm up with a bubble bath.  This Willow & Water bubble bath from Library of Flowers contains coco butter, green tea extract, ginger extract, and lemongrass extract.  $43.70 for 17 fl. oz.









This Caren Original Shower Soap Flower Sponge is infused with Caren Original’s Pink Powder body cleanser.  This sponge cleans, exfoliates, and moisturizes.  It has the gentle fragrance of rose and lily of the valley.  It lasts for 15+ washes. $15.00.






Bombas makes Gripper Slippers for women.  They come in many colors and patterns.  $50.00.

This Ellis Brooklyn Fully Booked rollerball fragrance gift set features all of their best-selling scents.   $48.00.





I like Susanne Kaufmann products and would love to receive this set of full size rich, nourishing moisturizers for dry and sensitive skin.  Whose skin isn’t dry and sensitive at this time of year? The Nourishing Day and Night Creams restore the skin’s natural protective barrier.  $130.00 for the pair.







With winter coming, I feel cozy warm baths coming on and I’ve had a bath oil highly recommended to me.  It is hydrating Bath for the Senses.  It smells like ylang-ylang and lavender and soothes the skin on contact.  $35.00 for 100ml.




The Octaevo paper vases are made from Riviera paper and were inspired by the bold graphics from the 1960s.  They are hand-sewn and come flat.  They are made to be slipped over a cup or jar that holds the flowers.  I have several and love them.

$25.00 for the large ones and $15.00 for the small ones.  

For Him:

Famous presidents socks for men.  They are 90% cotton and are stretchy and comfortable.  $13.99

For the griller in the family, pour these wood chips into your charcoal or smoker box and get a delicious flavor.  There is a 3-pack for “Smoky” flavor and a 3-pack for “Sweet” flavor.  The sampler is $21.00 for 3.

For Kids:

This XO Marshmallow S’mores Kit is a set for 4. The kits also come in a set for 2 for $11.95.  There also other flavors to choose from other than this traditional one.  The kit includes the marshmallows, gluten-free graham crackers and chocolate.  The set of 4 is $19.95.

These Dog and Cat playing cards are adorable, with wonderful illustrations.  Each pack is $13.00.


This is a set of four hard vinyl Finger Sporks for fingers – eat with your hands legitimately!  The sporks are each in a different color so you can keep track of which color belong to whom.  These will be fun for kids, but they are also useful for anyone to eat germ-free at fairs, street kiosks or food trucks.  Each spork is 3.5” tall. Set of four is $4.95.


It can be difficult to find things for a baby’s stocking that they might enjoy.  This cute lion is a made-to-chew natural rubber chewable toy. To clean wipe with soapy water and store in a dry place. $22.00.




The Quiddler Game is one of Set Enterprises many games and one of their very best.  We played it non-stop last July 4th weekend and had lots of fun.  It is based on the gin rummy rule set, but instead of putting together runs of number playing cards, Quiddler has you put together short words from their alphabet playing cards. The winner at the end of a round of eight games is the one with the most points.  It involves strategy and quick thinking.  Up to eight players can play at one time, and there is even a solitaire version. Best for Ages 8 and up.  $12.99

Peppa Pig and her family are all dressed in their raincoats in this pig family adventures set.  Four Pig family members.  Best for ages 3+. $11.49.

Bombas has the cutest holiday Gripper Slippers for toddlers.  Four pairs for $30.40.



How adorable is this penguin hot or cold compress?  It can also be used to keep a school lunch warm or cold.  The compresses also come as a fox, or a bunch of bananas.  $5.75.









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